The Berserker class has the shortest ranged dodge out of all of the classes. Tackling Rock , Falling Rock, Weakling Hunt, Flow: General Dissaray, Raging Thunder*, Beastly Wind Slash*, Inflicts 45 Pain Damage per 3 sec. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. for self. Necklace:If available I recommend using the Asula’s Crimon Eye Necklace (Asula Set) if you are new to the game, this gives you 11 AP and 3 DP as well as damage reduction and an amazing set bonus. Shares a cooldown with Evasive Smash. This skill used to be separate from Flurry of Blows in the past, but both buffs have been merged into Fiery Rage. The best armor in the game is currently dropped from Bosses. I find using Vampiric Blow right after TS to be really really slow, am I doing something wrong? [2] – Decreases HP consumption by 50%. Crit, Power and Attack Speed for glove. Berserker succession can be unlocked after level 56 after speaking to the Black Spirit and completing the Succession quest under the suggestions tab. Once you dispatch the boss to hell, you will get the option to pick the loot. A class that relies on a keen mind and sharp wits to incapacitate the enemy and keep hordes of foes under control. This is your dodge. Briefly slows movement of targets within 5 radius by 62%. That’s all there is to it. Thank you for taking time to make this guide possible. This will give you a totally seperate skill tree that enhances your main hand skills and only has a few awakening skills. You should enhance it to at least +7 for leveling and then PRI or higher as soon as possible. Near the chat box, tap the treasure option -> chest -> start unlocking. In 2017 it still does the job. The glyphs are not wrong. Your email address will not be published. ?the central swamp (1042 - 2242). It is available at level 62+ only but is a very good earring because of it’s high AP. Once you reach around 1,400 skill points you can try succession and pick whichever you prefer.In each section of the guide you can find additional information about succession skills. World of Kings Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies . Advantages - It has the same indicators as the Enchanted Blade, but has less control. The tricky rogue is a master of stealth and subterfuge, with skills to make himself invisible while out of combat and to increase his evasion and speed while engaged in the battlefield. However, as far as we know, your … There is no bonus or any other thing related to these races. Charge Cyclone into Evasive Smash from far away, Cast Tackle if you can’t do any of the above. In a future patch, the Flurry of Blows that comes with Bloodlust will be removed, so enjoy it while it lasts. [6] – Increases additional over-charge damage by 24%. They can then use their malice to empower other special skills called “finishers”. Orphan of the Capital (capital of Solitude). Therefore, the mechanics of the game does not provide for the option of "auto target". It’s possible you are doing something wrong with the rotation or it could be armor rolls and accessories. T1Gaming - £30 Swipe on the screen to check all the artifacts. Using this skill after you have grabbed an enemy will cause you to jump in the air before smashing your target to the ground. 1826 - 1607 - Talk to Lebotte Wayne. (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). These quests grant a large amount of EXP in no time. Muskan’s Shoes (shoes) alternative choice– dropped from Monastery Leader.The best in slot armor for Berserker is Griffon’s Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves and Urugon’s Shoes. The cooldown of Thunder Strike is 3 seconds and 7.2% cooldown only removes 0.216 seconds from the cooldown, that ends up not really changing your main rotation at all. Shake Off is very similar to your Evasion skill but will cost more stamina. In addition to a large variety of classes, there are loads of game modes that you can play with friends; dungeon, PvP, adventure, and many more. This skill is useful in PvP and for fighting BAMs however it should never be used against bosses since most bosses will resist stuns outside of specific mechanics. This takes a little bit of practice and requires stable ping to be effective if your ping is fluctuating you won’t be able to effectively predict the delay. With sword and massive shield in hand, the warrior charges into battle cleaving several foes at a time, and keeping the mob under control. There are many classes to choose from in World of Kings. It’s a great skill for PvE, perhaps even making things just a little too easy. Energy is represented by a yellow bar under the character’s health. [3] – Speeds casting of Thunder Strike by 25% for a few seconds. This skill will charge your auto attack. If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. This tool can translate elements not only in the game itself, but also any highlighted areas of the screen. Deliver a crushing counterattack after a successful Axe Block. Thank you so much. The cooldown reduction glyph for this skill was removed as they added the reduction to the skill itself. Increases damage by 6% [4] – Reduces MP cost by 25. [3] – 50% chance to regenerate 6% of your total MP every second. In addition, you may want to use Perfume of Courage (buff lost on death) and Tough Whale Tendon Elixirs. [2] – Speeds casting of Flatten by 30% for a few seconds. – Directly increases your DPS by decreasing the time taken to full charge, must have The maximum damage occurs after the 4th tick of self damage and therefore should be released right after to maximize damage without wasting any additional charge time. Furthermore, they can bring defeated allies back to life with their “Raise Dead” skill. This is your auto attack skill. Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. So this is the World Of Kings guide and World Of Kings tips for the beginners. Journey to Fogg Village (travel to Fogg Village). After choosing a profession, the hero receives additional skills. [3] – 50% chance to regenerate 6% of your total MP every second. Due to the similarity of their playstyles, we’re grouping both mages and wizards into a single entry. You should stand near the lamp with fire. For your food rotation in node wars/siege, I would recommend using Knight Combat Rations, Kamaslyvia Special, Valencia Special and then King of Jungle Hamburger in that order. 1459-1917, 1548-1613, 1691-1589, 1738-1761 - You should wait until the ship approaches (not the wedding ship). The Rogue class (Assassin) - has the highest dodge and attack indicators, uses 2 blades in battle. World of Kings: Class Guide. This skill is your other grab skill. Thank you for the guide. The formula for dps increase of 1 power is here : if we replace P with 294 and replace 101 with 108 (to simulate 8 power) we get (294+108) / (294 + 100) ~= 1.020 which is actually only 2% increase in damage. Always use these, no matter how much crit factor you manage to stack. Thanks for the tip~! Leave us your comments in the section below! When was the last time a mobile MMORPG  gave you so many classes to choose from when creating your character? Advantages - it has maximum control indicators, good attack indicators and average life characteristics. Dance of Black Dragons (Dance of the Black Dragons). Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind As you can guess, this implies that any time you have to interrupt your rotation or break away from the boss for any reason, Thunderstrike should be your priority skill when re-engaging the boss (or Evasive Smash if you charged one to deal with an attack or mechanic). The smash requires another press of the skill button immediately after. Furthermore, there are 4 races to choose from. But don’t be fooled, this class is not only about brains, as it also thrives when surrounded by throngs of enemies in the heat of battle. This skill is one of your two grab skills. Written by Terminus on Monday August 15th, 2016 in Berserker, Class Guide. Basilisk’s Belt and Valtarra are very good belts but Tungrade is currently the best in slot. Even my crit don’t exceed 8m while all their crits are way much damage.. I just got my Misery set (the new t11 set) to +12 and I got etchings and everything, i have (with the battle potion) +73k attack and +282 crit factor and I still don’t do much damage, is there any explanation? They can restore the health of nearby allies with many spells, as well as protect them from harm with their “Shield of Devotion”.

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