Teachers should be allowed to protect their students and themselves and if allowing the teachers to carry a concealed weapon will protect them then let them do it. It is hard for people to get used to the idea of guns in this picture. Let us edit it for you at only $7.00 to make it 100% original! Sexual relationships with students are one of these actions. They may be uncomfortable in class, knowing that a firearm is only a few feet away. If the individual attacking the school knows that a teacher is armed, he will probably make the teacher the first victim. SpeedyPaper website, please click below to request its removal: By clicking “Claim your discount” you agree to be contacted via email, Already used you can also find it in your mailbox, Our support manager will send this sample In most occasions, campus shooters are suicidal. Locking doors and hiding does not always work, either. Teachers are seen as kind, and gentle individuals. A beginner conveying firearm doesn't know this. When teachers are not given a choice, they may resign from their jobs. They may have issues that the school district knows nothing about. Teachers with a gun must be able to access the weapon quickly, while still keeping it away from the kids. One reason why there are few homicides at school is because these spots are to a great extent successful at keeping weapons off the premises. Arming teachers is just one solution that does not work in every perceived situation. These plans, however, often do not cover every scenarios. School shooters would not know which ones were armed, and which ones were not. Teachers would also be expected to use the gun in appropriate emergency situations. Supporters of armed teachers think this is a good change. Students of the armed teachers are always at risk. A gun in the classroom may negate many of the things we are trying to enforce. They may not ever have the intention of hurting anyone, however. Easy access to guns will worsen the suicide attempts in colleges (pmdec). They are already overwhelmed and therefore they cannot be competent for any additional works. Criminals seeking weapons would know that they could be found on certain campuses. When it comes to classrooms, many people are against bringing items in that represent violence. “While many national organizations have rejected the idea, it is now being seriously weighed by some school boards and state lawmakers across the nation” (Shah, 2013, para.5). This has no place in a classroom. Apparently, teachers did not agree to that obligation. Instead of working on lesson plans, they would have to spend more time training to shoot well. Teachers can barely be relied upon to outdraw shock attackers like in some Wild West gunfight dream. This may keep some individuals from choosing the profession. Teachers can barely be relied upon to outdraw shock attackers like in some Wild West gunfight dream. American scholar John Dewey contended that the classroom is the base of popular government, since it is the place people figure out how to converse with individuals of various foundations and points of view, team up, and arrange contracts. Suicide attempts are often successful if guns are used. A school shooter is likely to come in and start shooting very quickly. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (function(){var i='5CbpgT02ABHdB8Mh-um8FovvMuQm67Ewtc8uEdIuaplW7qYlRBmw';document.write('

Arming teachers is not only a question of equipment. There is only a small possibility of defeating a school shooter with a handgun, yet a teacher would want to learn to shoot well. They may sell it illegally, or keep it for their own use. Like many other people who have already spoken up, I am against the belief that teachers should carry guns and be ready to use them if the need arises. Families must be given the choice to have their kids in a school that does not oppose their moral values. The sight of a handgun may anger the intruder more than it deters them, causing them to hurt more students. Traditional learning environments are becoming a thing of the past. The third advantage is that teachers can help stop another school shooting for example, Columbine or Virginia Tech. There is no way to appease every parent, much less every individual in the general population. Any change in security has to fit the needs of the entire student body. Students in many districts suffer from lack of supplies and proper building updates. The introduction of guns in to the classroom can only make the situation worse. Protests can also turn violent, endangering students. Their goal being to take many people with them. Some of the disagreements that revolve around arming teachers stem from moral ideologies. Kids need some measure of stability. Teachers may not be prepared for this. Kids are naturally curious. How about making it original at only $7.00/page. In a perfect world, arming teachers would add a significant amount of protection in the school environment. 10 Reasons Why Teachers Should not be Armed with Guns, it is crazy to consider arming teachers guns, reasons teachers should not be armed with guns, 10 Reasons Parents Should Monitor their Children’s Social Media Accounts, 10 Reasons to Abolish the Second Amendment, 10 Tips for Writing a Job Interview Thank-You Note, 10 Crucial Steps for Writing a Letter of Recommendation, 10 Reasons Kids Should Have Longer Recess at School, 10 Reasons Animal Hunting should be Banned, 10 Reasons Why Illegal Immigrants Should be Deported. Schools would then be the target of robberies and vandalism. There are also moral objections. Some argue that the handling of guns is soon to be a job requirement for teachers. With the increase of violence in schools, parents have started to wonder if their children are really safe in the school setting.

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