They put your package on hold and it's always a day to 2 days after the delivery date before it gets delivered. Been "Scanned into sack" since May 7. I HATE!!!! I have never had DHLdeliever anything in a prompt manner..can someone tell me how much cheaper can these clowns be to make them an attractive alternative? Carrier said they couldn't deliver because I wasn't home, they didn't attempt to deliver. Next time, I will pay more for ANY other delivery option. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.  – About 4 months ago. I advise you to put a working cell phone number if you have one on your delivery information if possible, this way if there is a problem the driver will be able to contact you directly. And whats worse, the delivery date is 2 more weeks from now! The packages stay stuck for weeks at the same tracking message “en route to DHL e-commerce distribution centre “ with no tracking updates. DHL shipment from China. They were supposed to come at the same time. I ordered #2 a couple day’s after I ordered #1- and yet, even though they both... Sep 9, 2020 tracking number says 'neighbour'. And NOW I have to authorize them to clear the parcel through customs. I guess im in the same boat , i ordered an item before the chinese holiday and it shipped on may 6th. There were no tracking updates until 05/22/2020 (two days after it was expected to arrive), and It's in Germany. f%@k DHl They have an IQ of a fourth grader. Every experience that I've had with DHL is slow shipping, never met their expected delivery date, and for what reason? Finally saw one of them with another package expected and he looked like he hated his life. Getting a straight answer as to why my delivery is on hold? Wrong. Well after 4 notifications of delivery and no package, 4 calls with 2 promises for a callback from supervisor...and nothing happened. Have been hung up on twice and told 3 times that they were going to call us back in 4 hours and I had to call them back just to be told the same story. or an e-mail... May 10, 2020 f%@kING c*ntS. Just another critical failure from DHL. My package is shipping from NJ, and is currently on its way to Maryland. This company takes a whole MONTH (!) Did the building get caught on some icy roads? Unfortunately, they were shipped on the 25th of April using DHL. Estimated delivery time came and went with no updates in tracking.

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