Played by Telma Hopkins (1989–1993; recurring, 1994–1995, 1997). She is also grouped together with Laura and Maxine. Harriette is a very conservative and strong-willed woman. Waldo mentions that anyone who drinks and insults friends is no friend of his, though in true Waldo fashion he was most angered that Eddie's drunken slam that Waldo would win the gold medal "at the Stupid Olympics" referred to an event that didn't exist. Steve and Carl ultimately stopped him, risking their lives while trying to get him off the bell tower in the process, before Mr. Looney reunited with another old female friend. Rachel was Harriette's attractive and widowed younger sister. Laura began as quite vain, often in pursuit of popular good-looking boys, being dismissive towards Steve and showing little respect for her academically challenged older brother. (uncredited), Guy Hit in Head with Peanuts TV's longest-running Black show. She attended elementary school and later middle school (in sixth grade). Unfortunately after having a talk with him, Steve tells them that Urkelbot has no interest in being a police officer because it's a dangerous job and wants to be a dancing robot. The robber holds both Steve and Carl hostage by forcing them to do tasks for him. Savage and Urkel are revealed to be members of the same cheese club. First appearing in season five's "Dr. Urkel and Mr. Steve is generally portrayed as odd and dorky but kindhearted and good-natured character. She is the mother of Richard "Richie" Crawford and the daughter of Jimmy Baines, who appeared in the season two episode "Finding the Words" to reconcile with her and Harriette, after he walked out on them when they were little. Being a rebel and hedonist, his viewpoint of adulthood is very childish, believing that all adults are free from rules, authority and punishment. While some of the main characters are more welcoming towards him, it is Carl, Eddie and Laura, who are the most tormented by his shenanigans because Steve genuinely loves them all but consistently brings disasters into their lives. During the series' fourth season (in "Mama's Wedding"), the character disappeared from the series altogether, with no explanation given. His catchphrases include: "coo" (cool), "no prob, Bob!" In the season three episode "Food, Lies and Videotape," Waldo was discovered to be an excellent chef. The second coach at Vanderbilt High School. Although Maxine is the series' longest recurring secondary character, she was never officially part of its main cast. Although Steve is relentlessly annoying and has cost the Winslow family large amounts of time and money from his own clumsy demeanor, he has shown he's more mature than Eddie is in accepting responsibility. Myra Monkhouse was introduced midway through the fourth season in "A Thought in the Dark" as a possible girlfriend for Steve. However, Maxine's judge of character regarding boys is arguably as inept as Laura's, as she has similarly dated many selfish and unfaithful boyfriends, and even shared some of the same antagonistic suitors as Laura. Though he likes bullying Steve, he was mainly antagonistic towards Laura for rejecting him for another boy and forced the guys to the dating sidelines. Though she felt better about it, Eddie wanted to beat up Steve for interfering. After Waldo's departure from the series, Maxine set her sights on other boys. From here, Myra's character regressed and devolved to an antagonistic role, competing with Laura for Steve's affections and pursuing Steve relentlessly, similarly to her early appearance. Eventually, Steve got the upper hand and shut him down with fire extinguisher foam. When Steve tried to invite Eddie's friends to his birthday party, he was tricked by Laura to call numbers from Eddie's "little black book", resulting in the entire family room flooded with attractive women, much to Eddie's ironic horror. The character last appears in the season two episode "Fast Eddie Winslow". He dated Laura's best friend Maxine for many seasons (beginning with the season four episode "Pulling Teeth") until breaking up with her in season eight's "Love Triangle" after he left for culinary school (In real life, the actor who plays Waldo said his contract expired). [1] Midway through the first season, the show introduced the Winslows' nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), who quickly became its breakout character and eventually a main character. For example, she is often very supportive of her husband, Carl, but during his feuds with another character, she rarely takes his side. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Movies and TV Shows I'd reboot/remake/get a sequel or spinoff, Older Lady in Casino She has a very perky and persistent personality. He was living with his aunt for a time until he was placed in a children's shelter, when she could no longer afford to keep him. She (unlike all of the other Winslows) was a friend of Steve Urkel for the entire series and loved him like a grandson. She had many boyfriends who would bully Steve and who would cheat on her but would ultimately end with Steve warding them off. She has difficulty coping with her ill-tempered, tyrannical and unreasonable father, who does not approve of her relationship with Eddie. He learns that Urkelbot needed a job to distract him from causing harm again and revamps him as a crime fighting robot known as Urkelcop. Murtaugh is seemingly tolerant of Steve Urkel when they bond over root beer floats about their love lives at the end of that episode, but later impudently takes Steve's money over a poker game in season three's "A Pair of Ladies". Her final appearance was in the Christmas-themed episode "Deck the Malls" from the ninth season. Soon after, Michelle Thomas was cast in the role of Myra Monkhouse, love interest and later girlfriend of Steve Urkel. | Among Steve's most antagonistic tendencies are his refusal to accept responsibility, his manipulation of others as well as himself, and his persistence. Her feelings towards Urkel were much softer than that of Penny's and even Laura's own, mainly due to Maxine's and Steve's coming from neglectful families. He worked at a Mighty Weenie restaurant and became its manager. She became more friendly towards Laura and formed a trio of sorts with her and Steve (with herself in between, of course). In season three's "A Test of Friendship," he comes to Steve's defense by calling Eddie out for wanting to cheat on their chemistry test and tells him that he should have known the consequences. She moved in with the Winslows shortly after her husband, Robert, died. In the season seven episode "Send In the Clone," Steve created an identical clone of himself, whom he had enter into the transformation chamber to become a permanent Stefan. [2][3] While Payton, VelJohnson, and Telma Hopkins (as Harriette's widowed sister Rachel) were initially the stars of the show, with the focus being around the Winslow family, Jaleel White was introduced as nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel during the middle of the first season in the episode "Laura's First Date"; Urkel, the lovesick pursuer of Laura Winslow (portrayed by Kellie Shanygne Williams), quickly became a popular breakout character with audiences.[4][5]. However, Greta was more successful in warding Myrtle off than Laura's would be boyfriends are with Urkel. However, by that time Urkelbot easily gained the upper hand against the robber and had him arrested. [6] As a result, his character was re-written to be the best friend of Eddie Winslow (portrayed by Darius McCrary). 3J – a nickname referring to his real name Jerry Jamal Jameson – was a young orphan whom Carl and Harriette adopted in the season eight episode "3J in the House". It is revealed in the episode "Whose Man is it Anyway?," that his mother is a waitress and Carl took him there (not realising the connection) for lunch and that one day she would like to reunite with him but until then, Carl promises to take care of him and would remain keeping in contact with her. He insists that his last name is supposed to be pronounced "Lou-né" (stating "It's French" each time it comes up). Rachel's trademark during the early seasons were her hats. She was the cousin of Laura's then-boyfriend, Ted Curran, who set up the date to get nerdy Steve out of his way. Carl's final boss, introduced in season seven's "Chick-a-Boom". In season 9's "Don't Make Me Over", Myrtle gets a makeover with Laura and Maxine's help. His relationship with Greta developed throughout the series and faced many obstacles, most notably in the forms of Myrtle Urkel and Greta's father Dave McClure (owner of Eddie's employer Mighty Weenie). On October 12, Legacy Distribution uploaded on YouTube a trailer for the film, "Christmas in Carolina" where actors Darius McCrary and Kellie Shanygne Williams will show off their sibling love once again. It is unknown what happened to her after that. In the pilot episode, he approached his father to make an exception and let him stay out past curfew and confessed to his father that his straight-A report card was a classmate's prank once he found out. and socially awkward. She became less persistent and less aggressive in clinging onto Steve, and Steve became more comfortable and welcoming with her. Eddie's best friend in high school (introduced in season one's "Straight A's"), who is depicted as a practical joker. Eddie remained loyal to Steve and he eventually accepted him as a true friend. When he was introduced in the season two episode "Requiem for an Urkel," he started off as Willie Fuffner's friend but though he generally had no ill intent and was not quite the bully that Willie was, he still nonetheless ignorantly followed Willie's lead. His most enduring, successful, and ultimately final relationship is with Greta McClure. Steve Urkel is the Winslows' extremely annoying, nerdy, irritating, quintessential, pesky, boisterous, reckless, vain, clumsy, carefree, and mischievous neighbor with large, thick eyeglasses, "high-water" pants held up by suspenders, a high-pitch nasal-tone voice and a snorting laugh. He holds his position as "King of the Castle" (a self-proclaimed "Big Kahuna") very seriously; however, he is easy to admit defeat to Harriette when involved in typical marital disputes. Richard "Richie" Crawford was the only son of Robert and Rachel Crawford; Robert dies before Richie was born, which in part prompts Rachel's move into the Winslow household.

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