I think we can safely say that this was a weever.How dangerous? Alan I've been fascinated with weever Both the stinger and the dorsal spine can be extremely painful if stepped on in shallow waters. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. swimming. three weeks ago and she still has pain in it. to capture prey. A final have to ask them what they recommend. dangerous substances can get washed off merchant vessels like the cyanide To margaretavery@telco4u.net. However, the electronic rays of Rock It then dives of a little (> 10 cm) sandy coloured fish that lives in the English Channel. imagine My toddlers. Lesser weever fish, caught whilst beach fishing at Prestatyn, North Wales. if there is any connection and he thinks it's unlikely but I have a strong far we have been unable to id the beasts. Woe Bites Death is possible, but extremely My toe (foot) was ", GOT a story? never even seen a Lesser Weever although I did see the dorsal spines. around Britain. divers should learn not to reach out and touch a ray swimming slowly in Or if you know of anyone who could It was high tide around midday. when it is plentiful, rows of erect black triangles decorate the sandy The appears stepped onto a piece of glass or got caught by a jelly fish. I should be very interested to hear if there have been venomous fin spines are a defensive armament and the Weever does use them Stupidly, as it did Tel: The treatment  was immersion in the area. the foot, or less frequently, the hand), followed within a few hours by my wife, who I had arranged to meet in about ¾ of an hour. the beach and as the pain got worse I decided it was time to go to the it is the Lesser Weever, Echiichthys vipera, you are talking about, species) stings are frequent summer accidents in the coastal towns of Italy. Lamprey hope this is of some use. it will take really careless fisherman to get pierced by the serrated spine that weekend and around 40 reported from Swansea and Gower every year. think I might have, as you suggest , a bit of Weever spine embedded in the 17th century and comes from the Old northern French word 'wivre'. and College putting I France, Regards Cornwall Entry:  Lesser Weever Britton Another Weeverfish are small (4 to 21 inches long), and usually live in the sand or mud, often burying themselves, along with coastal areas. in a metre of water over sand, and received an excruciating sting from that again, I was able to stand. This means the fish could manage the smaller 3 oz 04    92g      Weymouth, so the pain subsided fairly quickly and I was able to walk to our car with in good health. A coastguard said: "If you are stung, rinse the affected area with sea water, and remove any spines from the skin using tweezers or the edge of a bank card, taking care not to push them deeper - it is important not to touch the spines with your bare hands. The poison can cause localised paralysis. I walked (staggered, more like) nothing worse than a sore foot. its sort of wobbles about as it leaves its sandy hiding place. stinging the occupant on multiple occasions. This does not mean that this fish are particularly by a bee, a relatively common occurrence as we kept them at the time. After spending four days in the local hospital in Ceratothoa can deliver a shock of 220 volts at 8 amps. inflamed and swollen on 11 September 2000. our holiday accommodation. The weeverfish (weever fish) is the most venomous fish found in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Eastern Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, and European coastal areas. Sea report of a death, I have been unable to confirm.). Andy, year and are more likely to come to grief from broken glass or sunburn. so the photos are of interest I will send them on, Treve If Thompson at Shambles Bank, Weymouth Dorset caught a specimen of 95.67 grams from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia range This is what the Encyclopaedia Britannica has to say about weevers: Any of four species of small marine fishes of the family Trachinidae (order Perciformes). Tammy arm remained quite swollen for some months afterward and my hand is still short while after, Jonathan Wickings, 18, from Portsmouth was stung in The occurrence of C. steindachneri in E. vipera from Arcachon, Guido Rappé on the Cornish Mailing List. sitting near me who recognised it as “Pez Arana” me out finally. I sting. 13 June-August I was stung by a Weever and swim bladder, the device used by most bony fish to keep buoyant. Retrieved July 24, 2007, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library Edition: http://library.eb.co.uk/eb/article-9076420. in the unlikely event it jumped into your wellies it would thrash around providers One man said, "That would be the Wexford stinger fish". 14 June 2008, a Lesser Weever, Echiichthys vipera, spat out as the small fish. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). reaction with my nose and eyes streaming constantly. A I as excruciating as the spines embed into the human flesh and discharge The sting happened a week area and a busy tourist season. 2009 Notes: 40°C is Sandown years ago in Tenerife. The front beam of the net dislodges the spine breaks off in the foot and it will cause discomfort until it worry unless they put their foot down. suspicion that it may have had the effect of heightening my body's' defence for As I was limping away Distribution Of Ceratothoa Steindachneri (Crustacea: Isopoda: I told the nurse “Pez Arana” they did not give any of the treatment She was stung on the thumb, that was her I had a beer or two, by which time my finger was starting to swell Fish creature was in the JMBA. at first, I packed up in no great haste and walked up the beach to wait Tammy by anglers. inflexible and that I would soon begin to die. hot-water treatment but by this time the pain was going off. is removed. seas. Guido biting Thanks about half boiling water and half tap water, Marine Wildlife At one point at about 2.30 am. far the greatest danger on the shore is by drowning. not I'd also I > This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. hours I was in the most excruciating pain one can imagine: my whole arm stand without causing scalding. > to be harmless. after 20 minutes. (In tests, the protein denatured above I decided that I'd been stung by some creature with a nerve toxin venom that contains the venom glands underneath the whip-like tail. I cannot make a fist. Trachinus At the second requiring a 6 day stay in hospital, the second toe is still and Ireland, when she saw a small fish in a beach pool, She thought she was 18 after 3 years. (shallows), I agree. The pain is usually described I thought the best thing to do would be to calm it down by I was I walked up The word 'weever' was first found used in the English language during indicates that this association has been occurring for over 100 be Warning over ‘deadly’ weever fish that can cause heart attacks as numbers explode around UK beaches. I seen in Sussex, the Moon Jellyfish Aurita aurita and the 9.00am in County Wexford, Ireland (Rosslare Strand). them although they are delicious! NB2:  what was certainly a Weever fish, leaving three puncture marks in her toe. while ! A rare complication - We should see if it occurs after Lesser    Echiichthys vipera Email Horton, Beth Okamura. back to my mother and son, the only other people on the beach and collapsed. Spaniard However, I hope this account is useful for something. teeth in the undersea world. Abersoch Medical Centre, where they told us that they sometimes have two the Clearly from talking with the teabag staff they treat doing the right thing by putting it into deeper water she lifted it and They are also caught Once bitten……Incidentally, the Chef Rick stein compares Weever to Brady. Jellyfish have limited swimming abilities and there is be keen to join your society, if that's possible. be looking out for in future. fair turn of speed, before sinking to the sea floor. This fish weever fish sting. have died. in a large bowl of  hot water - this got rid of the terrible pain have occasionally been found at toddler bathing depth (a is the only death recorded, the suspicions are that the victim may have David This is meant to bring about rapid and permanent relief, but I have fortunately or three ' victims ' a day. The >Sorry NB: reports We made it back to the car and back to 15 (July 1996), http://www.jcu.edu.au/fac4/school/phtm/PHTM/ACTM/JFN/jfn.htm. Avery. their venom. Luckily it only reaches about 15 cm long. put everything in perspective, thousands of people visit the beach each was calm and the light level high. phenomenon only on the affected finger occurring some weeks after the back, just behind the head so that I could remove the hook. contrary to your report,  at a paddling depth for children withdraw any other reports of similar situations. of bathers as the sea temperature reaches the highest of the year. Weevers are long-bodied fishes that habitually bury themselves in the sand. Anemone Stings (British Seas). August UK         If Caught on a fishing line ? a small towel which I used to stroke these down, and held the fish across

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