Haley later gave birth to their daughter, Lydia Bob Scott. Later, Nathan also played for the University of Maryland where he was a First Team All-American. He ends up in the hospital where he has a dream of what life would have been like if Dan had married Karen instead of Deb and Nathan and Lucas had grown up in each others' shoes. Nathan is like a superhero, he is more like Batman on the show. Barbara Alyn Woods Nathan tells his wife to choose between him and the tour - if she chooses the tour, they are done. Nathan has had sex with all three of the core female characters: Peyton, Brooke, and Haley. They dance out in the rain and share a passionate kiss before they go to TRIC with the rest of the group, singing along with Gavin DeGraw. ("One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning"). TLDR: keith and deb get away with worse things than dan up until the school shooting. The tape is shown at a party and Peyton is infuriated. Lucas, seeing them, runs over. Divorced from Dan Scott In the finale of season four, they had their first child, a baby boy named James Lucas Scott. Karen can't take much more so she drives her to rehab instead of taking her to the game. Lucas was the first and Keith was the third. Nathan is devastated and goes on a downward spiral; drinking in class, punching his father and letting Lucas take the fall for his drunken driving. The officer then jumps behind him and strikes Nathan against his head with a pipe knocking him unconscious. Deb also creates a business partnership with Karen, when she opens Tric, an all-ages nightclub. One Tree Hill Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Their son was born during their graduation and they named him James Lucas Scott in honor of Haley's maiden name and Nathan's brother and Haley's best friend Lucas. Blonde ("What Comes After the Blues?"). ("The Runaway Found"), es to her aid. Lucas decides to take the fall after Haley asks him to. When he confronts Dan about it, Dan doesn't deny it and Nathan, in anger, disowns him and says he died the day Keith died. When Nathan collapses on the basketball court after taking amphetamines to boost his performance, Dan decides not to tell Deb knowing that she will blame him for pressuring Nathan to improve his game. He also made friends with Lucas and the river court gang like Mouth and Skills. Neno is later called up by the Clippers, leaving Nathan still in the D-League. What are you gonna do? It was then that Lucas reveals that he will be Whitey's assistant coach. The saddened Nathan and Haley tell Jamie together and decide to take him to Quentin's funeral. Her marriage to her college sweetheart Dan is initially stable but becomes strained when Lucas and Karen become more involved in their lives. Together they have helped Jamie through bullying and the death of his idol, Quentin Fields, who was also Haley's student and a player for the Tree Hill Ravens. Another Tree Hill couple with a cute fan name, "Leyton", is probably the most beloved relationship in the entire series. They share the same father, Dan Scott, and even more tension as Lucas joins the Ravens varsity basketball team, on which Nathan was the star player. Haley sees the car and yells, "Nathan, watch out!" Carrie pretends to be innocent towards Nathan, but secretly she attempts to seduce him by having her watch her swim naked in the pool. The couple do eventually get their happy ending. First he wanted to date her, just to get close to her to mess with Lucas. Was it Deb who did it? Gender: He punches Nathan in the abdomen and tells Nathan that "this pays much better" and that he will indeed die. Dan and Rachel reconnect when Dan hires Rachel, who has become a prostitute, to spend the night with him. ("With Arms Outstretched") Deb sticks to her resolve and tells Dan she wants a divorce. Nathan was raised by his parents Dan Scott and Deb Lee in Tree Hill. ("I And Love And You"), birthday and a woman named Renee asks to take a picture with Nathan and later the woman tells Clay that she slept with Nathan. Once Nathan arrives, he is disappointed to hear they wanted him as a coach, not as a player. ("Asleep At Heaven's Gate"), Both Nathan and Haley are thrilled at Haley being pregnant again and because of this before leaving to start his second season in the NBA Nathan attempts to convince Haley to bring Jamie with him to Charlotte and to travel with them concerned due to her recovering from depression and not wanting to her to be overloaded with stress from the label, Jamie and her pregnancy but she decides not to leave not wanting to take Jamie out of school but promises to visit Nathan regularly. Haley then confesses to him that she took a pregnancy test that morning, but it turned out negative. James (known as Jamie) became a huge part in their life and they are determined to give him the best childhood possible. When Dan refuses to help, Nathan turns to a loan shark, Daunte Jones. The confusion and fear, that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better. After the birth of his daughter Nathan considers reconciling with his father, but once he realised he could never forgive nor forget Dan for his murder of Keith he instead visits him and gives him a photo of Lydia and Jamie's first winning baseball and moves on from the failed relationship. Jamie wants to say goodbye and he didn't get to before. One night he went to a party at a bar with Lucas and Haley to celebrate his new shoe deal, shoes called "the NS 23's". She always hated Dan bullying his son which is why she became an alcoholic. When Mel isn't in a theater watching the latest blockbuster or binging the newest hit streaming series from the comfort of their own home, they can be found reading a good book, knowing Hollywood will eventually and inevitably turn into a film or a limited series. When Haley mentions that Chris wants her to accompany him on tour, Nathan asks her if she's kissed him and she finally admits to it. Later at home, she confronts Dan about his decision not to tell her that her son nearly died. In "Resolve", Dan tells her that he never loved her and settled for her since Keith had Karen. Nathan is a nice guy and he also more like a nerdy slacker sometimes. ("Crash Into You"), After spending some time away from her family due to work, Deb finally returns thrilled to see her husband and son, but she soon becomes aware of her family's struggles - with the relationship between Nathan and Dan becoming ever more strained and Lucas and Karen having a greater presence in their lives. Alive She is very loyal to him. Later in the season, when Devon ruins five straight games for the Chiefs', Jamie finds out Nathan’s in the NBA ("Remember Me as a Time of Day"). Does Dan get caught for killing ... and shoots Keith because he thinks that Keith tried to kill him in the dealership fire, when really it was deb Dans wife or should I say ex wife Lollypop . This is revealed during their senior year, when the tape is played during a party held by Nathan to the shock of Peyton and Haley. This was probably one of the most confusing relationships ever introduced on the series and the one fans would like to forget about most. He also have a tight bond with Haley James Scott. They were supportive, but knew when to lay down some rules and boundaries, they were caring, but never afraid to tell Lucas the truth when he needed to hear it, and they were in love. Daunte ends up hitting her. Nathan's favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road, yet he always gets mint chocolate chip because it's, Nathan served as best man at both his half-brother, Nathan is one of the four main male characters to appear in all nine seasons of. Mel Hall is a writer, blogger, and lover of all things film, television, and theater. "Crash Into You" (episode 1.03) He has grown his hair long and has a scruffy beard, and barely acknowledges his wife or son. August 15, 1988 Nathan's temper gest the best of him again when Jason, a musician in a band, touches Haley's behind. He then turned himself in. He began rehabilitation in his training for basketball with the help of Quentin Fields, who is later murdered at a gas station by an unknown suspect. However, upon arriving at the dinner Deb discovers she and Dan are seated with Keith and Karen and she knows an awkward night will ensue. After resolving the issues with the crash and Dan, Nathan is able to spend more time with his daughter and family, helping Haley to reopen Karen's Cafe. Nathan Royal Scott is the only son of Deb Scott, but is the second son of Dan Scott, who had previously impregnated his high school sweetheart, Karen Roe, with their son, Lucas Scott. ("Ashes of Dreams You Let Die"), labor in the middle of her valedictorian speech. is usually away on business trips, but has returned to rekindle the ties of the family. Haley, happy to see her husband back, tells him that she missed him and they all sit down to eat. Cooper Lee (younger brother) Daniel "Dan" Scott † (ex-husband) Children Nathan Scott (son, with Dan) Grandchildren James "Jamie" Scott (grandson, via Nathan and Haley) Lydia Scott (granddaughter, via Nathan and Haley) Extended Haley James Scott (daughter-in-law, via Nathan) Lucas Scott (former stepson) A fight then ensued. It is unknown if she stays in Tree Hill after his passing. But Dan influenced him in high school and almost turning into his father. He opts to drive the ball in for Neno to score. Three years later Nathan was all set to be the tenth pick in the NBA draft by the Seattle Sonics. Deb is continuing to help with the caf , so Karen can put her life back together after losing Keith. Birthplace: Slowly, Nathan and Haley grow close again and eventually rekindle their relationship, spending a passionate night together. Deb (by everyone) Boozy (by Dan) Nanny Deb (by Jamie) Debutante Ball (by Skills) Dan, however, blames Nathan's distance on Deb's constant business travel. Nathan later spends some time alone with Haley, preparing a romantic dinner for her as well as giving her a diamond bracelet. When Jamie was born, she was a good grandmother and when Nathan and Haley needed a nanny. Birthdate: Nathan decides to assist talented yet troublesome Tree Hill High School student Quentin Fields as he reminds him of his former self- a basketball star, yet cocky and arrogant. Nathan was raised as an only child even though his father had a son, (who was born three months prior to Nathan) Lucas Scott with his high school sweetheart Karen Roe. As if all of this wasn't enough, Nathan finds Haley standing on his doorstep in the series finale. Nathan goes to find it and finds the garage instead. Keith slept with Dan's wife Deb, and Dan, of course, seeks revenge on his brother. Later, learning about Lucas' best friend, Haley James, Nathan decides to use Haley to anger Lucas, but eventually ends up falling in love and marrying her. He provides Nathan with money in exchange for Nathan losing the State Championship. His uncle Keith was also a Leo, born on July 26th. Does she know? Devon threatens Nathan and says he's not going to be taking his spot.

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