While the balls and capsules are more stocking-stuffer sized, the bigger line gives the child a ton of toys for the price and expands their collection. … Midge was sold as a pregnant doll with a baby in her belly and Alan came in a a set with their son, Ryan. Megan’s so lucky’ and I say, ‘No, you’re the lucky one. Hi Jessica, if you got Pop Heart, she should color change. I get a headache being around it and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. O.M.G. Amazon's Choice for lol surprise dolls ultra rare. “It’s really fun and exciting. There's a problem loading this menu right now. i purchased 2 and got no posters inside. My daughter drank 3-4 sips accidentally off white murky water of lol doll and I am super worried. Thanks to mum ­Michelle’s £4,000 splurge over three years, Megan has 206 dolls, 122 Lil Sisters and 90 pets, all from the LOL Surprise! My dog LOVES these and I’ve found myself with a bunch of heads and very few bodies. These are currently available at or below retail prices on AMAZON: Lotta LOL is your source for best baby doll reviews, doll parents' guides, toy information, and more. When we got home….. Surprise! — Elizabeth, Can you explain why my daughter’s LOL boy doll has a penis? LOL stands for Little Outrageous Littles. MGAE Cares Limited Edition Frontline Hero with 7 Surprises, L.O.L. These LOL Surprise OMG big sisters were released in July 2019. O.M.G. If you have issue with the LOL toys, you need to contact the toy maker directly. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Megan Prince, ten, is Britain's biggest LOL dolls collector, Megan was born premature at 27 weeks, weighing just 2lb 12oz, Mum Michelle has splurged £4k over three years building the collection, Michelle, pictured with husband Alan and Megan, says her daughter's birth left her with PTSD, When Megan was two, the couple decided Alan would have a vasectomy, Megan is happy to share her room with her 400 LOL dolls, Megan’s collection has made her the envy of her friends, Michelle says the dolls are one of the ways she compensates for Megan being an only child, ​Shocking moment a ​Hermit ​C​rab living in dolls head​ reveals himself ​, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Hi Joyce, I think the most safe practice would be to buy from different series and waves. Surprise! O.M.G. But before we even dig deeper into the whole mysterious process, are you familiar with LOL surprise dolls i.e. I especially like the glitter dolls. She very patiently opened each surprise in order. This cutely package box is perfect for an all-in-one birthday present,... 1. These fees will not increase your purchase price, That means there are AT LEAST 45 tots dolls to collect in, Cosmic Queen (Series 1 and Glitter series), Deluxe Present Surprise: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy, Read this Beginner’s Guide to LOL Surprise Dolls, huge glittery brown limited edition lol surprise ball, Read the 5 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Buy, Click here to check Walmart online for LOL dolls, LOL Covid-19 Doll: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy, 13 Parents Whose Tweets About LOL Dolls Are Too Funny, https://www.lottalol.com/new-boy-lol-dolls-punk-boi-lil-punk-boi/, LOL Boys Arcade Heroes-Action Figure Doll. …. I haven’t had any of the boys yet but I just bought three boy’s bodies on Ebay and the only difference was gloves on the hands. Candylicious Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises, Multicolor: Toys & Games. Children often use their toys as venting mechanisms for what's happening in their lives. The critters in the Pets Series 3 Wave 2 (appx. Surprise! Surprise! Hammy. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Look closely at the photos and make sure the ball doesn’t say LQL. Opening the box reveals a tiny pet, sister, or brother along with accessories ranging from hats to tea cups to corn dogs. Splash Meow-Maid. OMG! Thanks in advance. so I guess what i’m saying and asking is this needs to be addressed and fixed…please, I have recently bought some lols from the doller general and it’s series 3 ball but the picture on outside isn’t the confetti pops and I can’t seem to find one like it does this sound right she has purplish hair and yellow balls? Makeover Series 3-Pack - Random 5 Surprises of 1 Lil Pet, Lil Sis, or Lil Brother Doll with Color Change Water Surprise; Magic Mirror; Secret Message; Fashion Accessory| Age 6+, Candylocks 3-Inch Scented Collectible Surprise Doll with Accessories (Style May Vary), L.O.L. Only some LOL tots (big sisters) cry. I haven’t been abroad since before Megan was born, so we are going for the holiday.”. There have been at least 5 limited series or major series launched since then. LOL dolls are made in China. Each comes with a kooky outfit and accessories such as sunglasses and shoes, plus a bottle and stickers. Basically, these are small dolls wrapped in a ball with a surprise. Sometimes, there are different versions of the same doll that will pee or spit. We sisters slay all day. The head is made of rubber so that it can be squeezed to make the doll cry or spit. I don’t see the popularity dying any time soon. The Eye Spy Bigger surprise took the top spot for being a great option for a special birthday or larger Christmas present for the child already enthusiastic about collecting these dolls. Yes, a counterfeit market has sprung up around LOL dolls. So far, more than 250 different LOL dolls have been launched. Surprise! The larger light green ball holds an LOL tot or big sister and has 7 layers. Surprise! I don’t smoke, drink or buy expensive clothes. It still affects me now. The truth is that not every LOL doll is produced with the same frequency, so you are bound to see some more than you see others. I am with you. She seems completely fine but I am not sure how safe it is. But the LOL Surprise dolls are one luxury Alan has now said will have to stop. But the ratio of the sizes still holds. Amazon sells 2 pet balls as part of one order, but they are not in the same ball. Boys Character Doll Series 3 with 7 Surprises Including Random Exclusive LOL Boys Doll (Anatomically Correct), Bottle, Accessory, Secret Message, Stickers, Shoes | Ages 4+, L.O.L. Lil sisters change color when put in cold or warm water. She studied writing and film at State University of New York at Purchase, where she earned her bachelor of arts degree. There are so many LOL doll products out for Christmas that this should be easier. I check every day so I don’t miss anything.”. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. The dolls can provide comfort to children when discussing these issues. This happened to us today. Your email address will not be published. Although... Can you name that Series 3 LOL Boy? LOL stands for Little Outrageous Littles. So when Megan was two years old, the couple decided Alan would have a vasectomy. And now it’s time to deliver on our promise to you. Some moms do think it is obscene. So, the ones labeled “Lil Outrageous Littles” are LOL dolls, just the early versions. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. There are 36 big sisters and 47 lil sisters. Lights Pets with Real Hair & 9 Surprises including Black Light Surprises, L.O.L. Every major retailer seems to be sold out... © 2017-2020. We kept some of the basics like the Lil Sisters and Confetti Pop, and even added the Bling and Glitter Glam as they are the traditional way of receiving and un-boxing the dolls. The body of an LOL doll is hard plastic. Some change colour, cry or even wee. What is the rarest LOL? But it... LOL Big Surprise Balls are supposedly the must-have Christmas gift for every little girl over 4. Since it's an articulated figure, it can be posed to show off your child's latest fashion creation. Series 2 had 83 combined big and lil sisters. Bebe Bonito: lil brother from Series 4 wave 2 Cosmic Queen (Series 1 and Glitter series)Kitty Queen. in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are linking. We know that the only reason you continued reading this far is because you have high hopes of seeing a rare LOL doll that you can buy, this is understandable. About the Wiki: We don't accept sponsorships, Surprise! View our online Press Pack. Even if they are real, you are likely to get many duplicated dolls in the box. “Some people go so far as to take their kitchen scales to weigh the balls in the shops, after people started sharing the weights of the rare ones online.”. Michelle says: “We joke that my husband works to pay the bills and my salary goes on the LOLs. The plastic and blind bags that come with the dolls are also enticing. balls began at £10 each for the first series, with the cost rising to as much as £16 for the Hair Goals series as their popularity grew. Otherwise, your concern goes unknown. Some retailers have been so anxious to get LOL dolls that they have bought them from disreputable sources. LOL Surprise Dolls and similar toys provide a compact, portable way for children to take imaginative games wherever they go. Hi there, the collector’s poster is just a folded sheet that shows the dolls in the series. by Sheila O'Neill. LOL Surprise! These innovative toys live up to their name, as there is no way to tell which figurine you will get until you open it up. She’s called “It Baby” like “It Girl”–someone who is a popular celebrity (for the moment). The boys are quite obviously anatomically correct. That means there are AT LEAST 45 tots dolls to collect in series 1, series 2, series 3, and series 4. Skip to the best lol surprise doll on Amazon. Whether you want to subvert traditional gender roles or just get a little variety, the Boys Series 3 (around $9) can be a great addition to the toybox. My daughter has recently took interest in these dolls so I’m looking around to purchase a few. On the second run of manufacturing, the label was changed to LOL Surprise. I also know that real LOL dolls (not fakes) do not include any plastics that are generally harmful to children.

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