"She goes to sleep every night listening to Nat King Cole. — Walter McCarty has been fired as Evansville's coach after an investigation revealed additional allegations of off-court misconduct, the university announced Tuesday. McCarty has parlayed his basketball and music skills into community causes, and the display case also holds an ample number of awards for that; it's as if he is equally proud of his court exploits and his community service. © Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company. McCarty regrets not having the money earlier, and the time today, to take voice lessons. By Bella English, Globe Staff  |  September 27, 2004. McCarty earned a B.A. McCarty and his wife Erin have two daughters – Gabrielle and Sasha. He started messing around with women on the staff and in the program from day 1, and has been counseled since the beginning of his tenure but just can't seem to stay away from the ladies. It is surprisingly sweet and mellow -- slightly reminiscent of Lionel Ritchie -- and he employs falsetto from time to time. He's also involved in many of the Celtics' charities, such as Read to Achieve, in which he reads to local students, and the Southwest Airlines Assist Program, in which he helps Boston eighth-graders design and implement public-service projects. Four guitars -- three electric, one acoustic -- are propped against the walls; he has taken only two lessons in his life. Gabrielle says "Dada" and crashes her tiny fist down on the keyboard. The Celtics' reserve forward may not have the finesse of Paul Pierce or the charisma of Ricky Davis. EVANSVILLE, Ind. Contact Chad Lindskog of the Courier & Press by email, clindskog@gannett.com, or on Twitter: @chadlindskog. It's important that they not just see us on TV but face to face." Andy Chandler previously told the Courier & Press the department hadn't received any reports about McCarty's behavior since he arrived at UE. The doorbell rings. Thankfully, she reached out to a friend for support and the assault was reported to the university.”, After learning of the allegations, the university placed McCarty on administrative leave. When McCarty saw that the victim was in too vulnerable a position to protest his behavior toward her, he assaulted her. Once UE completes its investigation, she will make determinations "as to if, who and where we might file civil actions. The only piece of furniture in the living room is a Yamaha baby grand concert piano. These women deserve to learn and work in an environment free of sexual violence and sexual harassment. "For me, music is a great outlet, a different way to experience life besides on the court," he says. LINCOLN -- At the moment, Walter McCarty has his sizable hands full. He couldn't afford piano lessons; his mother worked in a factory to keep food on the table. INFO: For all of the latest information on University of Evansville men's basketball, visit GoPurpleAces.com or follow the program on Twitter via @UEAthletics_MBB. He says he'd like to play another five or six seasons. Evansville Police Department Capt. Thomas Jackson embraces opportunity to reunite with Coach Lickliter, UE Men’s Basketball Seating Change Information, MVC slate unveiled for UE men’s basketball, Lickliter announces staff additions for UE men’s basketball, The Official Website of Evansville Athletics, UE Director of Athletics Mark Spencer presents Walter McCarty with an Aces jersey, © Copyright 2020 University of Evansville Athletics. But he has a life off the court that rivals or surpasses that of his teammates in terms of diverse interests and causes. She pushes his huge hands from the keys and proceeds to play her own crashing symphony. UE's external investigation is expected to be completed by spring. They've recently moved from a condo in Waltham into this cavernous, brand-new brick home. "Kids need to see someone who came from where they come from. “We have been informed that other women have come forward about McCarty’s sexual misconduct. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved, video platform powered by CBS Sports Digital. His other passions The family room just outside the studio represents the other parts of McCarty's life: basketball and community service. “This was the classic power imbalance,” Tuegel wrote in the release. He was a member of the 1996 team that won the NCAA Championship. in communications at Kentucky in 1996. DONATE: For information on giving to UE Athletics or its individual athletics programs, visit the DONATE tab on the top of GoPurpleAces.com. I've tried to come up with something a lot different from other athletes.". He has just bought a couple of harmonicas and is toying with them. Later, as a rookie for the New York Knicks, he sang the national anthem before a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden, something not often seen in the NBA. Walter McCarty Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Walter Lee McCarty (born February 1, 1974) is an American former basketball player, and current assistant coach with the NBA's Boston Celtics. There's a backhoe digging a pool, and another one tunneling 4 feet into the foundation for a home theater. The result: a CD full of songs he wrote, produced, and performed. "It's very important to get involved," he says. ", “It’s clear that my client wasn’t the only victim,” Tuegel said. When he was growing up in Evansville, Ind., his great-aunt made him sing in the Baptist choir to keep him out of trouble. A female student who reported she was sexually assaulted by former University of Evansville men’s basketball coach Walter McCarty has hired a national law firm to "investigate and represent her in a potential action against the coach and the university," according to a statement sent to the Courier & Press. he says to her, giving her a kiss. In July 2001, he became the first Celtics player to receive the NBA Hometown Hero of the Month award. In her crib, she points to the CD player.". In his seven years with the Celtics, McCarty, 30, has also become known for his charitable contributions and his music. At the University of Kentucky, McCarty, a star forward, sang the national anthem at the start of a home game. In a previous statement, McCarty's attorney, Jon Little, says McCarty was "shocked" that the University of Evansville fired him and that McCarty wanted to make "clear to the Evansville community and all supporters that he did not engage in any sexual misconduct or violate the University’s Title IX policy.". I have benefited so much from the sacrifices those who came before me made.". The Dallas-based Simpson Tuegel Law Firm and well-known victim's rights attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel will represent the student. In an essay for Black History Month, he wrote: "It is vital that we do everything we can to help make our communities better and safe places to live and work. And, he adds, she has a mean dribble. His first, "Moment for Love," was inspired by his wife and is a romantic R&B album -- "candlelight dinner songs," he calls them. If you see the Boston Celtics and a charitable cause mentioned in the newspaper, McCarty's name inevitably pops up -- throwing a pizza party for city kids, signing autographs, hosting basketball clinics, reading to school children. Little said he has no comment on this matter. It's the contractor, wanting a vehicle moved from the driveway. They've recently moved from a condo in Waltham into this cavernous, brand-new brick home. Daddy is delighted. It's really fun, but I'm glad I have music to get away." Coached by Rick Pitino, the team also included Antoine Walker, Tony Delk, Derek Anderson, Ron Mercer, and Nazr Mohammed. "I love listening and relaxing to music. McCarty was fired on Jan. 21 for alleged sexual misconduct. In February, Boston mayor Tom Menino presented him with an African-American Achievement Award for his work in the community. © 2020 www.courierpress.com. Walter McCarty may not have been able to afford music lessons when he was a kid, but his daughter already has her own little keyboard, drums, xylophone, maracas, and tambourine. Michelle Simpson Tuegel has represented sexual abuse survivors in high-profile cases such as the Larry Nassar litigation against Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee; sexual assault survivors at the University of Southern California; and clergy abuse survivors connected with the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and nationwide. Ask McCarty which is harder for him, music or basketball, and the reply is prompt: "Basketball. She told me yesterday that Walter got one of the cheerleaders pregnant. He turns to the keyboard and, balancing Gabrielle on his lap, plays some chords. A female student who reported she was sexually assaulted by former University of Evansville men’s basketball coach Walter McCarty has hired a … McCarty's wife, Erin, is upstairs with a cold. When he moved to Boston, McCarty threw himself into his music and his causes. "Yeah!" On Sunday, the foundation will hold a benefit concert at the Roxy in Boston. She said it's important to know the timing of when the alleged events happened, what the school knew, what was reported to them and what prior knowledge they had of previous misconduct, if any, by McCarty anywhere else. ("Don't worry, I have a disposal," he says. McCarty's wife, Erin, is upstairs with a cold. McCarty's grin stretches endlessly. It was at Kentucky that he picked up a guitar and wrote his first song. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has honored him for bettering the lives of youth. It’s important that other survivors of this man’s acts know that they’re not alone, and we would encourage them to reach out to someone to report the misconduct. Tuegel told the Courier & Press the federal government recommends them to be completed within 60 days, but she doesn't often see it happen that quickly. He and his wife, Erin, have two daughters, Gabrielle and Sasha. The only piece of … His musical idols are Stevie Wonder, Brian Knight, Boys II Men, Donny Hathaway, and the young Michael Jackson. Sitting in his small basement studio, in front of a digital mixing consul full of knobs, buttons, and keys, he looks like a pilot in the cockpit. It takes so much conditioning and wear and tear on your body. Two years ago, he established the "I Love Music Foundation" to promote values through music for disadvantaged youth. It was released two years ago, and now he's working on another one. His own singing voice seems incongruous with his 6-foot-10-inch frame. Then, UE received additional reports of alleged misconduct, which came after UE had previously counseled McCarty about what it claims is "inappropriate conduct off the court.". Gavin DeGraw will headline the event, and McCarty will perform with a student band from the Berklee College City Music Program, one of the foundation's beneficiaries. He's holding 15-month-old Gabrielle, plus a baggie full of Cheerios and an Elmo book for her, and a grape soda for himself. TICKETS: To purchase tickets for University of Evansville athletics events, log on to GoPurpleAces.com and click on the TICKETS tab on top of the page. UE has not responded. My client asks that the community remain supportive of the men’s basketball team, as well as the additional survivors who have come forward.”. All rights reserved. This home studio is where he arranges and mixes all his music. Inside a glass display case are his various trophies, awards, and medals. “He was the town sweetheart, grew up in Evansville, returned after a successful NBA career and coached the basketball team to national success. He has moved upstairs now, to the baby grand, where he sits and plays a few Stevie Wonder tunes, crooning softly to Gabrielle, who leaves a trail of Cheerios on the carpet. His "I Love Music Foundation" provides financial support to voice students at Berklee, to band and music camps, and to instrument drives -- all for things the young McCarty could never afford himself. 10.8k Followers, 3,250 Following, 629 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Walter McCarty (@waltermccarty) It's fitting, since McCarty is as at home on the piano bench as he is on the Celtics bench -- or, better, on the court. "The Encyclopedia of Guitar," with picture chords, lies on the floor. He plays "Summer Days," the song he wrote and sang as a trailer for the movie "The Cookout," which stars Queen Latifah.

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