Her credentials are: PHARM.D. Join the Shadow Board to play a larger role as we work together to empower the Hispanic community, attend the SHPE Regional Leadership Development Conference (RLDC) to learn leadership skills and network with other SHPE Chapters, and develop yourself as an executive officer at the SHPE National Institute for Leadership Advancement. There are many offices who will have to help you process your purchase, ship your product, and get the shipment into your organization’s hands. The SOLE Office advises over 1200 campus organizations. Bridge the gap between new and continuing students as a part of SOLES Mentorship, engage in some bonding and friendly competition at Gender Night, fight for the W on our IM Sports Teams, create lasting memories at one of our SOLES Socials including our football tailgates. If you have any questions, please email (function(){var ml="au%lmd.ve0ci4n",mi="054;=7:2<91:306851",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

Our events in the past have included Networking Night (a time to to just network and talk with industry reps), Art Display, Engineering Jeopardy, Hebocon (a sumo robot competition), Code Smash (hackathon-ish event), Talent Show, and many others. Please contact Marlon or your Department purchaser/manager to inquire about additional approved vendors. (@melibesole)

School-wide organization – please contact Wes Uehara. If every morning the four largest retailers — Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, CVS — met, and their sole focus was putting #5, Target, out of business, then Target would go out of business. Ph.D. Graduate Student in Geology Purchase from a bidding vendor like eBay – you cannot be reimbursed for purchases made on a bidding vendor. Email: jguzman@saonet.ucla.edu, Assistant Director

With our transition to a virtual world, maintaining a good web presence is essential for sustaining your organization. “When we are not able to shut down and really relax- this can contribute to less restful sleep and/or insomnia.”. Community Connection Award: Awarded to a student organization demonstrating excellence in: connecting students with opportunities and resources outside of UCLA, collaboration with other student organizations, contribution to the UCLA and nearby communities, Overall Student Group of the Year Award: Awarded to a student organization demonstrating excellence in all aspects, embodying the Bruin spirit through its actions, Emerging Star Award: Awarded to an emerging student organization among our finalists demonstrating significant growth and potential, Orgs are encouraged to create a position dedicated to transfers, Please contact the Engineering Society at UCLA (ESUC), at, Copyright 2020 UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering, Curricular Requirements & Department Information, Enrollment in 194, 199 (Research) and 195 (Internship) courses, General Education and Writing Requirements, Summer Session And Transfer Course Equivalence, Counseling and Psychological Services/Wellness, Exceptional Student Admissions Program (ESAP), Russian Language and Culture for Engineers, UCLA Engineering Mentorship Program (MentorSEAS), Policy for UCLA Samueli Engineering Student Organizations on Accessing your Campus Office, Workspace, and Storage, Policy for UCLA Samueli Engineering Student Organizations on Taking Items from Campus for Remote Work, https://samueli.ucla.edu/ucla-samueli-covid-19-information-2/, https://samueli.ucla.edu/student-clubs-organizations, UCLA Policy 110: Use of the University’s Names, Seals and Trademarks, Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others, https://www.linkedin.com/company/uclaengineering/, https://www.instagram.com/ucla_engineering/, https://www.youtube.com/user/UCLAengineering, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTJgobsH_VILFx7_e_SQrg, https://services.facilities.ucla.edu/request/, https://www.ee.ucla.edu/room-reservation/, https://www.matserv.ucla.edu/space-rental/, https://events.ucla.edu/plan-an-event/student-event-planning, https://asucla.ucla.edu/event-services/student-groups/reservations/, https://www.matserv.ucla.edu/express-mail-distribution/, https://transportation.ucla.edu/getting-around-campus/bruinbus, https://transportation.ucla.edu/campus-vehicle-services/bruincar, An up-to-date list of officers (with pictures), Information on joining the club (with meeting dates and times) and other new member info, Effectiveness of communicating information, Overview of SOLE and changes for the Fall 2020, Policy on community service activities requiring food, Trademark and branding policies (additional information below), Requests to use the UCLA Marks are processed online at, Communicating funding needs to to UCLA Samueli External Affairs, Fundraising Resources (make sure to see the section about EAA), Overview of UCLA Engineering Communications, UCLA Engineering Style Guide and use of UCLA Engineering Logo, How organizations can share highlights with communications.

The office of Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE) schedules Bruin Plaza for registered campus organizations (RCOs) and helps with the planning of their activities.

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