Placement of permanent objects in the wire … (f) Within the 50-foot SMZ and elsewhere on TVA land as defined in §1304.201, clearing of specified understory plants (poison ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, kudzu, and other exotic plants on a list provided by TVA) is allowed. The power to approve or disapprove applications under this part is delegated to the Vice President, Natural Resources, or the designee thereof, subject to appeal to the Chief Executive Officer and discretionary review by a designated committee of the of the permit. Protection Agency has determined that there is reasonable assurance that the applicant’s proposed activity will be conducted in a manner which will not violate applicable water quality standards. [46], In Chimilin, a French town of 1,100 which will be split by the railway, the town council has opposed the plans since 1992 and the mayor, Marie Chabert, sees the economic uncertainty as damaging for the region. Written notice of the Committee’s final determination of the appeal shall be provided to the applicant and to all parties of record in accordance with the methods set forth in § 1304.5(a).

(ii) Project plan or drawing.

In case of a dispute, TVA may require private parties requesting TVA action to grant or revoke a TVA permit to obtain a court order declaring respective

(b) The applicant must accept and sign a document stating that the applicant shall at all times be the owner of the UST system, that TVA shall have the right (but no duty) to prevent or remedy pollution or violations of law, including

Starting in 2016, a 9 km reconnaissance gallery was tunneled from Saint-Martin-de-la-Porte towards Italy along the axis of the south tube of the tunnel and at its final diameter. 1304.405 Fuel storage tanks and handling facilities. land rights. access residential shoreland. The freight line will start from a connection to the future Lyon rail freight bypass, follow the A43 Motorway, and will pass South of Chambéry through a tunnel under the Chartreuse Mountains. (d) Grass may be planted and mowed within the access corridor, and stone, brick, concrete, mulch, or wooden paths, walkways and/or steps are allowed. limits of the same commercial dock or marina. (v) Site plans. (b) When established in connection with an approved dock, fish attractors shall not project more than 30 feet out from any portion of the dock. [47], The movement advocates the tactics of non-violent direct action, but some protests have turned violent. [42] The construction of the base tunnel is expected to take approximately 10 years. (m) Docks, piers, and boathouses shall not contain living space or sleeping areas.

TVA may, at its discretion, reconfigure harbor limits based on changes Dredging means the removal of material from a submerged location, primarily for deepening harbors and waterways. Tennessee 37402-2801.

as appropriate, and may request discretionary review by the Committee, in the same manner as an applicant by adhering to the requirements of paragraphs (b), (c), and (d) of this section. No vegetation management shall be approved on TVA-owned Residential Access Shoreland until a Vegetation Management Plan meeting the vegetation management standards contained in this section is submitted to and approved by TVA.

(b) Vegetation may be cleared to create and maintain an access corridor up to but not exceeding 20 feet wide. Winter pool means the lowest level expected for the reservoir during the flood season. flood control storage zone at particular reservoir locations. 4321 et seq., and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972, 33 U.S.C. (d) Fences crossing TVA residential access shoreland may be considered only where outstanding agricultural rights or fencing rights exist and the land is used for agricultural purposes. owners may, upon approval from TVA, install a floating breakwater along the harbor limit to reduce wave and wash action. Any expansion in length, width or height is prohibited, except as approved in writing by TVA and necessary to comply with health, safety and environmental requirements. (4) The base of the retaining wall shall not be located more than an average of two horizontal feet lakeward of the existing full summer pool water. type and quantity of suspended solids, and proposed treatment plans for any proposed discharges. (vi) Environmental consultations and permits. (k) Planting of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, native grasses, and ground covers within the SMZ is allowed to create, improve, or enhance the vegetative cover, provided native plants are used.

of the Act and other statutes relating to these purposes, and this part shall be interpreted and applied to that end. You may buy a large lot only to find that a very small part of it is actually above the 820 line.

Evidence may be presented orally or by written statement The path of the Italian section was adopted in August 2011 by the Italian government, after extensive 2006-2011 consultations headed by Government Commissary Mario Virano within the "Italian Technical Observatory". (a) Activities involving development within the flood control storage zone on TVA reservoirs will be reviewed to determine if the proposed activity qualifies as a repetitive action. time as or before application for section 26a approval. Technical rules of evidence are not observed although reasonable bounds are maintained as to relevancy, materiality, and competency. (3) Willow stakes and bundles and live cuttings of suitable native plant materials may be planted along the surface of the eroded area. (f) Docks, piers, and boathouses may be fixed or floating or a combination of the two types. Within thirty days of completion, owners must submit a photo

The 820 line: Tennessee Valley Authority determines where this setback easement is for flooding and utilities. The location map shall clearly show the location of the proposed facility and the extent of any site disturbance for the proposed project. Application forms are available from TVA at the locations identified at the beginning of this section.
(b) Grandfathered structures may continue to be maintained in accordance with previous permit requirements, and TVA does not require modification to conform to new standards.

(b) Docks, boatslips, piers, and fixed or floating boathouses are allowable. For questions concerning boat slip availability, contact Mike Melvin at or 260-367-1263. Hearings are public and are conducted in an informal manner.
An 8 1/2 by 11-inch copy of the appropriate portion of a United States Geological Survey topographic map is recommended. The Committee will schedule a meeting not more often that twice a year as needed to hear discretionary appeals. In addition, recent photos of the location are helpful for TVA’s review and may be included. Owner or landowner ordinarily means all of the owners of a parcel of land. (d) Each side of the channel shall have a slope ratio of at least 3:1. Flood risk profile elevation means the elevation of the 500-year flood that has been adjusted for surcharge at the dam. Board means the Board of Directors of TVA. There is an initial contribution fee payable to FPOA by a buyer. time as or before application for section 26a approval. Each sign shall not exceed a maximum size of 30 inches by 30 inches. Existing floating (c) If a permitted structure is destroyed by fire or storms, the permit shall be reissued if the replacement facility is rebuilt to specifications originally permitted by TVA. [10] A 2007 study used the CAPRES model[22] to calculate a maximum capacity of 226 trains/day, 350 days/year, under the safety regulations applicable at the time. Decisions by the Vice President’s designee may be appealed to the Vice President and decisions by the Vice President may be appealed to the Chief

1304.4 Application review and approval process, 1304.10 Change in ownership of approved facilities or activities, 1304.11 Little Tennessee River; date of formal submission, 1304.102 Numbering of floating cabins and transfer of ownership, 1304.202 General sediment and erosion control provisions, 1304.206 Requirements for community docks, piers, boathouses, or other water-use facilities, 1304.207 Channel excavation on TVA-owned residential access shoreland, 1304.208 Shoreline stabilization on TVA-owned residential access shoreland, 1304.209 Land-based structures/alterations, 1304.210 Grandfathering of preexisting shoreland uses and structures, 1304.211 Change in ownership of grandfathered structures or alterations, 1304.302 Vegetation management on flowage easement shoreland. The application shall include: (i) Completed application form. require the approval of and necessitate a hearing by or before that other agency. Anyway, some experts[citation needed] disagree with the necessity for a new line connecting France and Italy on the Modane corridor, quoting wide margins for increase in traffic on the old line. River system and/or lands in the custody or control of TVA. (a) If a hearing is to be held for any of the reasons described in § 1304.4(c), TVA shall give notice of the hearing to interested persons. The location of any material laydown or assembly areas, staging areas, equipment storage areas, new access roads, and road/access closure required by the project or needed for construction; the location of borrow (b) The transferee of any floating cabin approved pursuant to the regulations in this subpart shall, within thirty (30) days of the transfer transaction, report the transfer to TVA.

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