He was unable to be contacted for several days. Noah answers them. https://www.ktva.com/story/41015153/fire-did-not-cause-world-trade-center-building-7-collapse-uaf-study-suggests, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tenants_in_7_World_Trade_Center. Anybody who believes in the osama bin loser got killed in Pakistan by seal team 6 is a fool. The earliest of these dates points to an increased number of UFO sightings in January 2019. The second list, dated 2028 to 2029, read: “August 2028: Time travel technology and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life was released to the public. As such, ApexTV followed it up with this video of a time traveler from 2030, which garnered another respectable 385,000 views. He then reappeared in 2018. If you can get the Youtube video,you need to listen and watch Richard French about the Nazi uprising Also counterpunch has an article about the very same topic: “Chasing Down Fascists in Europe”(and the U.S.) by Ron jacobs Friday November 23rd, 2018. My film, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, just won the Diamond Award, the top award in the Best Documentary Short at Pinnacle Film Awards. Not a word you wrote makes sense. In the video update, the guys from ApexTV recommend you subscribe to their channel and turn on notifications to follow Noah’s story. The interviewer then asks if he is telling the truth and, again, the machine apparently records that he is.However, critics have been quick to point out that viewers do not see the results of the lie detector tests.One viewer said: “All Apex TV does is flash an answer on the screen with a ding noise, that doesn’t truly validate the lie detector.“You can see Noah fidgeting around with the monitors strapped around his fingers and I myself know from first hand experience that when you take a lie detector test you are supposed to sit back and remain completely still.”. A Vision for 2020: Big Predictions for the Future of Talent - Duration: 58:36. Okay, yet I’ll ask one more time: Do you want to begin to do actual research into this information? Time travel news: Time traveller Noah claims to have a list of future events, Time travel news: Noah claims to be stuck in this year after travelling from 2030, Coronavirus: Shock claim Bible's Fourth Seal of Apocalypse has broken, NASA Moon landing SHOCK: What Apollo 11 found during radio BLACKOUT. So, each person must determine the truth for themselves, as best they can. Hey genius, you don’t and can’t afford a random thingamajig to be ignorant about, ya know, it is in the name: know-it-ALL! Those are clearly typed.”, Michael Vititoe said: "I wonder what excuses he will come up with when nothing happens?”. For the last four months, the channel has almost exclusively posted videos of time travelers coming back to warn us of impending doom. “Spy Chronicles” has a copyright date of the 21st May, 2018, but, Billy published the following information on the 30th Nov, 2017: “…the USA had already well-informed the government of Pakistan in Islamabad of the planned action and they announced the precise clarifications, as also to the general Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the chief of the Pakistani armed forces. Unless I have an answer, one way or the other, I won’t be responding further. “January 2020: Controversy began after the release of the A1 Machine Android as protesters are against the new technology. Tenet got a Medal of Freedom from GW in 2004 for that. By telling us what would happen, he altered world events. Michael Phillips, the British time traveler who knew Titor, is one of the most famous men from the future. Is this real life?! Next, to further prove he is indeed a time traveler, he submitted to a lie-detector test. YouTube is chock-full of interviews with these purported time travelers as well. It gets While there may not be definitely proof that Noah underwent a lie detector test and passed, scientists have revealed time travel could be possible. Coronavirus source: Did COVID-19 really originate in a Wuhan market? The supposed time traveller, who calls himself Noah, said in 2018 he was stuck in our times after being sent here from the future. He’d meant to travel to 2018, but he missed and landed in 2017. After Titor successfully retrieved this IBM 5100, he made a pit stop in the year 2000, and then stuck around until 2001. Very interesting, Matt.

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