fyp © 2020 TickTockMaths. I know this is the first post in a while, but I thought I’d talk about my routines and what I’m doing during this outbreak.

I created this after a discussion on Twitter. At first I was setting two tasks, now I set one.

Those are interesting. They look a lot nicer now! I know I haven’t blogged for ages. Not just mindless calculate, but think and interrogate their answers. ), Download the PowerPoint here (thanks to MrBriggs on Twitter for pointing out that I forgot to add this link in!). Clearly not a huge amount of thought has been put into these examples. Knowledgeable and committed and fantastic teachers. I would have added more, but I think that’s best done with something likes mathsbot.com and not with PowerPoint. These have usually been also taken from my slides (which also contain answers). Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. I know how long I spent looking for images I thought were cool when I should have been writing better questions! We had a three strikes system. Here’s how it goes: Start with 1,000.

I don’t think you could say there’s too little. OK, so that’s not true. It’s half term and then I don’t quite know what to make a start on next (rounding?

Add 40 … Our Exclusive TikTok Money Calculator calculates the approximate earnings from a TikTok account based on the social engagement rate, the quantity of views per video and the number of followers. I hope now you’re starting to get a sense of how big this one is! Not using the calculator yet. The only issue is that it’s a little too atomised.

I’d rather the basics be covered well then rushing through things. Trying to take the time and teach it right first time. foryourpage, Sad times It starts with a little whole class activity saying if two lines are parallel or not.

And the ‘fun’ thing isn’t fun. Then we’re onto the typical example/problem pair. I’m currently highlighting it and writing a little comment. And it’s interesting. I think it really helped understanding. How about some practice but in a different format to change things up a bit? Hence: I added a little thinky thing about diagrams. I introduced the button on the calculator at this point. We were taken over by an outstanding school and went through 4 head teachers in 4 years as they scrabbled to find something that worked.

No problem. It’s not just as simple as rounding to 1 s.f. I don’t think OFSTED know how their words are taken. I wish Google Drive had stamps! I introduced the button on the calculator at this point. Which was horrible. But the time makes the difference. Work out the gradients and try and notice something. Most lessons started with a video that looks like this, A simple example-problem pair there, filmed using a visualiser. It’s great. Starts with sine. That’s true of these slides, too. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting doing a proper post with loads of resources etc. MCAT Math made easy!

Talking of a lack of care, I’ve been looking at some of my resources that are a bit old.. and I’m quite embarrassed. If they struggled with something one day, I can make sure to include it the next. Then there’s a little bit on making sure we can properly identify when something is a negative reciprocal. I think a lot of what Craig talks about comes back to that Japanese craftswoman video. I’m also trying to add a bit of etymology to my lessons. I wanted to add a little mini-investigation, also. I can be really flexible with the questions. It took a lot of attempts, but I ended up in a school in Thailand, and it’s been an absolutely wonderful year and a half. xyzbca This is a nice little chance to interleave some rearranging formulas work and some fractional work. Until I did a walk around during a free period and found the number of kids being pulled out of lessons was in the double digits. viral A math problem going viral on TikTok right now seems easy to figure out, but it has even the smartest users stumped. I grew up with technology and fall back far too often, even when it makes me inflexible. If you’re a bit beaten down, and feel like you could thrive if you just didn’t have to do so much rubbish that didn’t benefit the children, think about it.

It’s terrible. I want them to appreciate that these are ratios, not just buttons on a calculator! It’s just fluff. And 69 is a pretty titillating number, probably what caught the author's eye. although I have used the ‘topic tests’ as check out tests to gauge their understanding. So I’m advantaged by time.

You can see an updated version of my adding fractions resource here, Why moving to teach abroad was the best thing I ever did, Highest Common Factor / Lowest Common Multiple, They’re personal. That was 2.5 lessons. Maybe that’s for the teacher to draw attention to.

I don’t think I’ve put together a more comprehensive lesson. It’s easy to plan the narrative of what you want to do with slides. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media. I’m teaching better lessons than I ever have. geometry

tiktokteacher greenscreen 15.1M views @lanadoma. We started with similar triangles. But I’m definitely removing my reliance on it. The lack of respect was what killed the joy for me. If it doesn’t take the full lesson time, so be it. If they’re finding something easy I can leave it for a few lessons. Do u like math or hate it? studyhack #photomath mathematics mathexam snapchat calculator iphonetrick fyp foryou phonehack lifehack. Now, tasks like these are hard to write, but I got some nice feedback from students. Watch short videos about #photomath on TikTok.

She is not doing things automatically. I would go to mathsconf, or spend some time planning a great lesson, and never really get to deliver it. Think this is a lot closer to being comprehensive. As in, you read it and think ‘Oh that’s really obvious.

math I’m going to set another ‘look around the house and collect stuff’ task. Talking over me, throwing things. I have used this with my year 9 class this year and I think I’ve taught trig better than I ever have before. #photomath For instance: I noticed that these type of questions come up a lot in exams so I thought I should add them into my lessons. For instance, I had been giving my year 8’s a Corbett Maths 5 A Day starter (which I am not having a go at and I think are ace). Craig is the king of this and I’m so glad he wrote this book. Eventually we got rid of the stamp, and a lot of the rules. foryou You can usually understand a child who punches a wall or throws a chair. What do you do if a kid is being removed from every lesson in a week? #photomath . fyp

The woman takes care and attention over every part of her process. I still think having a PowerPoint is a way I like to plan. I actually had these questions in the slide before. foryoupage

Talking about similar triangles. Loving it, hating it, loving it again. This is basically a lot of ideas knicked from Resourceaholic. I was all ready to write some circle theorems slides and then I saw the ones on mathspad which are fantastic. We went for understanding, not just repeating SOHCAHTOA, and it all worked because I had time to plan a good lesson and pupils who were receptive to what I was delivering. OFSTED came in one time and told us to be more consistent. But I have tidied them up significantly. I’ve done a few. Out with the clicking through written talk and animated examples, in with example problem pairs. What if 20 kids are doing this? Recently I taught trigonometry to year 9 and it was joyous. For some reason, it never quite came together. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies.

Why have I not being doing that?!?!’.

They give the students a no-excuses thing that they should have written in their book at the start of the lesson.

#photomath, Want more trending videos? Quite happy with this, though. I also wanted some good old fashioned SLOP. They’re uploading their work as pictures on Google Drive, but sorting through it all and marking isn’t ideal. We all agreed that you couldn’t see progress in a book, but we did it anyway. What happens when this isn’t the case? iphonetrick

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