Flexibility of an organization. Copyright © 2020 Paper-Research.com All Rights Reserved. Working from home instead of in the office everyday is an optional, way that benefit both employee and employer. Businessmen who are implementing telecommuting in the company can expect to recover the costs of technological equipment (computers, servers, telephones, modems) and consulting services. Retention of skills. In 1979, the works of Jack Nilles attracted attention of the Head of the U.S. Committee on Economic Development Frank Skiff. Today everybody knows what telecommuting is. The study “Substitute of Transportation is Telecommunications” performed for the British Ministry of Transport confirms that even in the days when teleworkers are forced to use vehicles, they tend to avoid highways during peak periods. This is the so-called telework (telecommuting), Home Work. Telecommuting: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography Reporting on work in progress on telework-related theses and student projects. It is worth noting that the development of the Internet greatly increases the need of governmental, industrial and public organizations for such specialists. It can be a percentage of sales or a fixed sum for each deal (Ory, 2004). Telework can also give the opportunity to work, learn and communicate to people who have specific problems (eg, restrictions on health, not allowing them to move or to have a normal working day, single parents who do not have the opportunity to leave a child, people who care for elderly or sick relatives). Benefits for employers: Telecommuting is a way of cooperation, when the employer and wage worker (or customer and the performer) being at a distance from each other, take and receive technical task, the results of work and payment by means of modern communication tools (originally – phone, fax, mail, these days – mainly the internet) (Barron, 2007). Now, any businessman from Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, introducing the telecommuting at a company can expect to receive real money by selling “pollution credits”. Introducing Textbook Solutions. Telecommuting TELECOMMUTING: WHAT BOTH EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYERS SHOULD KNOW INTRODUCTION Businesses now have to deal with technology, and telecommunication is a new prevalent technology. All rights reserved. Thesis Statementとは ざっくり簡単に言うと テーマ です。 (ちょっと分かりにくく言うとエッセイの心臓とでも言いましょうか。) このStatementを見れば、筆者は何のテーマを中心に話を展開していくのかが分かります。 ・ある問題や事柄に対する筆者の意見を明らかにしていくもの Normal working hours makes everybody work at the same time, while the flexible scheme of telecommuting may mean individual freedom to begin and finish working in accordance with the best conditions for productive work. Special measures may be needed to make these opportunities implemented. Benefit from such employment relationship is reciprocal. Flexible schedule. Bibliography Bjerklie, David and Partick E. Cole. Authorities expressed interest in developing the idea of telecommuting, seeing in it the solution of transport problems, acute problems in cities. New Hampshire, 4e1a4a53bac8/ENG122.W1.Research_Paper_Guidelines.pdf. With the development of Internet and communication technologies there has greatly expanded range of professionals who are available to telecommuting, primarily in computer programmers, information specialists, journalists, consultants and all knowledge workers who are able to use personal computers and modern communications. These papers are not supposed to be submitted for academic credit. With the rapid development of communication technologies and the Internet, the number of professionals for whom telecommuting is of considerable interest has been growing steadily. This preview shows page 6 - 8 out of 8 pages. Every workplace has a standard “office system” (computer and phone). Potentially, telecommuting can enable people in areas with high unemployment to access the opportunities for work that arise anywhere in the world. Each individual has a personal day “rhythm.” Some people are most active in the morning, others – in the evening. Reducing time and cost of transporting. Groups, consisting of the most suitable for certain purposes performers can be created without respect to their geographical location, time zones and with minimal need for additional movement. Flexible staffing and resilience. Reducing overall travel and related pollution of environment. Also there are common interpretation services (including literary treatment text), content managers, copywriters, re-writers. But this does not prevent them to fruitfully cooperate, pay real money and be quite happy with this course of events. Registered for participation in the new program businessmen from Virginia can get up to $ 35,000 in reimbursement costs for the organization of telecommuting. Employees who take vocation because of childcare or for other reasons, may continue to work on a temporary basis, or full-time and remain being involved in the performance of the firm, keeping the skills and qualifications.

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