The end of life, of everything, was in three days; they didn't have time for this, he didn't have time for this. Not that they actually had a fair chance against him, well, like this they would. He pushed himself back, letting his body fall against some bricks behind him, the gun laying next to him, waiting. Odds were, they were all going to die. And it’s not a good look at all." "Vanya?" Five removed his goggles, squinting slightly as dust beat against his face, mixing with the snow embedded in his clothes, the icy frost caught in his beard. But even now, his jumps weren't always accurate. Strong arms grasped his shoulders, forcing him up, and Five pushed the person away, glaring at Luther as a hurt expression crossed his brother's face briefly. He coughed roughly, blood falling from his mouth and he ran a shaky hand across his chin, smearing the stupid crimson across his face. He had three days to save the world. Just miles and miles of rubble and smoking charred ruins of what used to be the world. They had a right to be concerned. Since Klaus is usually the best out of them at navigation and Ben is busy with maintaining any sort of conversation with said brother to keep him sane and as far from crying as possible, Diego finds that, for the first time, he's the one actively making sure Klaus gets back to the house rather than the other way around. He wasn't weak, he wasn't a child… and he didn't need to be treated like one, especially now, especially with the apocalypse so near. He hadn't been ready to time travel, he hadn't acorned… not until he'd started Corrections. He forced her gun down, throwing it behind him and he fired a shot through her torso and watched her fall, blood pooling on the ground, splattered across his clothes. They had all survived without him… and if the apocalypse could be stopped then he'd leave and let them continue living without him. Leave a review with your thoughts? His stomach twisted and he turned slightly, retching loudly as his body shook against the sweaty convulsions wreaking his frame. No matter how hard he tried, and yet, he had to keep trying. Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,668 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 30 - Updated: Lawyer Rose Granger-Weasley meets vigilante Diego Hargreeves while he's in a jail cell. Klaus' eyes snap open and consequently widen as he catches sight of his brothers. He remembered confusion crossing his face as he tried to push himself from the floor only to find his limbs were failing him. And yet, he had left them. He blinked sluggishly as he glanced towards Allison sitting on the edge of the bed, towards her hand clasped around his. The teenager made a move to stand when his foot slid across something wet and slippery, and Five glanced down at the floor to find most of it was covered in blood. It had been days since he'd slept. Only people. He continued to stare at the blood covering his hands, most of his arms; his expression shifted slightly, and tears started swelling in his eyes, falling past dark long lashes, the black eyeliner he'd been wearing several days ago running in black rivers down his sweaty face. He couldn't watch them die over and over and over. --------In which the Hargreeves Siblings unite, Lila discovers who she is and everyone learns how to build a home.Featuring sibling shenanigans; bickering, bonding and forgiving. The teenager rolled his eyes as he groaned, flopping his head back against the cushion once more. ", Diego shook his head before starting down the hallway, "Nothing. He cracked his eyes open again, squinting against the blinding light, the headache behind his eyes intensifying momentarily, and he grimaced. Luther asked. Your review has been posted. "Klaus!" Nothing ever goes his way though, does it? When Five opened his eyes, he was greeted by the same dim lights hanging in the bathroom. …16 years in the apocalypse, hundreds of miles, and no one in sight. He was just old and senile, hell maybe even a little crazy. Sick. There wasn't time for mistakes, or hiccups, or rest and recovery. Vanya would sit with him, every time, and they would talk about life after the academy. The lights swung slightly, shadows dancing on the dark tiled walls as it flashed across his face in a circular pattern. "Klaus, please, who are they?" For a long painstaking moment, he thought he'd fallen against his brother… which would have defeated his argument and made stopping him probably a lot easier but not impossible. Not even Dolores was here to argue with him. No. His legs shook harshly, and he heard his siblings asking him questions as his own mind reeled. Five vanishes and the rest of them get given names and it's almost like their names are meant to make up for the loss of their fellow cog in the machine of The Umbrella Academy. He coughed slightly, smacking his head dizzyingly against the wall behind him, letting out a hot breath as he fought against the consciousness pulling him under. But will this ex-superhero turned vigilante let her save him? Five?". His brother didn't respond. I also know who's responsible for the apocalypse.". But it was no use. Smoke rising from the ground, fires still burning around him, and black ash fell from the sky in a haunting reminder. And so, they spend the night eating Ben's masterpiece of ice cream. He needed to get back. Five relaxed slightly, the argument stopping mid-conversation, and the sound of a door creaking open. The air was thick and unbreathable, and the teenager choked as he glanced around. The air hurt his lungs now. He'd been the first to lose Ben even though he would never really lose Ben. Not even when he was sick. Shit, the apocalypse was in a few days. Which was pathetic given he was stuck in such a feeble young body. So untrusting, in fact, that his crew was made up of seven orphans, whom he picked up and raised as his own—there was no way they would betray their own father, after all. He swallowed, blinking several times, trying his best to clear his vision, letting his body bask in a few moments of painless relaxation before he moved his arms slowly, letting the cold wet floor mix with his warm palms before forcing his aching body to sit up. We're capable of making our own decisions, kid," Diego said, giving the teenager a stern look as he pushed him back down again. The teenager gripped the edge of the table, forcing his body up, fighting against the pain swallowing his side as he let out a harsh breath, "We have to keep going.". Allison said this Harold guy is Vanya's-". Fuck. While they must piece together the changes they have made to the timeline and the paradox of their own existence, that is not the whole story. He coughed slightly, his siblings' eyes fixated on him, and Five threw the empty cup behind him knowing if Pogo saw him, he'd get lectured. And in three days, all those people will die because of one. A goofy smirk crossed his face as he stared up at her, blood and sweat dripping in his eyes, down his chin. Had they found him so quickly? He expected to get home to his family and be greeted with warm hugs and tears, with his siblings gathered around telling him stories about pranks they got away with and what other ridiculous training exercises Reginald came up with…he expected for everything to go right back to normal, with only his spacial jumps and time traveling abilities dancing underneath his fingers like they always were. The ones the teenager had reopened while trying to jump… several times. The loss of a sibling means more attention on them, more … Sirius is shocked and at first wnats nothing to do with him, but evently he and some other members of the order go to meet him. And after ignoring Dolores's constant bickering that Twinkies were not only unhealthy but disgusting, and devouring about three of them, Five soon found that Twinkies did, in fact, have a shelf life. {{COMPLETE}} Five Hargreeves x Female Reader Starts in season 1 of The Umbrella Academy Published to celebrate 1.5k followers :) "Yeah, yeah," Five mumbled, turning back towards the door, "I'm coming." The lights flickered, causing the tiled bathroom to darken by several shades, casting eerie shadows off the bathtub, sink, toilet, and Five groaned loudly. ", Luther cleared his throat, "If he doesn't deserve it, we'll stop you, Five. Not this time around. He couldn't pick up a favorite one even if he wanted to. He frowned toward Dolores as she instantly started fretting, and turned back towards Klaus, "It doesn't matter. ", "For trying to stop the inevitable, Five. The old man was right. At least back then, his jumps were mostly accurate. The whole world would. He felt hot. There was a thick layer of dust on the tabletop, and Five's eyebrows drew tighter in confusion before he remembered their mother had died. She didn’t ever remember having anxiety, but, Vanya muses, she has been taken them so long, she hardly would know, would she? Have even more time to spare after reading all this Umbrella Academy fan fiction? It was the end of the fucking world. Five dropped Luther's hand, pressing his lips together firmly. Five, al contrario de sus hermanos, que en su cuerpo de adolescente y con su incompetente aptitud social no es valioso para ningún empleo ordinario, se la pasa rumiando en el apartamento sin darle razón a nadie, desintoxicándose dolorosamente de su obstinación con el fin del mundo y la frustración de haberles fallado de nuevo. She understood him, she always did… or so he thought. He grasped tightly at the soft material holding him up, clutching at the silky purple scarf he seen earlier as he coughed roughly. He swallowed thickly as his stomach threatened rebellion and glanced up, blinking several times as he tried to clear the black dots eating away at his vision. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Which happened to be a decent way back because she remembers them taking her photo when her frantic mother had taken her to St. Mungos when she w. Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,583 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: Crossover between The Umbrella Academy, BBC’s Sherlock and Harry Potter. "Hey, Five, you alright?" He rolled his eyes. And he couldn't do this again. She sighed, pushing her hands in her black jacket, "If you keep this up, you'll probably die.". ", Several hours? Luther reached out a hand, his fingers brushing against Five's cheek before the 13-year-old pushed them away. The only regret, he was alone. Five sighed before knocking on the door. The ground spun beneath him and he gagged, coughing up more blood and bitter saliva, as he tightened his grip on the gun, keeping it raised towards the Handler. Klaus brokenly sobs into his and Diego coincidentally gets dust in his eyes as he eats his and Ben watches over his favourite people in the world with a sad, apologetic smile and proud love in his heart. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. His toes digging into the splintered wood, tracing over the scrapes and lines etched and carved on the floor. The Hargreeves siblings are on the run, they have to lie low and figure out what to do next. They'd never been an ordinary set of siblings so mundane rules of society and the etiquette of growing up hadn't really applied to them. He glanced once more towards Five, then headed towards the door, turning in the hallway, "Are you coming or what?". If he could move, if he could speak properly, he'd tell them to leave. ", Five smirked, shaking his head slowly, "Simpler times, I guess. [Ongoing, three chapters, 8,677 words, Explicit], Following the death of her father, Mina Hargreeves returns home, reuniting with her siblings for the first time in ages. And then ceremoniously argued about his drinking habits. But he hadn't been able to tell them, to say he was sorry, to say goodbye. (spoiler alert, he finds one). ", "Yeah," Diego sighed, standing, stretching his good shoulder, "Well, I don't look like a 13-year-old version of myself.". UMBRELLA ACADEMY X FIVE That's what happens to the best of us.

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