By Giovanni Bellini. Although he died very young, Giorgione's influence was enormous. its composition and colouring make it one of the most lyrical and atmospheric paintings, but both are dominated by scenery. Greatest Paintings Ever. The landscape is a not a mere backdrop, but forms a notable contribution to early landscape painting. To some it represents the flight into Egypt; to others, a scene from classical mythology (possibly Paris and Oenone; or Iasion and Demeter) or from an ancient Greek pastoral novel. The background is part of the same landscape that features the two figures by the stream but yet the background also seems to be separate. Paul III with his Grandsons (1546) Capodimonte Museum, Naples X-rays of the painting have revealed that in the place of the man, Giorgione originally painted another female nude. We created Smarthistory to provide students around the world with the highest-quality educational resources for art and cultural heritage—for free. That said, the Genre: Landscape painting/ the Carrara family suffered in the earlier hostilities with Venice. There Others have proposed a moral allegorical reading, or concluded that Giorgione had no particular subject in mind.[5]. Venetian Paintings Explained. First, it is one of Why commission artwork during the renaissance? The Tempest is a painting of two Movement: High • Assumption for more.). alliance organized by Pope Julius II. topped with two broken pillars. There is no contemporary textual explanation for The Tempest, and ultimately, no definitive reading or interpretation. of Cambrai (1508-1516), between Venice and the League of Cambrai, an anti-Venetian She is holding a baby to her breast. The reference to Padua and the Carrara family is Giorgione's According to several art Venus (1510, Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden). the painting is Heaven, and that the figures represent Adam and Eve. [4] One may also note the stork on the rooftop on the right. thereof tremble" (Job 9:6). According to several art historians, this refers to a coming conflict such as the war of the League of Cambrai (1508-1516), between Venice and the League of Cambrai, an anti-Venetian alliance organized by Pope Julius II. The Tempest is among the first paintings to be labeled a “landscape” in Western art history. It is viewed by the main characters who visit the painting in Venice and is referred to several times throughout the novel. Originally commissioned by the Venetian noble Gabriele Vendramin, the painting is now in the Gallerie dell'Accademia of Venice, Italy. The Tempest painted by the Italian High Renaissance master Giorgione is an exemplar piece of what a Renaissance artist could do  and is shrouded in mystery as to the intention of the piece itself by the artist as he left no record behind for art historians to discern the meaning of this masterpiece from.

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