The Strid. In 2009, Guiseley teenager Joel Scott, 19, died after falling from Loop Scar, a 30ft rock beside the river in Burnsall. "The Wharfe is a big, fast-flowing river and it's unpredictable. I went to the water’s edge and just as I got there I saw a man’s body, who I now know to be Barry, pop out of the water. The River Wharfe is a river in Yorkshire, England. Ring 999 - up here we have the fell rescue teams, who were first on the scene at Linton Falls and who have some excellent equipment. The Romans mined lead in the hills on Greenhow Hill overlooking Appletreewick until AD 410. It seems the lesson to be learned here is: beware the Strid. Though there are signs and placards warning about the dangerous water hazard, they're not always seen: Here's a news report about a couple that went for a walk near the Strid on their honeymoon … The river source is at Beckermonds in Langstrothdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and flows through Kettlewell, Grassington, Bolton Abbey, Addingham, Ilkley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Otley, Wetherby and Tadcaster. They had fallen into an underwater trench called Netherby Deep, a 30ft drop onto a sandbank with strong currents and whirlpools.

[26] The 2001 census showed that the figure for Upper Wharfedale was 15%,[27] but it had dropped to only 7% by 2011. She avoided jail, as the judge felt the other adults should not have left her alone with the children. To the north of Bolton Bridge, the river narrows and goes over waterfalls in an area known as The Strid. Later forms of the name were probably influenced by the Old Norse hwerfi, meaning "bend". It flows east and south-east taking the flows from many small streams, whose sources are the sink holes from Yockenthwaite Moor on the north bank and Horse Head Moor on the south bank. "During lockdown, we've had a lot of visitors from much further afield who had never been into the countryside before. [12], Where the river valley changes course into Lower Wharfedale, the change of underlying rock can be seen in the darker stone in the field walls. In 1998 a young couple, Barry and Lynn Collett, on the second day of their honeymoon went for a romantic walk down by the Strid… never to be seen alive again. In the woods shrubs such as wild privet and spindle can be found. The "From Hell" letter, received by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee on 16 October 1888. Charlea and Jasmine had been taken to the spot with their parents and a group of adults for a barbecue, but could not swim and did not have armbands. [5] The river is also home to a colony of fine-lined pea mussels.

In 1155, Alice de Romilly donated land for the establishment of Bolton Priory and land at Kilnsey to Fountains Abbey. We have also had issues with littering and parking, and the general Countryside Code - things like knowing you need to close the gates and take your litter home with you because there aren't many bins here.". If you see someone struggling in the water, PSO Osborn recommends shouting at them to remain calm, and using rope or a branch to try and reach them - there are no throwlines or lifebelts along the river. Netherby Deep, near the village of Kearby and the Harewood estate, used to have a notorious reputation. You don't know the river. [11], In medieval times low intensity methods were used to produce both crops and livestock but the great monasteries of Fountains, Rievaulx and Bolton Priory had large sheep flocks and sold their wool on the European market. At one point the River Wharfe swells to a width of 9 m (30 feet) but by the time it reaches the Strid just 90 m later the river is narrow enough to jump across. The 40-year-old was having a picnic with his own children when they spotted two boys around the age of eight or nine who had got into difficulty.
Also to be found are alternate-leaved golden saxifrage, reed canary-grass and stone bramble. The emergency services are now expecting an influx of more first-time visitors over the remaining summer weekends, as they believe many previously 'undiscovered' places in the Dales are now much more widely known among city-dwelling families. South of Appletreewick, the river flows south-west for a short distance until it reaches Gill Beck and returns southward. The local British tribe of Brigantes were subdued by the Romans in AD 74. It is what causes most of the fatalities, and it doesn't matter if you are a strong swimmer. [28], Upper Wharfedale has been traditionally associated with farming, but there has been a change in the numbers and types of employment. The limestone outcrops have uncommon species including rock whitebeam and Solomon's seal as well as bird's-eye primrose, butterwort, rockrose, dropwort and limestone bedstraw. It briefly flows north to Wetherby before turning south and then south-east through Tadcaster to the confluence with the River Ouse. We've had a lot of rainfall this week and the water level shoots up really quickly - this weekend the risks will be heightened. The heaps of mining waste remain, contaminated with lead, and on which little will grow. "The Wharfe is very wide in places and if you get stuck out in the middle, you are in trouble.". At its narrowest point the Strid is only about two metres wide, and foolhardy visitors have been known to try to jump across the roaring chasm. We don't want scores of people jumping into deep water and suddenly having three casualties rather than one. In 1998 a young couple, Barry and Lynn Collett, on the second day of their honeymoon went for a romantic walk down by the Strid… never to be seen alive again. The few plants that will are known as 'lead plants' such as spring sandwort and alpine penny-cress. He and a friend had been jumping from the cliff into the water. Whilst there were declines in the number of people in this industry, farming accounted directly for 9.16%[29] of employment in 2001 but this had increased to 11.27% by 2011. This website and its associated newspaper are members of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The Strid. Other activities include cycling, mountain biking, horse riding and caving. The name Wharfe appears to be recorded in the form Verbeiae on a Roman inscription at Ilkley, dedicated to Verbeia, thought to be the tutelary goddess of the river. Vikings then settled the area in the 10th century, lending their language to some of the names of hamlets and landscape features of Upper Wharfedale, especially near the head of the valley. It rose a matter of feet in seconds. In 2010, eight-year-old Aaron Page, from Pontefract, drowned after he slipped from a rock. Also to be found are lesser meadow-rue, goldenrod, scabious and bloody crane's-bill with, to a lesser extent, mountain melick, limestone fern, wood crane's-bill and melancholy thistle, green spleenwort, wall lettuce and hairy stonecrop.[5]. These deposits were extracted and now form the basis of the Otley Wetland Reserve, and Ben Rhydding and Knotford Nook gravel pits. The stretch of river appears calm but has hollows scoured out of the bank and tight bends. Near Conistone are the gentle waterfalls of Scar Lash. The Bolton Abbey village website advertises the sights and attractions, including what is supposedly a very lovely walk through the Strid Wood. [33] Several long distance walks pass near or over the river:[34], The Wharfe has two hydro-electric generating plants; Burley (at Greenholme Mill in Burley in Wharfedale), which opened in August 2011[35] and Linton Falls, which opened in March 2012. Eight more children were rescued in the 1963 summer season alone, but by the 1970s Kearby Sands' popularity had waned as the era of cheap foreign travel began, and nowadays the spot is overgrown and attracts few visitors.

These were overrun by Danes initially before they too settled to farming near Burnsall and Thorpe. There is wild thyme, common milkwort, fairy flax, bird's-foot trefoil, autumn gentian, harebell, eyebright. During the last ice age, the local ice cap at the head of the Dales fed glaciers to produce the classic U-shaped profiles seen today. The river source is the confluence of Oughtershaw Beck and Green Field Beck in Langstrothdale near Beckermonds. The ledges also support woodrush, polypody and water avens, purple saxifrage, yellow saxifrage, hoary whitlowgrass and roseroot.

Can grandparents babysit? Government guidance on looking after grandchildren - and social bubbles explained, Three men sentenced for cultivating cannabis grow in £1m Yorkshire mansion. Police divers found their bodies 25ft below the surface. Ferns in the moist grikes include rigid buckler-fern. "With rivers like the Wharfe, you can't always see the bottom, and there are undercurrents - you're jumping into the unknown. [21], Iron Age fields and hut circles can still be seen in outline on the hills above Grassington and Kettlewell. In the 1930s, it became a popular holiday destination, and a caravan park was built on one of the natural beaches, called Kearby Sands. [31][32], Tourism is important to the rural economy of Wharfedale and there are many short, mid and long distance walks, with clear waymarkers. Because it's only 6ft across, many people are tempted to leap across the banks at the Strid - a decision that can prove fatal if they slip or fall. In 2016, Daniel Kirk-Hall recounted the story of how he saved two children from drowning in the Wharfe while on a day out with his family at the Ilkley pebble beaches. Locally the Strid has a reputation for dragging people down to their deaths, and there is at least one well-documented incident to back this up. The Strid (Grid Reference: SE064565) is a series of waterfalls and rapids associated with a deep underwater channel caused by the dramatic narrowing of the River Wharfe from approximately 30 ft (9 m) wide just to the north of the start of the Strid, to the width of a … Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales (part of walk from, Suspension Bridge (footbridge), Addingham, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 13:24. So where did all the water go? "Don't jump in after them, unless it's a child in a part where you can touch the bottom. While the Strid looks easy to cross, all that water hasn’t disappeared; the waters from the River Wharfe flow through a deep but extremely narrow channel created by thousands – if not millions – of years of erosion caused by stones caught up in the current. They escaped with minor injuries, but the incident highlighted tourists' naivety about their conduct in the countryside. [11] The Romans built a road through Wharfedale that went over Stake Moss into neighbouring Wensleydale. "Never jump in after your dog - it'll be a better swimmer than you and it won't listen if you try and calm it down. Some of the inaccessible cliffs are home to ledge dwelling flora including mosses and liverworts, such as red leskea, sharp rock-bristle and the very rare Zygodon gracilis. [2][3] However, this likely influenced a preceding Brittonic name, derived from the obscure element *werβ (related to Middle Welsh gweryn, 'liquid').[3]. "We were really worried about a drowning happening, and I can see it happening again.

He later said that the trench beneath the boys was much deeper than normal - and speculated that the floods of the previous Christmas could be to blame. Aaron Page was another 8 year old boy who died in the strid in 2010.
In 1998, honeymooning couple Barry and Lynne Collett, 29 and 25, were found dead in the river, although there were no witnesses who could explain why they had entered the Strid. PSO Osborn was also first on the scene of a cow trampling last week, when a couple in their 50s visiting from County Durham were attacked by cattle because they picked up their dog rather than allow it to run away.

Daniel swum out to them, and found that their father was also struggling in the water while trying to rescue them. More than 230 species of bird have been observed along the river valley including eagle-owl, red grouse, stonechat, whinchat, golden plover, pied flycatcher, redstart, wood warbler, common sandpiper, grey wagtail, dipper, tawny owl, sparrowhawk, greater spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, treecreeper and, in wetter places, snipe and woodcock, chiffchaff, willow warbler, garden warbler, and twite. Create a free website or blog at

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