Seo Hyun-Jin is insufferable in this role. I also love those actors who play as segye. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. I can’t believe that I didn’t watch any of her dramas before as this is the first time I had seen her acting. I've watched it twice! Love, love love this drama. finally the kdrama lords granted me some drama worth waiting for every week Is it just me that lee minki & ahn jae hyeon kinda have similarities? Thank you for your honest comments and support. I love all the characters including the supporting ones. KingKang, who wouldn't love that pretty and smart doggy? Funny great drama!!!! I do not understand why some people like the 2nd leads more...This is my first time hearing this.I enjoyed The main couple way more.. the 2nd leads were just okay. The beauty inside goal!! I didn't like the film so I'm wondering if this drama is worth watching .. saranim Jul 05 2019 2:42 pm hahaha. Fafa Apr 25 2019 1:31 pm i love this drama, no matter what, its entertaining for me... i enjoyed watching it alot. Love this drama ❤. - Kpop: Watch Korea’s Top Idol Groups, such as BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Monsta X, GOT7, and more, in … Anyone else here kind to recommend good romcom dramas like this with good chemistry between the leads? nandar Sep 03 2018 7:59 am This drama way good but it hard plot holes. Hope there will be some interesting cameo appearance to be looking forward! Best drama 2018 so far ? Everyone played their roles really well. I speak a small amount of Korean, but my Korean-American girlfriend is fluent in that language, and we both are finding frequent examples of curse words though the actors and actresses are not, in fact, using epithets. Recommended drama! Rendi Oct 18 2018 11:42 pm Great pairing with Lee Min Ki! Papau Nov 22 2018 8:42 am They both was in because its my first life and shut up flower boyband. They are one of the best in K-Drama. Anyone know what is the title of bgm english song that play in episode8? There were so many beautiful moments and just when you thought there might be a bit of kdrama cliched moments, they transform into something beautiful. This is the best episode that i’ve watched so far. A man falls in love with this woman. But still, for the time being, the drama is beautiful, though a different kind of beautiful from the movie. if you want to watch a drama where the story is just the basic romance story with all the obvious plots, then go ahead and watch this. Whats the car that they drive, Lorna Hendrick Feb 18 2019 4:59 pm Before I comment on the drama I must say i loved K-Will's OST for this drama. It's a simple drama but not make me boring to watch thisss dramaaa❤️❤️❤️, Krystal Feb 02 2019 8:25 am I really like Lee Da-Hee's acting in this drama ,also his relationship with Ahn Jae-Hyeon is interesting and funny. { I am growing to love Seo Hyun-jin, she is just so talented and cant wait for her next drama. This drama had an interesting start and keeps on getting better every on going episode. Chemistry cute between Sara and Eun Ho. Good kiss scene. Andra..❤ Jan 28 2019 6:27 am Mari Oct 20 2018 8:49 am am i an emotional wreck! i love it <3 <3 <3. Idk, maybe im too overexpect things but i feel this drama wasted a good source material and only pick up the "changing appearance" factor only. Honestly I didn't expect anything from this drama, because many things are changed compared to the movie. i especially liked Kim Min Suk (? Sometimes I really wondered if she had any gray matter in her skull. The hilarious situation arise due to their individual circumstances from family both side, friends, colleague,HSG fans and media speculation. the chemistry is goooooodd, JstaR May 20 2020 12:39 pm I just can't get enough of this drama. PS credits to Moon Woo-Jin pls! The trailer for ep 9 is killing me!!!!! “ The beauty inside “ korean drama is so perfect. blue Jul 10 2018 9:43 am Good message. Well, at least it can heal with the couples of Kang Sa Ra and Ryu Eun Ho. In ep 3 - how did she filmed the “Han Se Gye for today” if her phone is with the man? I like Lee Da-Hee, Nanana Sep 25 2018 12:55 am From a serial killer (Monster 2104) to a handsome introvert cat lover (Because This is My First Life 2018). Is he gonna played in this drama? (kept me wondering). Anyone know the english song? I love Rakuten Viki. Seo Hyun Jin is cute Aug 08 2018 2:36 am I just watched episode 10, and it really made me cry. I love this drama very much!! tama Jan 30 2019 12:06 am I would love to see Lee Min Ki as the first lead! It is too great for words. Also, why Ahn jae hyeon always looks young? Kang Sa Ra looks so beautiful with her long hair in this drama.

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