The main skills that are contributing to your damage are shining crescent, twilight waltz, groundbash, leaping slash, gungirs bite, and maelstrom. There's going to be an interactive form here soon(tm). You can try using both evasive rolls (cast, wait a second or two, cast) to make sure the cancel happens. Copyright text 2020 by How To TERA. Reaper doesnt have a definitive crit cap as you would expect it from a warrior for example.You will most likely not reach 100% crit on any of your main damage skills, atleast ive never seen that number on myself. What Is Exodor Scout Gear and Should You Enchant It. This skill has been heavily nerfed in PVP and can only pull two players. Running the minimal amount of Crit Factor from your gear will still be enough to get a high crit rate across your big skills. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: On my Ninja I'm running base crit + 314 right now. I would even recommend that with a mystic, but thats once again simply my own preference. Check out the Valkyrie guide glyph page for the same info. Are you referring to the power stat and crit factor stat ratio? How much base crit should i aim for before i can start stacking power? The linked guide for PC from the discord is [formerly Grey's, now] Dreaming.Of's google site. The two extra slots below your innerwear and belt are the Halidrom and Relic spots. What momentary is the crit cap for reaper? Shining Crescent, Glaive Strike, and Ground Bash will have 100% crit at 58 base + 47 gear + guild skill + mystic aura. Yeah... at some point I'll try to go through the discord and pull out some concrete information on how to change the rotation around. It has side effect of boosting Runeburst damage by 25% and it should be therefore used in PVE before casting Runeburst on boss. There is "main rotation" that consist of skills Leaping Slash, Windslash, Ground Bash and Glaive Strike. If you have 6 crit factor and 4 power, choose the power. Here I used Glaive Strike for simplicity instead of double Ground Bash during Ragnarok. Note that at higher tiers, these accesories will give you high amounts of power and crit factor. "So as I said before, I'll revise a few things on the guide. Valkyrie is known for good crowd control skills. "A valkyrie's fighting style is heavily influenced by castanic culture. The healer in your party can debuff the boss and buff you. This increases power, attack speed and, reduces skill cooldowns by 60% for 30 seconds.,, Balder's Tears will let you take 3 ticks of damage with 80% damage reduction. This boost should be always up. The 47 crit on gear comes from static lines and 6+6 belt/brooch, 4+4 rings, 9 gloves. It pulls enemies toward valkyrie. The Valkyrie class draws on many different combat systems similar to Warrior's edge system, Brawler's perfect block mechanic, and Ninja's chi resource to create a new unique playstyle. The difference between the target and your level will adjust how much crit factor is needed for your skills to crit. Your skills have a non critical skill damage amount, say 1000, and critical damage amount. Don’t have an account yet? At a 50% crit rate, if you hit 240 times in a fight, then roughly 120 of those hits will crit.

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