And, as it turned out, somebody did indeed have some work for Ken–Uncle Sam. The network didn’t want that for some reason and they decided to just go with the other characters.”, He reflected, “The network was right for a change–making the decision they made about ‘Mayberry R.F.D.’ and not changing it so drastically because, rather than introducing the other family (whom the fans had never seen before), they emphasized the characters that the ‘Andy Griffith Show’ fans already knew.”, About Mayberry, Ken told The Bullet, “It’s a wonderful place to visit and people would fantasize about living there. Then one day, after a particularly grueling experience of military training in the mud, the unit’s sergeant announced. Some of Ken’s TV shows during this period included “Michael Shayne,” “The Garry Moore Show” (which Ken considers his first true guest-starring role), “Mrs. By this time, Ken’s parents had moved to the Los Angeles area. When it comes to dance, nobody has ever touched him before or since.”, He adds, “Gene Kelly was dynamite, too. And then they asked us to take a salary cut to $7, but from that job I got every job I’ve ever had in my life since–one way or the other, they all just rolled up into a ball and that’s how I started to get work.”, Ken added, “I entered the ‘Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts’ show, and I won that. You’ll learn more from that the first time out than you’ll ever learn from any class.”. Another nice deal for Ken during his post-Mayberry years was his role as spokesperson for Kinney Shoes for several years. I just barely met him, but that was enough.”, And Ken remembered an interesting connection to another acting job during this time period. It went very well. All through his years at John Deere Junior High School, Ken continued to watch Fred Astaire, take tap-dance lessons and get fairly regular work at various fairs and lodges around Moline. Ken Berry, the actor perhaps best known for his portrayal of Capt. “He [Andy] is a preparer. I’m just as enthused about seeing a Gene Kelly movie as I am a Fred Astaire movie. It was $11 a week. THAT HAD BETTER BE MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE!–By 1968, Ken Berry was the center of attention in the impressive group of performers managed by Dick Linke (clockwise from far left): Maggie Peterson, Jerry Van Dyke, Ken, Jim Nabors, Andy Griffith and Dick Linke. and Mama’s Family, has died at the age of 85.A cause of death has not been disclosed. He was in a production of Don’t Dress for Dinner in Chicago. The year 1964 was a special one for the Berry family on the home front. And I won!”, “After that,” Ken continued, “I got invited to join Special Services in Atlanta. “Then I got a call that they had sold ‘Mama’s Family’ to syndication.” New episodes were going to be made for the first-run syndication, which would end up lasting from 1986 to 1990, during which time it reigned as the top-rated sitcom in first-run syndication. Ann Morgan Guilbert, and Richard Deacon. He was just pure, spectacular talent. MAMA KNOWS BEST?–Gathered around Vicki Lawrence in 1983 are fellow “Mama’s Family” cast members (clockwise from far left): Ken, Dorothy Lyman, Harvey Korman, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Karin Argoud and Eric Brown. Ken even made time to record an album, Ken Berry R.F.D. It was an honor for a young 10th grader to be selected to join the Horace Heidt Youth Opportunity Program, and Ken was one of the lucky 30 or so kids in 1949. Nevertheless, he did continue to make guest appearances on a variety of, mostly, variety shows, including “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour,” “The Jim Nabors Hour” and 19 episodes of “The Carol Burnett Show.”. Ken continued to get the occasional TV role (for example, “Gimme a Break” in 1985, “Small Wonder” in 1988 and as Thor Anderson in a 1991 episode of “Golden Girls”). We toured from there–all of the 3rd Army shows in the Southern states and some civilian shows. Jackie had called him just because he was the president of the personal managers association. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. “When that was over, I was very disappointed in what my agent was sending me out on,” recalled Ken, who wasn’t quite ready to perform that kind of “Taps” with his career.

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