Make your way downwards—past the slug-like enemies- until you come to a green hatch. *Open to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada (excluding Quebec). To get to Kraid, hold out for a cracked spot on the floor of the room with the mantis enemies. Also, you cannot dash while it is equipped. Killing them darkens the room, so try to avoid that to help you avoid the traps. Pass the upper tunnel by climbing on the step above the hole, morphing into a ball and setting a bomb on the very right (→ picture (left)). You can Power Bomb to get rid of all of them. You can make it back to Norfair way if you run and jump over the water. The best way to beat him is simply using Missiles (two should do). The Chozo Statue holds the X-Ray Scope. When you head left, you'll see a friendly bird alien known as Dachora. As such, just freeze them with one hit and jump on them, continuing left and being careful as there are spikes on the top and bottom of this room, and other enemies. This page was last edited on 9 April 2020, at 02:15. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you're interested in getting the Brinstar map, take the upper left gate first. Keep pressing all the time. In response, the pipe will rise, where you can continue left. Similar to the Billy Mays Room, there's an extra hidden missile pack in this room.But because it's encountered much earlier, it's the Ron Popeil missiles. As soon as you're in the next room, you'll encounter a disintegrating bridge. Head for the lower part to collect a Missile Tank along the bottom left. I just started it for the first time tonight! After getting the bomb, battling the statue and leaving its chamber, go back the way you came until you reach the spot where you had to morph into a ball. As soon as an Energy Tank appears, activate your X-Ray Scope to reveal there is actually a pit before it. The blue door on the right contains a Save Station if you want to save. It will not, however, stop the ingame timer. As you encounter a couple of rocks with a yellow gate nearby, place some bombs at the ground. If you want to save before visiting Kraid (which is actually advisable), go to the right, morph into a ball and roll into the pit. If you see this animation but still have trouble jumping off the wall, you likely need to press default sooner. On the way, you can pick up the new X-Ray Scope. Shoot the platform's leftmost block and go through the hole. However, you will be able to visit the main part of Brinstar after acquiring the Morph Ball Bomb from the Chozo Statue. They can hurt you, but if you kill them all, the room will be completely dark. Head through the green door to get a Super Missile Tank, then head out. After destroying them all, you'll find but an empty room. Simply go to the very left, press and hold , run a few steps and jump as far as you can. Activate it now or skip it, but you'll be returning here shortly. They can also be used in rooms to check for bombable areas, since they remove anything that can be bombed normally. You'll need to Power Bomb the orange door on the ceiling if you haven't been here yet. Use Missiles instead, or, if you're insane, bombs should also work. Merely touching them can kill them. After the fight, go to the next room to obtain your new item: the Varia Suit! That next room is Spore Spawn's lair. If you haven't gotten used to this feature yet, you now have no choice but to do so if you want to leave. Don't worry, because you'll just fall safely through to a spot in which you can pick up another Power Bombs pack. Screenshots inside! After you pass through old Tourian, an elevator leads to a deserted cave which seems to be not connected to the main section of Brinstar, though it actually is, as you will see when getting the Power Bomb upgrade. After running along that shaft, you will arrive in a huge, pink hall. Barring Sequence Breaking, it is the first place in the game where the dash button is required to progress (as intended by the developers). Freezing them, however, keeps the room lit and they won't die. Once you touch the wall, instantly press the opposite direction and jump at the same time. Head left, before the ledge to the door. Super Missiles cause three times as much damage as normal missiles, i. e. 1 Super Missile is worth 3 standard Missiles (with the exception of some bosses that take double damage from Super Missiles; more later). There is also an access to Norfair, but I need Varia Suit to survive there. I think the crucial part is I apparently went and delved too far into Maridia without something called the Gravity Suit (which I assume would make water traversal much easier). Spin until you're above it to land on it. Further, you can go through the bottom tube to reach a Missile Tank. After hitting him with 4 Super Missiles, 10 Normal Missiles, or 10 Charged Spazer shots he will drop into the ground again, and that's it! While holding , press , or , to move the cone up or down. You're supposed to go get the ice beam though, thats how you freeze the jet-turtles and climb on them to get out. The difficulty will resemble that of the original, but a tad harder in sections. Although it may seem like it isn't accessible from the get-go, Brinstar is the first place to go when arriving on Zebes. Going back the way I came also is impossible, since there is a room where I need to freeze Rippers to climb up the room and I don't have Ice Beam. Head left and collect the missile canister. As it stops moving, it will open its "mouth". Jump up the platforms, until you see a part where there are small platforms touching both sides of the walls. If you use a bomb, a hole will emerge directly under you, causing you to fall down into the water. You should recognize the room with the rippers, as you dropped down this shaft to get to Norfair. When you get to the top, you may see one of the creatures jump right, into a path on the wall. At the end of this room there will be a seated Chozo statue holding a glowing sphere. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Use the run button. The grand prize winner will take home the console and game. When reaching the bottom, you can choose between two gates. If you run out of missiles, shoot the small spores and collect their drops. It'll occur if done right, and the previously mentioned number of Missiles, Super Missiles, and Power Bombs will be consumed. Yeah, just started my own playthrough today, Yeah, bomb your way down from photo three (I think you can even shoot it) and then there's a door to your right that should lead you to kraid, but first you need high jump which is down an elevator in the same spot as Kraid, You can go down further than you already have in the red room.

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