0.1 arabesque 66% het albino. They bought the original male from a school teacher who had the snake as a classroom pet. The picture above is of our Sharp Snow boa (the first created in the world by using the Sharp strain of Albino), Whitesnake. ID: SHPJM #13 Genetics: Born: 2020 Sex: Male Weight: Notes: Price: £200 Hypo 100% het Sharp That is a real possibility. Location: Raleigh, NC, USA - formerly Northern Ireland. There are … The Motley produced by Jeremy Stone and tagged "Red Devil" was never born alive, in fact the picture that was shown was cropped in such a fashion that we don't even know if that Boa pictured had a head So some people speculate that the picture of the Boa Labeled "Red Devil" may in fact not have even been a Super Hypo Super Motley Posted in Redtail Boas tagged boas, infertile, super jungle, super motley at 4:07 pm by Sid E. Someone asked a great question over on the boa forum at kingsnake.com – Supers Infertile?.Are super motley boas and super jungle boas … Method of Inheritance: Co-dominant (Super), Appearence: Small super hypomelanistic Boa with very soft appearance & increased colour. It has been determined that the Jungle gene is a Co-Dominant gene. If the do not have the same problems why are we not seeing any pics of adults? Genetics: Color mutation - Simple recessive, T+ is the presence of tyrosinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the production of melanin, These boas come from Cayo de los Cochinos off the Honduras. An Anery (short for Anerythristic) boa lacks the color red throughout their body. The posterior body blotches and tail blotches are black. I currently only have the Sharp strain version of albino, which is thought to be Tyrosinase positive. Genetics: Color and pattern mutation - not proven yet. We started working with some of the smaller or dwarf variety. With more selective breeding this may change however - there are many combinations yet to be done with Blood boas! I was offered a 3 year old super motley Central American female last night. The common colombian boa is a great starter snake. Also, there is no genetic proof that the hypo and motley genes sit on the same chromosomal location, or are anywhere close. The Jungle Boa is Co-dominant trait that started in Sweden. Genetics: Color and pattern mutation - co dom. The central american is a smaller boa. 0.1 blood 66% het anery. hypo super motley boa User Name: Remember Me? The boa pictured above is our male Sharp Albino het Anery, Blade. The ghost is a result of the hypo gene and the anerythristic gene combined into one snake. Thus increasing the possibilities when breed to another. They have a distinctive wide central head stripe. Genetics: Color - recessive (anery) and co dom (hypo). The Panamanian Boa is a BCI local that is still fairly rare in US collections...My Panamanians are pure blooded animals that were produced from parents that came from the very first shipment into the US after a 10 year ban on exports from Panama... Genetics: This is a dominant mutation defined by their reduced black color. This one basically has 3 combinations in the one animal.

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