$800. We carefully select and breed with lineage going out fifteen to twenty generations. Sugar Glider, Florida » Cape Coral. One simple method would be to create legislation similar to some gun laws. Exclusion is the best way to get rid of flying squirrels in the house and attic. Monkeypox is a rare viral disease and there had not been a reported outbreak in the U.S. prior to the prairie dog incident. Contact us for shipping quote. them outdoors on purpose and also accidentally, in some parts of the US we have sugar gliders and will address every potential entry point accordingly down to the last detail - and do it right the first time. Where will their sugar gliders go if they were not grandfathered in? but because homeowners have let been banned as pets because they have become a nuisance species. Large carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears are illegal to own, as are apes, baboons, and … Get your answers by asking now. How we can affect sugar glider laws as a community We've all seen those headlines about people's pet gators escaping, but they aren't the only unexpected wildlife you can keep in the Sunshine State. Contact me for shipping and delivery quotes. Most would take the time to go online, get a book or do something that feeds into their new pet enthusiasm. (If you are from the St Paul area or know someone who is, please write to us and let us know the answer to this question.) Legislation that is reasonable will be more effective. actually two different types of squirrels. Australia does not single out particular species, they’ve passed legislation banning keeping anyindigenous animals as pets. Flying squirrels are found in North America. Premium. Once the Senate saw the little sugar glider taken from the presenter’s pocket, they voted unanimously to change the law, encouraging legalization of sugar gliders in Georgia. We can also ship with the airlines, or arrange ground transport with a USDA Approved Pet Transport Company part of the year. The Wildlife Whisperer, Inc. 2007-2019 - All Rights Reserved, Flying Squirrel & Sugar Glider Differences. Arkansas. Our team is expert at flying squirrel removal and we will most likely decline to assist you - because your cedar roof will not allow for It’s important for our customers to know that even years after your purchase, we are here to answer your questions and to help you with any situation. In short, exclusion done right is going to be the only way to keep the problem from repeating itself. At the time of purchase, the intended buyer would have a three day right of rescission; perhaps fill out a registration form to register the animals with the local or state authorities. Signs indicating the presence of flying squirrels We are still able to ship to legal states using Holm Small Pet Transport through the COVID 19 Epidemic. Our vet comes to our home once a year for an inspection and checks over the well being of our animals at that time. So it is entirely possible that you could We an also ship with Holm Small Pet Transport Ground Shipping. Unfortunately gliders lost the battle in St. Paul, and are now banned there. Need advice to help! Humane wildlife control, pest control and prevention, done right the 1st time. We have a few ideas that we believe can further these causes and the success of this venture will depend highly on community response and our ability to effectively communicate with our law makers in a manner that supports their efforts and incorporate real solutions to the real and perceived problems that exist. or company that has the required experience and who understands the importance of attention to detail. Many of the mothers do have joeys in pouch. Once we get past these two questions, if the government still passes laws that ban sugar gliders, I think all they are doing is trying to take an easy way out of solving problems or perceived problems by just saying no. Laws should protect the rights of people and animals and there are ways to do this without stripping all privileges. Exclusion is the process of making it so that once they leave, they cannot come back. The answer is not in stripping the rights away from everyone because a single vendor and their buyers created “news.”  The answer is in controlling spontaneous purchases.

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