"Where's the man with the golden tattoo? Our ... and praise You Lord (See comment below…). ( Log Out /  I often use a thesaurus to find a synonym with the right assonance or consonance sound. But you can win with the smile. Well, but f*** ‘em hee hee(; I picked this song because I love Justin Bieber and I love this song. “Said I’m so sick of love songs, so sad and slow”. This man. Taylor Swift is a masterful lyricist, and her words are often full of double meanings and hidden clues. Comment by Heather Jarvis— March 28, 2011 #. Power Company Here are just a few examples from popular songs: The three Ws repeated at the start of the lyrics add to the tone of the overall song. I’m gonna try out in sometime. However, listening to the song aloud provides a deeper meaning to the alliteration: the hard “p” sound makes it sound like she is spitting and angry at those who took away paradise. Sword ... stand Punk DA's with their personal grudges You know that he can ... held his lit electric light. Listening to popular music, it is easy to tell that the “s” sound is popular amongst songwriters. ( Log Out /  So here I am and below is the link to the poem. Oh, wonderful. Artificial amateurs, aren’t at all amazing Analytically, I assault, animate things Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat Buildings are broken, basically I’m bombarding Casually create catastrophes, casualties Cancelling cats got their canopies collapsing Detonate a dime of dank daily doin dough Demonstrations, Don Dada on the down low Eatin other editors with each and every energetic Epileptic episode, elevated etiquette Furious fat fabulous fantastic Flurries of funk felt feeding the fanatics Gift got great global goods gone glorious Gettin godly in his game with the goriest Hit em high, hella height, historical Hey holocaust hints hear ’em holler at your homeboy Imitators idolize, I intimidate In a instant, I’ll rise in a irate state Juiced on my jams like jheri curls jockin joints Justly, it’s just me, writin my journals Kindly I’m kindling all kinds of ink on Karate kick type brits in my kingdom Let me live a long life, lyrically lessons is Learned lame louses just lose to my livery My mind makes marvelous moves, masses Marvel and move, many mock what I’ve mastered Niggas nap knowin I’m nice naturally Knack, never lack, make noise nationally Operation, opposition, off, not optional Out of sight, out of mind, wide beaming opticals Perfected poem, powerful punchlines Pummelling petty powder puffs in my prime Quite quaint quotes keep quiet it’s Quannum Quarrelers ain’t got a quarter of what we got uh Really raw raps, risin up rapidly Riding the rushing radioactivity Super scientifical sound search sought Silencing super fire saps that are soft Tales ten times talented, too tough Take that, challengers, get a tune up Universal, unique untouched Unadulterated, the raw uncut Verb vice lord victorious valid Violate vibes that are vain make em vanished ? Reasons, necer ever wanta see me in POWER Now there's all ... kind of songs about babies and love that ... t easing my pain all these songs like, Indeed consonance and assonance can be seen as subsets of alliteration with the only difference that the repeated sounds in this case no longer have to be placed at the beginning of a word. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Power Ah, ... you, do you, do you feel the power? How many times do a clock's hands overlap in a day? 5 song alliteration examples (Helplessly Hoping, Alphabet Aerobics, and Be a Better Boy, Mr. Tambourine Man, To Romona) are written using alliterative song lyrics.Thank you to one of my visitors to Nana’s Corner for bringing to my attention two of Bob Dylan’s songs (Mr. Tambourine Man and To Romona) in which Dylan used alliteration.

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