[Thomas]: Yeah, I gotta say I don't see anything wrong there either. Sponsorship is awesome, especially when you pair with the right company and you do it well, it can be such a wonderful experience. Okay, I am sorry. Thank you for being here to hear this message with me today. [Patton]: Aw, Thomas don't say that. The Referral Scheme. It’s native advertising and it blends in pretty naturally. [Patton]: -to viewers- Uhh, hey kids, daddy and daddy are just having a little discussion, that's all. [Roman]: Well, maybe we should just take some time to explore what it is we want. [Patton]: Virgil said this problem is cut-and-dry, but then you said you don't know why you can't break the cycle! Which is cool. AH AH AH! Lots of people are way worse off! [Logan]: I-I don't suppose there's anything that I could do to make it up to you? [Logan]: What, have you two formed some kind of team? It is greatly appreciated! Be sure to check for my referral link in the description after watching this video for a FREE week trial courtesy of Skillshare! I- I just always wanted to do the old Kermit "YAY!". But we play it safe and we make sure we can deliver the number of downloads we promise within the first few days of release. Now, can our discourse resume? View the Handbook. Check them out, see what you do and don't like, and get some ideas for your own. [Logan]: I'm glad you asked, Virgil. A common CPM for a pre-roll ad spot of 15 seconds is $18 and $25 for a mid-roll. It’s a brand, and you the host, become a celebrity of some sort. You shouldn't feel guilty for having feelings. ©2020 The $100 MBA. However, you can lessen the pressure by changing that from a cold e-mail or a cold lead to a warm one. [Thomas]: Seriously, though, thank you, guys. MOVING ON, Part 2/2: Dealing With a Breakup. I can't do this. W-H-Y: "Why?" Build a thriving audience and the sponsors will be knocking at your door. Pretty quickly after you start your blog, you realize that no one's actually going to pay you just to blog. The issue has to do with creating content AND his pride? I’m a big fan of Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. [Thomas]: Logan, that's exactly what I needed to hear. [Patton & Virgil]: -arms stretch; missing each other- Oh! [Logan]: Beep boop! You gotta stop the stretchy-arm thing that's been happening lately. Personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, and more. Conduct Outstanding Interviews for Articles, Blog Posts & Podcasts, Marketing Your Blog & Business: Writing the Perfect About Page, Pricing Work in a Side Hustle or Freelance Business. I’m only following about 20 people. [Patton]: Hold on. Take a note of how many social media followers and email subscribers you have and check your Google Analytics to determine your daily and monthly page views. [Patton]: Well, we could start by having an open and honest conversation about our feelings. Consult with them on something that you're very good at. Skillshare Bin 6 silly lifecycle [email protected] Check in often for updates as I plan to upload new videos on quite a regular basis, uh, classes that will appear here most often or subject that comes to mind that I should teach , especially for new Lenox user as I go through my day and help other people eso Right now. Something that I'm not aware of yet, something that may be unlocked with the right question. [Virgil]: -unenthusiastically- Hey, Logan, can you list off some of those factors you mentioned? [Virgil]: Ahem, you're a dork. -sinks out-. Where did you go? [Virgil]: Yeah, that this isn't normal. Well you can, by taking classes online at skillshare.com, which are taught by instructors and have their own class rosters. That God acts through people. It makes them feel insecure and maybe they might have made a mistake in partnering with you, and they really won't have any desire to work with you in the future. -clicks remote-. It's a really great way to begin to work through your issues. Look, Logan... You can be like one of those Sesame Street human friends! But if you're not keeping them in the loop, they're going to feel like you're ghosting them. [Roman]: Well, pardon me... Vomity Central! I looked at every category, from comedy to spirituality, to find out what percentage of podcasts are securing sponsors. [Patton]: Thomas, that's ridiculous. I'm now in the process of revamping it (v exciting! [Thomas]: Guys, come on! Not that I was wrong! That way if it gets shared or put anywhere else, you can see where to go back to the source on it. Even dads that have people to care for! Elaborate on that, and nobody do any puppet bits! That I had with another old friend I ran into last week. [Logan]: Oh, I think I do. Know that everybody starts somewhere and also understand that page views aren't everything, engagement is much more important in the long run. This was amazing to them. I mean, there's lots of stuff that I don't know that I don't know. [Patton]: I can't even count that high... [Thomas]: Usually I go for the edge pieces first, you know, to help, like, frame it up and work inwards, but I can't find a frickin' edge piece anywhere! -laughs-. [Logan]: Of course. We all know it takes a lot of time, effort and money to run a podcast with high production and content value. It's gross. [Roman]: No, Thomas, I know. -tosses Logan a Rubix Cube-, [Thomas]: Wow. We are NOT about to leave it there, mister! Well, not exactly. [Virgil]: No, stop. Today's video is brought to you by the letter Y! Care to explain to me how this is going to help? ♪ Or, like, not even a thing, ya know? How to, uh... How to get back to my normal self. It's stupid. -continues fighting-. Friends, plural. [Roman]: That's right. Heck, I weawned how to juggwe and make a PB&J sandwich the WIGHT way, by using Skiwwshawe. Back to pricing, quite honestly, the only tangible guesstimate I have ever seen is for ad space and I have to say I think it's pretty fair. Sponsors help support your show, so help support them. [Thomas]: Wh- I thought we were talking about a loop! [Logan]: Of course not. You need to make sure that you can agree with them on a number that is fair to them and fair to you. Everyone, get—? [Patton & Roman]: -a la Statler and Waldorf- Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Well, keep me updated over there. [Logan]: That is the question, for now. But I mean... like, what do I have to feel bad about? Weww you can, by taking cwasses onwine at skiwwshawe.com, which awe taught by instwuctows and have theiw own cwass wostews. Line up speaking engagements. Sponsors that secured spots in March pay for 16,000 listens an episodes but receive at least 20,000. It is really just important, like I said, to be like an invoice. The first way that you can ensure this is by having a very clear sponsorship agreement. The QUESTION, why! I don't have to act all tough. THIS is part of the problem. A little clarity never hurt anybody. The odds of me actually reading a tweet on Twitter are really low. [Roman]: You, uh, you always do your best thinking in the shower. [Logan]: I don't see how THAT could be relevant. Oh, Logan, you're up! Okay, the only way I can describe it is, like, someone dumped a million billion... JILLION piece puzzle in front of me and you know, it's up to me to put it together. [Virgil]: Sheesh, ya sloppily eat some jam, accidentally make a few puns, and now you're all sensitive about not being taken seriously? [Thomas]: I don't know. Again one little creative effort, you have got it monetized in all these different ways, you have got it discovered, someone might find the YouTube video, then go over to your Facebook page, watch another one, then start listening on your podcast and you can earn on sponsorships that way, then go to your blog and read there and share your blog. I'm detecting a good word that was used by: Thomas. None of it makes sense! [Logan]: No, stop it. If you look at our sponsorship guide, you’ll see we actually guarantee our sponsors more listens per episode than we charge. I happened to see that Jr. Swab liked Anchor.fm. Premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in their field, so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities, and do the work you love. Audible Gold Digital Membership. And—. [Virgil]: Yeah, no, I thought I'd go in this time. Skillshare for Teams. Obviously, if you don't have the funds right now to purchase anything, don't worry about it, because we appreciate any and all support you guys do provide through your kind messages, your fan art, your cosplay. I never even felt any heat! The most frequent question I get is “How do you make your videos?”, which is a great question and deserving of a short course. Now, that said, when you're just starting with sponsors, you may try out a few at a slightly lower rate, just to build up your portfolio. Podcasters that are successful know, it’s a long term game. There are some bloggers I know who actually have something like this for free, it's like an opt-in freebie that they offer.

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