The place It was one of those moments where I wasn’t reading the scripture, the scripture was reading me. That’s a great way to make sure I stay above reproach in my pastoral duties. You end up feeling inferior (wrong) or superior (sinful) to others every time you compare. And as we do that, our churches, our families and our relationships will all get so much healthier. You and I do not know everything Carey has been through in ministry or in life. Having a “loose cannon” for a pastor is a warning sign of a pastor that is too controlling. Tried. That’s why insecure people are jealous or resentful of others and why we somehow feel we need to ‘right’ the situation by withholding praise, refusing to hire or recruit better people because it might make us look bad, and trying to control things so they work out in our favor. I later discovered it was because the lead pastor was so insecure, as soon as he began to sense that some other leader or other ministry was growing in popularity, he saw them as a threat to himself and the weekend service and got rid of them. It’s not based upon what I think; it’s based on what God says. Micro-management is how a leader shows he doesn’t trust his team to operate in their own gifts and aptitudes—and, interestingly enough, it also shows how a leader doesn’t his trust his own decisions in enlisting and organizing a team competent enough to carry out the tasks before them. It is easy to spot a "monster" pastor. What Do We Do with Our Imperfect Worship? If you don’t deal with your insecurity, you build an unstable foundation for both your life and your leadership. Of course, that’s a spiritual issue. God bless you, Carey! For one thing, it’s not for me to interpret the Bible; my job is to preach it and teach it. Carrie, what an insightful and bang on post. There was an unmarried couple living together who also had children who attended. To protect myself from self-harm I had to leave the local church and everything that it stands for. I begin by doing it grudgingly, but as God changes my heart, it becomes genuine. I suspect it is because I am an older church planter and I wish I was younger like the other pastors so I could do more and connect with more Millenials. It’s not that we feel too good about ourselves. What happens is that slowly, over time, and almost unnoticed, the pastor becomes the center of attention and Jesus is replaced on the altar by the man. I want it that way, but if you see a pastor start breaking some of the rules of the church, you might have a controlling pastor. It’s not that either is true; both are. Once you’ve spent years in a crappy parsonage, in a neighborhood that requires you to keep a gun by your bed, with church “leaders” who don’t qualify as even minimally Christian, then I’ll listen to you. Your insight and wisdom is convictingly refreshing. I needed to hear, now sharing with my pastor and deacons. Convicted. Or it shows up as you questioning their integrity (I wonder what they had to do to get that. I’ve seen your photo, so I know you’re handsome and healthy. And with God. Here are five warning signs that a pastor might be too controlling. Strangely (and maybe mercifully), scripture suggests God often even uses our poorly motivated ambition for his glory. I’ve personally navigated these challenges in varying degrees, and in Didn’t See It Coming, I not only outline how leaders get taken out by the things they didn’t see coming. I’ve listened to many of his podcasts and read many of his posts and God has brought Carey through a lot over the years and I find it encouraging that someone has a testimony of how they got through it and gives hope for those currently facing difficult situations in ministry. Thank you for speaking to this, I needed to read it. I didn’t leave those four verses until the ugly things they described relinquished their grip on my heart. A passive leader is in a sense a contradiction in terms, or they are at least a leader who is a leader in name only. I attended a church once that went through a different youth pastor every year, a different young adult pastor about as often, and a string of ever-rotating teaching pastors. An insecure leader micro-manages his team. In fact, I’m only ‘best at’ a few things in our organization right now. All Rights Reserved. We reveal ten signs of a jealous partner–and offer tips to try to salvage the relationship. The other leader may even be an organizational inferior, but if the primary leader is uncomfortable by their influence and perceives it as a cost to his own, you may find him finding ways to take the subordinate “down a few notches.”. Yet I find I an still prone to compare our church to a few other local ones that are doing better. My long-term practice for dealing with envy is to pray for God to bless those I envy. and the James reference! You have no one of whom to be jealous, and, therefore, no moral authority to write this article. The truth of our sin is brutal, and the love of God runs deeper than any of that. Publicly celebrating the success of others will move you much closer to what Jesus was talking about when he commanded us to love enemies and people who persecute us. You can withstand the storms because you know you’re not nearly as bad as your last failure or as amazing as your last success. Here are six signs your pastor has quit on you. It goes inside me and it works…. And I hated myself when I feel them! Someone you know (or follow) is experiencing ‘success’ in their lives and leadership in a way you’re not. You can pick up your copy of Didn’t See It Coming here (hardcover, AudioBook or Kindle) and once again (or for the first time) discover how to thrive in life leadership.

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