They come in four sizes - 5", 7-7/8", 11", & 16". Current size is115mm with 4/0 hook and tied using 30lb super strong ultra abrasive resistant mono using the half blood knot tucked for added security, The trace is approx 2.5m and terminates with a double surgeons loop, they’re individually packaged in resealable waterproof bags.

The Offshore Angler™ Eel is an ideal lure for cobia or striper. A surface waking bait that swims with such incredible performance has to be built this tough. Rig the saltwater Offshore Angler Eel on a jighead, or use it as a trailer on your favorite bucktail—it gives you more rigging options than a live eel, and lasts much longer!

}. We are using 5/0 VMC Siwash bucktail hooks. These lead Parachute Jigs are hand-tied using top quality material only!

Made from PURE fish oil. 155mm Eels fitted with 4/0 hooks and 30lb mono, the 190mm eels use 6/0 hooks and 45lb mono. 150mm Eels are fitted with 6/0 hooks and 30lb mono. In most cases no extra costs but minimum order is 5 eels and they can be mixed, we are happy to quote for you and allow a couple of days extra for shipping. Click on thumb to enlarge, when enlarged click on image to go to next one, use the arrow links to go back to previous images, Click away to close or use Esc key. See just how realistic this eel is and it’s loaded with super sharp hooks to get you firmly attached to the fish you’re after. This 12-inch Atlantic Swimming Eel is made from pure "EEL OIL" and is SIDE rigged for more action! Available in Fluorescent Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Blue, & Natural.

This is the daddy of them all the artificial lure that has taken 5 British record fish, Cod, Pollock, Bass, Coalfish and now in February this year 2012 a 7lb 6oz Whiting fell to an orange Eddystone eel. A good bunch of blokes and they really enjoy their fishing so these lures and some of my new ones will get a hammering on the Portland Races Bass subject to weather of course. ITEMS BEING TRANSFERED TO SEABOOMS.COM STORE be available soon.. }. The versatile Zelly Jig can also be used as a butterfly or flutter jig. The X-RAP 14 produces an aggressive darting action that makes fish strike! Replacement Tails come with one (1) 1/2oz weighted hook. margin-top: 10px;

#gallery-5 .gallery-item { ITEMS BEING TRANSFERED TO SEABOOMS.COM STORE be available soon. #gallery-3 {

The eel comes in a range of sizes and colours with the size 3 190mm being the eel that is the record breaker.

In most cases no extra costs but minimum order is 5 eels and they can be mixed, we are happy to quote for you and please allow a couple of days extra for shipping. These lures create a seductive profile that is irresistible to striped bass, bluefish, sea bass, redfish, snook, largemouth bass and many other predatory salt and fresh water fish. Limited stocks at the moment with more due in this coming week so be quick. } The Whip-It Eel will catch every game fish from striped bass to tuna! Made from PVC rubber and Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, the Whip-It Eel Lure is available in two sizes: 3/8 oz (w/ 6" Tail) or 3 oz (w/ 10" Tail) .

The amount of anglers who have seen and commented on how I fish and the advantages of using ready made out of the bag tackle prompted me to consider adding a range to my tackle store and here they are about to all be launched using our onboard shopping cart and PayPal for safe secure on line transactions. 100mm eels are supplied with size 4/0 hooks and tied using 30lb super strong ultra abrasive resistant mono using the rapala lure not to keep the eels natural action, The trace is approx … Worse yet, many anglers settle for baits that are rigged twisted or bent. #gallery-4 .gallery-item { margin-left: 0; Go to previous slide - Shop by Fishing Type, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Note: Sizes are measured by Inner Diameter (I.D.).

These baits start straight and stay straight. Product Description: The Eddystone Eastender Eels range, colours we stock are as shown the blue white and the read & black firetails. So to kick off here are the Eddystone Eels range. Great features of Zing's Amazing Worms include stainless steel ball swivel, precision cut skirt, and quality bent aside hook. Although they look similar to earthworms, snakes and eels, they are actually not related to any of these animals. width: 33%; } } float: left; margin-top: 10px;

NEW BigFin Paddle and Eel Tail Weedless Swimbaits - Great for both salt water and fresh water! I use them often and have taken Bass, Cod and loads of Pollock on these quality weighted eels.

width: 25%; } Adults Select Sex. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; text-align: center;

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The Kastmaster is machined from solid brass. Minimum Qty. We don’t recommend anything larger than the 8/0 for the 205mm eels. Rapala's Saltwater X-RAP Lures have had a huge impact on the way anglers target saltwater fish. #gallery-4 img {

$ 89.99. Inshore or Offshore - This lure takes a pounding and keeps on going. Sold 4 per package. One cast and every angler will see the brilliance in it's broad waking action, and a closer look at the lure itself reveals its superior rugged design. long with a 1/2 oz. Bespoke lure tying options, if you want to mail us with your specifications for the finished eels then let us know the trace breaking strain, length of trace, change of hook sizes. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; #gallery-1 img { I went to see the boys at Eddystone Eels today and have a chat with them about what is new for 2012 and had some hands on with the very latest Eddystone 2012 weighted eel and very impressive it is too. Product Description: The Eddystone natural sand eel range also known as the Eddy Jelly Rage Eels, colours we stock are as shown. We now have our own range of ready to fish out of the bag products and these will slowly come on line as the shopping cart grows. All rights reserved.Phone: 508-493-8076   |   Email:, Panther Martin BigFin Paddle & Eel Tail Swimbaits, Abrasion resistance (great for toothy fish), Available in Black, Pink / Silver, Olive Cream, or Red / Pearl. } } margin-left: 0; You can buy them by the single lure with or without a trace added and in any combination of colours. Best colour well they all work well but as the Rhubarb and Custard is flavour of the year it has to be that one but be honest at 200ft on a wreck it’s pretty dark down there so the action and the way you fish the eels is more important. margin-top: 10px; Sounds simple and it is and the biggest advantage I don’t lose fishing time trying to walse back to my tackle bag on a rock n rolling boat and then sort all the items I need to start and re-tie a whole new rig to replace the one just lost on a wreck or snaggy bottom on a reef. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items The frantic action of this paddle-tailed bait sends out distress signals of an injured bait fish. Lure Color Shown:Green MackerelClick photo for larger view, Lure Color Shown:Dark / GreenClick photo for larger view, Lure Color Shown:Blue/GlitterClick photo for larger view. Basically I have always gone fishing with all my rigs that I am planning to fish with ready to use out of the bag. Squid Jerk Baits are 9 in.

Bespoke lure tying options, if you want to mail us with your specifications for the finished eels then let us know the trace breaking strain, length of trace. It also holds a claim to fame taking 10 line class caught world records. .

Snag resistant jighead profile. float: left; It features super-duty saltwater grade hardware and razor-sharp hooks. margin-left: 0; Tip your jig with Fat Cow Jig Strips and attract fish with more action and results! It can be retrieved many different ways with great success for Bass, Blues, Bonito, Albacore, and Spanish Mackerel. These jigs feature a rounded head to minimize snags and to get to the bottom fast. Images Gallery: The images are taken from the video which will be on line soon. The latest video information on the Eddy Jelly is now live so you can see the complete product, range and some catch footage of the eels in action.

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