"Geographic variation and the validity of subspecies in the rubber boa. Raccoons, cougars, coyotes, ravens, birds of prey, cats, etc. Like those snakes, it kills Description and from the Italian explorer Paolo Emilio Botta, who collected the The Southern Rubber Boa has a wide range of habitat. has encountered about a dozen, mainly on forest trails at elevations of 5,000 (Oddly, it is missing from the San Gabriel Mountains, where the habitat appears to be the same.) It prefers to stay in an area where there is cover, food, and a site for hibernation. My entire rubber boa collection has been effectively decimated in the past 2 days. There is debate on whether the southern rubber boa should be a separate species or a subspecies (Charina bottae umbratica). mention boas in the Tehachapi Mountains or in the Southern Sierra Nevada in their range descriptions. Comm. Little is known about the breeding habits of this snake. One of the most docile of snakes, the rubber boa has never been known to strike at or bite a human being. like its head sticking up in the air, but it really was its tail,” he the boa off the trail.
Rubber boas are the most Northerly of Boa species. The only time they View our Welcome Back Guidelines. Rubber boas feed primarily on young mammals such as shrews, voles, mice, etc. as 100 square yards if the snake can find adequate food, cover, and hibernation The common name is derived from their skin which is often loose and wrinkled and consists of small scales that are smooth and shiny, these characteristics give the snakes a rubber-like look and texture. Main threat is over-collection for the pet trade, although it is currently illegal to sell wild-caught Northern rubber boas in the United States.

Charina umbratica - Southern Rubber Boa.

This is a plastic container lined with moist paper towels or sphagnum moss and equipped with an entry hole. C. b. umbratica - Southern Rubber Boa, and When threatened, the snake hides its head in its coiled body, and elevates the tail to fool the predator into attacking the tail. Possible aliases, alternative names and misspellings for, Northern Rubber Boa, Rubber Boa, Southern Rubber Boa, BottaNorthern Rubber Boa, Bottae, Umbratica: Southern Rubber Boa. There have also been rare sightings in Colorado and Alberta in addition to the states/provinces that they are known to thrive in: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and extending to its northernmost range in British Columbia. Smithsonian Institution Press, 2003. Charles C. Thomas Publisher, 1962. from Jaeger, Edmund C. A Source-book of Biological Names and Terms Third Edition. Rubber boas are found from southern California north to British Columbia The generic name Charina is from the Ancient Greek "graceful" or "delightful", and the specific name bottae honors Dr. Paolo E. Botta, an Italian ship's surgeon, explorer, and naturalist.[3].

(R.Hansen Pers. Rubber boas have been known to inhabit a wide variety of habitat types from grassland, meadows and chaparral to deciduous and conifer forests, to high alpine settings. Photo by Michael H. Francis. Gulf Publishing Co., 2000. In Mon­tana, rubber boa populations appear secure, though the species Mitochondrial DNA-Based Phylogeography of North American Rubber Boas, Charina Bottae; Javier A. Rodriguez-Robles, … Body colors range in different shades of brown, with their bellies light yellow. The genus Charina consists of two species, both of which are found in North America. Behler, John L., and F. Wayne King. and thus must live in habitats that can provide this, as well as adequate warmth, moisture, and prey. California Department of Fish and Wildlife The tails of a rubber boa are often scarred due to attacks from parent rodents while the snake is busy eating the young from their nest. According to IUCN, the Rubber boa is locally common and widespread throughout its range but no overall population estimate is available. Score U - Unknown. Rubber Boa Diet. Females are slightly longer than males.

The home range of the rubber boa is small, perhaps 50-200 square yards. Characteristics of rubber boas behavior also set them apart from other snakes. The species is native to North America. and inland grasslands.

The California Departent of Fish and Wildlife described the range of the Southern Rubber Boa (Charina umbratica) in a

only 14 to 28 inches long. Formerly, one species of Charina was recognized, Charina bottae, which was comprised of three subspecies: “This is a classic defensive posture for rubber boas, sort of Recent genetic studies support separation of the southern rubber boa from all other populations of rubber boa. Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History Vol. Pinos, Mt. The rubber boa (Charina bottae) is a species of snake in the family Boidae. | Sitemap | Contact

Seattle, WA, United States. Its scientific Pending more DNA studies, these could turn out to be C. umbratica or C. bottae or hybrids. Experience even more. Rubber boas appear quite different visually than any other species that share the same range (except maybe for the southern rubber boa) and thus are usually easy to identify. Since the species of Charina occurring in the southern Sierra Nevada, the Tehachapi Mountains, Mt. Montana’s rubber boa is the northernmost relative of the giant boa Snakes of North America - Western Region.

They may live 15 to 20 years in the wild.

Rubber boas are one of the smallest members of the boa family, reaching The rubber boa is rather popular as a pet due to its disposition and is constantly put up for sale across the continent. Klauber, Laurence M. The Subspecies of the Rubber Snake, Charina. young.) Handbook of Snakes of the United States and Canada. from Scientific and Common Names of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America - Explained © Ellin Beltz Colors are typically tan to dark brown with a lighter ventral surface but sometimes olive-green, yellow, or orange.

He once saw a boa with two large lumps in its body. Some scientists believe a rubber boa’s home range could be as small as 100 square yards if the snake can find adequate food, cover, and hibernation sites there.

C. b. bottae - Northern Rubber Boa, looked like it had eaten a couple of mice, whole,” Moore says. Newborns often appear pink and slightly transparent but darken with age. C. b. utahensis - Rocky Mountain Rubber Boa. "California Reptiles and Amphibians, Northern Rubber Boa", "Radium Hot Springs' Remarkable Rubber Boa: A Species of Special Concern". umbratica - Latin - umbraticus - belonging to shade, belonging to seclusion © 2000 - document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Status of Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants and Animals of California 2000-2004 document, Original Description Citations for the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America, Scientific and Common Names of the Reptiles and Amphibians of North America - Explained, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Data/CNDDB/Plants-and-Animals, Adult, San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino County.
The range of this species is unclear and somewhat controversial because of its protected status.

me if you want, but you won’t get anything important.’”. These 2 just started feeding on their own. Newborns often appear pink and sli…

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