By the wee hours, those still conscious would collapse into the twin beds in the two bedrooms or onto the living-room couch.”. All rights reserved. He's seen as not keeping up appearances. She totes him to small dinner parties, opera galas, museum benefits, and auctions for worthy causes, having secured the invitations by serving on various committees and getting her husband to cough up something suitable in the way of a donation. Bar, a candy named for his baseball-playing pal Reggie Jackson of the Yankees, and a wine called French Kiss. When he responded that it was not unusual for a buyout group to be rewarded with 20 percent of the company, the criticism intensified. Even when they were living together, the man never took his fiancee to overnight business conferences where they might run into his colleagues' wives. But losers still can be winners: Reports say he walked away from RJR Nabisco with an estimated $60 million in salary and benefits. What happens when life in the fast lane starts pulling over to a slower track in deference to Harry's pacemaker? The mistake the first wife too often makes is allowing her children to become the focus of her life instead of her husband. They've seen what went wrong in first marriages, both their own and their husbands'.

The second wife's most important duty, however, is to help her husband build a new life. Required fields are marked *, Our Hometown Says one astute CEO: ''After my divorce I went alone to business dinners where the other men brought their wives. The stepmother's relations with kids whom she usually sees for a few weeks in summer and one or two weekends a month are a bit delicate. His hair is white, but he still looks like the 57-year-old on the magazine cover. When we had to give up traveling by private plane and join the rest of humanity in airports, I was spoiled to the point that I don't like to travel anymore.'' ''The change has been radical,'' observes Helen Singer Kaplan, 60, a psychiatrist and the second wife of Charles Lazarus, 65, founder and chairman of Toys ''R'' Us. She is the third wife of Norman Brinker, 58, who founded the Steak and Ale and Bennigan's restaurant chains. Her chauffeur sometimes hand delivers her dinner invitations. Johnson first worked as an accountant for General Electric in Montreal and as a vice-president of merchandising for the T. Eaton Company before being named president of Standard Brands Ltd.[3]. * Third wife. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 13, 1931,[2] into a lower-middle-class family, Johnson used a military cadet scholarship program to attend the University of Manitoba, where he graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and was a member of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta. $1,500. It's another price you pay. He laughs, talks for a moment and heads into the theater. Fortune magazine likened the combination to the Hell’s Angels merging with the Rotary Club, but its harmonious success and the early retirement of the chief executive lifted Mr. Johnson to the top job in 1984. The estate also houses a pool, a poolhouse, a guest house, a caretaker's apartment, two garages, a private helipad, and an 18-stall stable complete with a riding ring. Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. Still, that keeps a man on the cusp of 80 in top form. under which this service is provided to you. “They’ve taken this thing and have grown it,” he says. Most executives report that they have become better, more thoughtful managers because their marital problems made them conscious of the personal lives of their employees. BOX: AN EX-WIFE'S SHARE Each divorce is unique, and these estimates of what portion of a couple's combined assets a first wife might be entitled to don't take into account prenuptial agreements, children, or the reasons for the split. ''The first wife doesn't feel free to spend money so lavishly, and she doesn't know how.'' In the process she loses touch with him and his concerns. This trophy does not hang on the wall like a moose head -- she works. In some cases the man with the old, nice, matronly first wife is looked down on. Ironically, the company may even benefit: To escape the pain of divorce, unattached executives tend to throw themselves into their work. In the acid words of the angry first wife of a CEO: ''I wish husbands would ask themselves if their young wives would have married them if they were not successful and rich.'' The most obvious difference is that this marriage starts at the top in terms of money and power.

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