Obsessed with hunting for Konrad Curze on Macragge, the Lion insisted that the Night Haunter was behind the rebellions which began to plague the Ultramarine homeworld and he demanded that martial law be instituted, which Guilliman strongly resisted. Yet few could then guess what such talents harnessed to the Great Crusade would go on to achieve. Guilliman gathered whatever Ultramarine forces he could and at last began to make his way to Terra. A surviving Ultramarines Tactical Squad during the Calth Atrocity. It was thought it was based on Robert Charles Guillemin, a Boston based street artist in the 1980's famous for using acrylic paints. [11], As a result of being cut off by the Ruinstorm created by the traitorous Word Bearers, Guilliman feared the Imperium lost and created a second empire, Imperium Secundus, as a contingency. The main antagonist of both games, Abaddon the Despoiler is the Warmaster of Chaos, leader of the Black Legion, and Commander of the Black Fleet. The path led to Terra, but upon further study it became apparent that somehow Horus had foreseen this route and a large blockade was erected to block them. Crawling with smaller ships, the Lex lashed back with its remaining Macro-cannons, rolling in the light of its own burning hull. Upon awakening, Konor assembled his bodyguard and rode to Hera's Falls, where they found the child. Space Marines from multiple Chapters lent their strength to the defence, including the Black Templars of Marshal Marius Amalrich, and the Imperial Fists of Captain Tor Garadon, who brought the Star Fort Phalanx into the war. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once in full control of the Loyalist forces on Macragge, the primarch's strategic genius was unleashed, and the forces of Chaos were driven off of Macragge and then from most of Ultramar within approximately seven solar months. Guilliman and the Lion again came to disagreement over the rebellion in the Illyrium region of Macragge, with the Dark Angels primarch wishing to use weapons of mass destruction to flush them out as he suspected Curze was hiding there. Roboute Guilliman continued to serve with the Ultramarines Chapter, leading them and the Imperium as its Lord Commander for a hundred standard years after the Second Founding. Guilliman and Yvraine is one of the many memes the 40k fandom has latched onto that has severely outgrown it's welcome. There is also the Warhammer Community art for thanksgiving. Those not lost to the Butcher's Nails at once had the presence of mind to note that these Ultramarines were not the pristine cobalt-blue warriors they had previously faced on the War World of Armatura. Lexicanum is a fan-made encyclopedia based on the successful online database Wikipedia and is about the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000 produced by Games Workshop. Building on what the others have said, there's a couple of scenes in Gathering Storm III where Guilliman and Yvraine are talking and the respectful, open way they talk with one another about the nature of Guilliman's resurrection and his earnest request for her and the Ynnari to stay and fight with him is completely at odds with most human/Eldar relations, especially Marine/Eldar, which usually consists of tenuous alliance bordering on mutual betrayal. When the Horus Heresy set the galaxy ablaze, Roboute Guilliman fought with loyalty and determination for the Imperium that he believed in with all his heart. At Davin, Sanguinius was trapped within a portal and did battle with the Daemon Madail while Guilliman and The Lion desperately tried to reach him. While his fleets were eventually driven back by an alliance between the Imperial Navy and the Eldar, Abaddon still sort of wins, as he was able to abscond with two Blackstone Fortresses, while he destroyed the rest, and left the defenses of the Gothic Sector in tatters. When Spire and Abridal's fleets cornered the Greenskin, the pirate fought back with all the weapons it had available, up to and including a Crusade-era Cyclonic Torpedo. Khorne, upon receiving the returning forms of his slain, grew so apoplectic in his rage that his fortress in the Realm of Chaos trembled. M'kar was defeated and his armies driven off, pursued to the stellar void beyond the bounds of Ultramar. [12] In addition to his leadership of the largest and most successful Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade, Guilliman became renowned for his efforts to preserve the Imperium in the aftermath of the devastating Horus Heresy, becoming Lord Commander of the Imperium. Thanks to the widely distributed efforts of numerous Imperial Iterators, the story of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman, his early life and his finding is widely known and well accounted for, in stark contrast to certain others of the primarchs. Officer-in-charge of the Phalanx and other Imperial Fists fleet assets, Trevaux is obviously concerned with whether or not the Fortress-Monastery would be up to taking on the Blackstone Fortress. Since Spire took Trazyn's warning of "don't let anything escape" literally, Amarkun's warship is blown to kingdom come before it could jump out of the system. This is for 2 reasons. The Traitors rejoiced at the terrible blows they were inflicting upon the Legion that had once aided the Emperor in humiliating them upon the world of Khur decades before the start of the Heresy when they had been taken to task for repeated violations of the atheistic philosophy known as the Imperial Truth. While the World Eaters flagship was busy repelling boarders, a number of smaller XIII Legion vessels slipped past her defences and launched Drop Pods, gunships and troop carriers. The Imperials quickly swept the Black Legion before them, breaking the back of the Chaos assault upon the Ultramarines fortress-monastery. Slaanesh, tired of getting blue-balled by Ynnead, sent a daemon by the name of Shalaxi Helbane to hunt down and slay Ynnead's champion. Plus, it cost them a third of their forces. When the Emperor reached Macragge, he found a world that was self sufficient, prosperous, with a strong and well-equipped military, and engaging in trade with nearby systems. With their starships lost to them, their crews sacrificed to the Ruinous Powers, Veilwalker offered another path to Terra -- through the Webway gate that lay at the heart of the massive xenos star fortress. The Emperor intended the primarchs to stand at His side during the Great Crusade, each leading one of the twenty Space Marine Legions to glory beyond imagination. To me this suggests he was a efficient and competent fighter. For three local days the wounded consul had directed the defence of the besieged senate house, even as surgeons fought for his life following a botched assassination attempt on the senate floor which had touched off the conspiracy's chaotic attack. When Guilliman later learned that Terra still stood, he did everything in his power to ensure that he and his loyal brothers could fight at their father's side in the final battle against Horus. Guilliman met his seemingly final fate during the Battle of Thessala in 121.M31, when he was laid low by the Traitor Daemon Primarch Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children, who had become a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. Couldn't even tell you were foreign! Having taken stock of his remaining forces, Guilliman sent an immediate astropathic distress call to Macragge. Guilliman killed Ku'Gath's lieutenant, Septicus, and shattered his daemonic Plague Guard, an action that finally gave the Emperor's servants the upper hand in the conflict. With superhuman energy and the singularity of vision only a primarch was capable of executing, the new consul reorganised the social order of Macragge, creating a ruthlessly enforced meritocracy where the hardworking prospered and the honourable received positions of high office, and those who shirked the law or worked against the good of the whole faced draconian, but faultlessly even-handed punishment. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Roboute_Guilliman#Return. That's basically it, it's just a joke in the community. She helps revive Guilliman because Eldrad saw that the Eldar and Imperium needed to work together. Her eldar contemporaries experience copious amounts of RAGE at working with lowly mon'keigh, but she's surprisingly able to reign them in... for now. They have three times already drawn their swords on each other and threatened to kill each other, and only two of those times were they under the influence of Daemons. They launched their great assault against the Imperial Palace while they believed a good portion of the Loyalist Space Marine Legions remained occupied in other regions of the galaxy. The Primarch Roboute Guilliman arrayed in his fearsome panoply of war during the Horus Heresy. Guilliman had been holding his own against both Traitor primarchs, until Lorgar ceased his attack and started his achingly resonant chant. Before He began His conquest of the galaxy, the Emperor of Mankind created the primarchs. Yvraine, Daughter of Shades, summons the Yncarne, the Avatar of Ynnead, Eldar God of the Dead, into being upon Craftworld Biel-Tan. So it was that Abaddon was able to muster a sizable force of warriors from the Black Legion, the Iron Warriors, the Night Lords and a number of other Traitor factions, and hurl them against the worlds of Ultramar.

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