To rob one you’ll need to threaten the teller and force them into opening the bank vault. This way they’re likely to stop the coach and in some cases you can even mislead those on board. Valentine Doctor - Move round to the right of the store and you may notice some dodgy dealings. Spends too much time watching anime and comical TV series. They might pass out if you wait long enough and then simply sneak in to loot the house. Without further ado, let us hint at the locations of these shops: Rhodes Gunsmith

These kinds of robberies have been here since forever. Archived. Go to the location and wait for the stagecoach to appear. Coach Robbery: Lenny (Time-Sensitive) We would also recommend selecting and stopping trains which are out in the wilderness as opposed to those near large towns or cities. Once the guards are dealt with, break the open the lockbox at the back of the coach and get $110. You’ll come across this homestead to the Southeast of Emerald Ranch. It was clearly meant to be in the full game but a …

Once you’ve done so, search for a lockbox or safe at the back. There are several types of robberies, and we have decided to explain each one of them in this guide. A subreddit for Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. You can then take out all the guards by using your Dead Eye skill. Red Dead Redemption 2’s set in the Wild West and this means it’s home to the thrill of robbing poor, innocent folk. (If you want, you can just kill them right away and skip the whole encounter before looting them but that’s less fun).

Well, fear not! You may get house location tip offs from strangers you’ve helped, or stumble across these locations naturally. Discussion. How to get buttery smooth frame rates in Apex Legends. Then loot the woman’s body for a Silver Chain Bracelet that is needed for the Bear Claw Talisman. I waited and did other things but it never poped back up again. You have to wait for a train to arrive at … No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Rhodes Bank Robbery mission disappeared.

Coach Convoy Homestead stash Robberies are available in RDR2 right from the start of Chapter 2. Northwest of Dewberry Creek. Eventually you’ll get your chance to move in closer so take cover behind the rock to the right while Javier makes a distraction by setting a shed ablaze.

Thanks for sharing this because I wouldn’t have gotten to see it otherwise, but I mostly came here to comment on how lame it is that rockstar hid this into exclusive preorder content. You can rob any coach you come across in the game, but you shouldn’t expect to reap many rewards until after you’ve completed “The Spines of America” mission in Chapter 2. Some robberies can be done with no risk if given correct conditions. Banks can also be found in most major towns and cities.

I saw the mission on Charles in the Shady Belle camp. Once you’ve cracked the safe, make sure you take all the spoils and leg it out of town as quickly as possible. One tip - make sure you thoroughly search each home! Disappeared on me to.

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