You can find those sources below: How to Research and Craft a Research Plan, KALS Graduate School Application Prep School application advice article However, you should write so someone outside of your discipline can easily understand your plan. Recommended Length: Two-four sentences My field is in the arts, particularly in theater and performing arts and you are probably in a different field. A junior from my old university organization recently asked me for advice on her application to the Monbukagakusho (a.k.a. Hence, it is very important that you pay a lot of attention to this part. Last but not least, don’t forget to wrap up your paper with proper and accurate citations of all the sources that you chose to refer to in your research paper. . If you are asked to write a study plan for a scholarship, you may not know where to begin. I’d also recommend signing up for my mailing list, below, to get notified whenever I have updates to any of the FAQs or new articles about the MEXT scholarship! You can also consider the target groups or individuals that might be affected by your study as well. This section is where you establish how your research will be original. (That research should be the reason you apply in the first place.) Depending on how you answered the rest of the questions and whether you satisfied what the reviewers would have been looking for elsewhere, you might not have suffered any setback at all. Note that I submitted my research plan in 2018. Font Size: The default font size in the Field of Study and Research Program Plan that you download from the MEXT website is 7.5 pt, which is ridiculously small and unreadable. If you have to add extra pages to account for the formatting, that’s OK. "This article gave me a sober idea to make my study plan. This will give you a good idea of what kinds of research plans these advisors can supervise and what their interests are. The benefits that the scholarship entails is as follows: In your MEXT application to graduate schools in Japan, unlike the undergraduate level, your success depends greatly on your research proposal. So, if your previous degree is in international business, anything related to that field is acceptable. I have my first degree in economics and want to pursue a master in Health Economics or Public Health. i did my baachelor degree in mechanical engineering.. Most of the part is covered by Methodology Section. The fourth part is about the implications of your study. In the application guide, it says that reading our theses abstracts is how they judge our academic ability. I am now in Japan and am about to start my studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts here in Tokyo after successfully receiving the Embassy Recommended MEXT Research Student Scholarship. If you’ll be carrying out research, for instance, write about how you’ll find participants for your study. Pardon me for being a bit blunt, but if you have no idea what you want to study, why do you want to enroll in a master’s degree? 0To��l� $I�n5���kO� �� �Uqj��C��ɪ�p�ҹ����o�E�f6:x_b��'��ݏ�X7�6Y~#'�|�l���������a!g�?=��}~(��ë�>z%Y}s���`f�x�4-[��J��o��.7��f. Research Plan Sample for the MEXT Scholarship Each year, MEXT releases new information about their requirements. I hope they help. The programs I chose are all interdisciplinary and accept students from all background of humanities and social sciences. Dear Aqilah, I sincerely apologize for the lateness. Look at the research that has been done in the area you plan to study. There is also an updated version of this article, based on recent changes and more research into the Field of Study and Research Program Plan since I first wrote this piece. Nessa Roque is an actor, writer, educator, and performance-maker from Manila, Philippines. <> It is important that the research proposal is a crucial part of your MEXT scholarship application, hence it is crucial to pour your heart into it.

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