FACT CHECK: Is Misty Loman Mugshot Timeline A Result Of Meth Use. He is also one of the very few people who have managed to fool Penn and Teller in their CW show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. A video by Rick Lax (you may have heard the name) is doing the rounds on the Internet, particularly Facebook, for some incredible tricks. After completing his law studies, he began working as consultant for his idol, David Copperfield. Pretty soon, this video was being forwarded by friends and family of people who have what is perceived as a concerning addiction to energy drinks. And these Facebook moms and concerned relatives are using this video to caution others about the dangers of consuming too many energy drinks. The most popular theory cites that Lax uses latex props to bend and stretch in the video. (Amazing ‘Magic Hacks’ from Rick Lax).” Emphasis on the Magic Hacks. Titled “ENERGY DRINK HACKS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN!,” the video shows Lax dousing day-to-day objects with energy drinks and bending them like clay. A good few have seen the video and have either attempted it or shared it with people who love their Red Bull. There are also people who supposedly attempted these tricks themselves with no success. Lax makes each trick seem it was done in one take, almost like a live show in front of an audience. FACT CHECK: Are Koalas “Functionally Extinct?”. Not only did he work behind the scenes at Copperfield’s shows, he also created the SyFy show Wizard Wars. Rick writes “ENERGY DRINK HACKS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN! Don’t Miss: [FACT CHECK] Is Monster Energy Ham Real? For instance, the stretchy egg trick doesn’t appear to be a continuous shot. Only the first trick in, you can see why this is viral-worthy. That’s probably because these hacks aren’t exactly real and should be taken as entertainment rather than a doomsday warning on energy drinks. Also, some have pointed out that the three eggs that turned into rubber look far too identical to be real. But do energy drinks really have some malleability power? With low-budget and not-so-extraordinary videos, Lax is leading a new phenomenon of the magic genre of online videos. A magician never reveals their secrets, but it doesn’t stop viewers from speculating. A few sharp eyes have noticed there are some cuts between a few tricks. Lax has proven to be a creative mastermind for magic-related shows. If you are still receiving this video under the guise of “Dangers of Energy Drinks,” know that Lax has clearly stated in the description that it is a parody video. Rick Lax posted a video in January 2020 showcasing a variety of tricks using energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster.

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