Did he have a favourite Canadian Band? On vacations as kids, Delores had always taken the train not the plane – Randy’s first time on a plane had been when he flew to the UK to join Ozzy. Discover (and save!) I think about him every single day. (laughter) Kelle. Along with Randy, the pilot Andrew Aycock who also drove the tour bus, and the band’s seamstress and cook Rachel Youngblood also perished in the tragic accident and should be remembered as fondly by friends and family, as Randy’s family and extremely huge fan-base worldwide remember him. To compliment his guitar lessons his mother gave Randy piano lessons to sharpen his sight reading skills and build his understanding of music theory. He walked in and he had hair down to the middle of his back and a really long thumbnail,” DuBrow later recalled of the moment they met. In those days, way back then, we started them with the folk guitar where they learned the chords and a few pop songs. The one who wielded a polkadot Flying V guitar and who, when he died 30 years ago this March, left behind only a slender body of work, but one that would alter the sound of rock as we know it. That night, on the 665-mile road trip to the next stop in Orlando, the whole band sat at the back of the bus watching the World War II epic Midway. But he did not want to go. Worst of all, Ozzy was required to stand on a giant mechanical hand for the encores, which would lift him above the front rows of the audience. “It’s a beautiful spot,” says Kelle. “Anything mind-altering, we were very afraid of,” explains Garni. At this point in Ozzy’s life, he was down and out and needed this young kindle, 2 restart his fire. Ozzy Osbourne often spoke of Randy's innate ability to use his extensive knowledge of music in combination with current styles thereby pushing the level of musicality to new heights and explore paths that had not yet been touched. Leon and Randy become such friends that when the latter eventually left Quiet Riot, he recommended Leon as his replacement. That’s not true. “Or anything else she could pick up,” says Kathy. Not that Randy liked it. “But by now Ozzy’s begun knocking back Heinekens,” Strum recalls. But I saw Randy and went: ‘Oh, man!‘,” says Leon. I can't even read music, but he knew everything. The pressure was only set to increase, though, with the commencement of their next US tour in January 1982. Certainly that was impression ex-Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake was given when he signed up in December 1979. Every hook he ever came up with I loved. Randy asked for an introduction. This is a story about several different people. “People gave him a hard time,” says Kathy Rhoads. Now it’s time for a brief history lesson for the handful of people that don’t know about Randy and his career, and some interesting facts that I found out during my chat. “I used to get on his case about it and he started calling me Sid Serious. Which is how he came to catch Strum playing at the Starwood one night in the summer of 1979. It was the beginning of Ozzy’s reinvention as the wild man of rock. His mother later said, "He couldn't have been more than eight years old at the time, maybe younger. “I said to Ozzy: ‘Is he gay?’. “I really cringe about some of the songs,” he later confessed. In 1971 Kelle took Randy to an Alice Cooper show. “As soon as the Rainbow [club] closed each night the calls would start.” Years later, when his band Slaughter supported Ozzy on tour, he would sometimes look at Zakk Wylde, one of Randy’s successors as Ozzy’s guitarist, and think: “That really should have been Randy.”. “You guys did it, didn’t you?” Sarzo yelled gleefully. “Like: ‘Who’s better?’.”, Despite this, Randy was a fan of his rival. Kathy. After just nine months his teacher told Dee that the young Randy couldn’t be taught any more; he knew everything the teacher knew. At that point I think he decided: ‘Maybe even I could do this one day’.”. While he earned all good grades, he wanted to continue his musical education and teach in his mothers school. And he was every one those people mentioned above. Randy, who’d begun taking a camera everywhere with him, grabbed his case then stuck his head into Sarzo’s bunk, inviting him to come along too. Family friend Arlene Thomas played an acoustic guitar and sang in the background. “Back in those days, that was like saying your mom was a drunk or something.” Instead Dee was super-strict. It was only about a year when Scott came to me and said, 'Well, I've taught Randy everything I can, he knows everything I can teach him.' He started when he was so young, he was somewhere between six-and-a-half and seven when he started lessons. It’s very true that he actually would thank them. So since Randy still lived at home when he went to England to work with Ozzy, it was an eye-opening experience….very much a shock. Then I said to Ozzy: ‘But I know the guy you need.’.”, Ozzy ignored that, but he did offer Strum the gig as his new bassist. A singer of average talent, where he really scored was in his ability to get things done for the group. I told him just to do the guitar solo he did at the Starwood.”, By now Ozzy had passed out and Strum had to virtually carry the singer into the control room. They explain how their mother had studied under Herbert Lincoln Clark (the bandmaster who conducted the original recording sessions for Sousa’s The Stars And Stripes Forever march) and Arnold Schoenberg (whose innovations in atonality turned the classical world upside down). He had more than one favourite guitarist……he had many, but one that stands out and someone who really liked Randy when he met him was Leslie West of Mountain. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. He told Sarzo: “We started drinking, and the next thing you know we were making out…”. He had a little fucking tiny amp. He saw Mick Ronson with polka dot knee pads and Randy took it to another level. By “We always meet with everyone, and everybody shares aboutRandy, and it’s kind of a nice memorial.”, “It will be big this year cos it’s the 30th anniversary,” adds Kelle Rhoads. “It wasn’t like now, where every young band pays homage to Black Sabbath,” Strum recalls. As soon as he got his cue, Randy let rip. Mick Wall “I would go to the Starwood just to see Randy play,” says Strum. I told him: ‘You know, there’s gotta be something out there for you, man. Above all else, he was in love with David Bowie guitarist Mick Ronson, who he saw playing at Bowie’s now famous show at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in October 1972. “But she knew what Ozzy did for my brother too,” she says. Led by DuBrow (who died of a cocaine overdose in 2007), Quiet Riot eventually found major success with 1983’s Metal Health album. I inquired if there was a gift shop of some sort and although there is not one, I put the seed in their heads about selling Randy Rhoads coffee mugs. Sarzo recalls a visit to a high-class London brothel with Randy, although the guitarist claimed to have run from the room when the lady he’d been assigned began hitting him with her riding crop. I thought that everybody was better than I was.”, “He was the best guitarist I’d ever seen,” his friend and fellow musician Dana Strum says today. “There’s no way I wanted to see his coffin,” he says today. The interview section will follow so hang on to your hats as this Crazy Train is going full steam ahead. “My mom made him go. None of the band was happy with the set-up. Randy Rhoads was a guitar prodigy that came to fame via Ozzy Osbourne and the release of albums Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. There’s one final person – arguably the most important one of all. “He couldn’t understand why they still had to play Black Sabbath songs,” says Kelle Rhoads. Wow! Please follow @dargmama. I was a huge fan, so I was very excited to meet Ozzy. Absent from the service was Kelly Garni. Despite his genuine grief – “I thought, that’s it, it’s over” – he was back on the road barely two weeks after Randy’s death, with former Gillan guitarist Bernie Tormé in tow. ", His mother made sure that Randy read music and performed as a part of the Musonia program. Randy Rhoads Corporation is a California Domestic Corporation filed on October 15, 1981. He would also buy the models of the villages that went with it, and construct the villages when he was home. “That’s not the reason why I started playing the guitar.”. Randy hoped that by the time the band recorded a second album it would no longer be necessary to carry on trading on Ozzy’s past. After playing with Quiet Riot for a few years and recording QR 1 and 2, Randy was called to the bar and asked to audition for Ozzy Osbourne. I’d never considered that possibility. “It tasted like a lovely Ronald MacDonald,” Ozzy jokingly said later. I know the guy’.”, The bassist had already phoned Randy: “I said: ‘You know I told you there had to be something out there for you? The explosion killed all onboard instantly. “But Randy took it to a new level. Randy’s fear of flying was well-known, and Rachel had a heart condition. Randall William "Randy" Rhoads (December 6, 1956 – March 19, 1982) was an American heavy metal guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot. Ozzy Osbourne wept on Delores’s shoulders throughout. “I do a solo live, and I do a lot of these things that Eddie Van Halen does, and it kills me that I do that,” he later told writer John Stix. A devoted student of classical guitar, Rhoads combined his classical music influences with his own heavy metal style. When people tell you what an influence he was on them, that’s pretty amazing.”. Finally, one night towards the end of 1978, Strum summoned up the courage to speak to Randy. He played sports and enjoyed all the things a junior high school child would, but music was always the first thing in his mind. He would make his sugary drink and get his cigarettes and listen to classical music as he worked on his little model railroad. “But nobody in England wanted to know. He was really touristy. It was an old Gibson classical acoustic "Army-Navy" guitar that had belonged to his grandfather. The music he made on Blizzard… and Diary… may have been some of the best Ozzy would be involved in, but for Randy it was merely the start. “He said they brought a dead goat to present it to Ozzy,” Kelle recalls. He was a perfectionist according to Kathy. But it wasn’t until they put together their own band, Little Women, in 1973, that things began to get serious. “But it was done with a sense of innocence, too. He made him play a lot of scales, made him use violin books for scale material. Rudy recalls one night during a break back in LA, a stoned and drunken Ozzy telling him: “You go tell your friend he’d better reconsider leaving the band. Ozzy’s then-wife, Thelma, had visited Ridge Farm during the making of Diary…, leaving Sharon, who had begun an affair with Ozzy, with nowhere to sleep. He loved platform shoes, because he was so little. I would also invite you to check out the Musonia School of Music for a tour if you are in the LA area at some point. Kathy Rhoads says their mother knew that Randy wasn’t happy. In the week before Christmas 2011, Kelle and Kathy come together at Kathy’s Burbank home to speak to Classic Rock about Randy. Kelle Rhoads had also been asked to be a pallbearer but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Why it happened, how it happened, what should have been done, what shouldn’t… the arguments have raged ever since, and will no doubt continue to do so.

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