"The gatherings are highlights of my year. | For Radical Faeries and friends who live in and love the beautiful City of Roses. Queer men rewilding our bodies and our place in the natural world. Your email address will not be published. When I look at you, I feel so jealous I could cry, or hate you. I would like, just once in my life, to be in a place where everybody stood and moved and walked like you. he replied enthusiastically. "I'm Leo Starfucker Sunshine!" For everyone! "Hello!" Sure, you can laugh at the faeries with their big hearts, big beards, and peculiar fantasy spellings. They just want love, really. Mr. Starfucker Sunshine explained that one day he was telling the guys in heart circle about the wonderful time a ray of sunshine gave him an erection. To exist, to breathe, to take up space. The Radical Faeries were founded far away—in Arizona in the 1970s—but the appeal of the lifestyle in Portland is clearly strong. Thank you and we are truly grateful for your support. "Then, of course, I fell in love with a faerie. But I don’t. I was too uptight," says a faerie who goes by Keystone. As if you’d never learned to look down on anyone or bend to someone who looks down on you. … But on a tip from a guy who goes by the faerie name Pan (the god of "mountain wilds and rustic music"), I turned up at Three Friends Coffee House on Saturday afternoon and found myself in a thicket of faeries. Radical Faeries erkennen daarnaast de isolatie en onverbondenheid waarmee homo’s opgroeien als een spirituele wond die behoefte heeft om spiritueel genezen te worden. Takedown Policy, Contact | "I thought of them as the guys who paint themselves purple and walk around on stilts in the Pride Parade. These days, Keystone is reformed. You can laugh at them because they often wear funny clothes and have funny names and talk about spirits with alarming frequency. Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project, The Faeries of Greater St. Louis on Facebook, Hudson Valley Radical Faeries on Facebook, OroBoroCorn, White River Junction on Facebook, Metro Vancouver Radical Faeries on Facebook, Midlands Radical Faeries & Queer Spirits on Facebook, Southwest ‘n’ Wales Faeries & Queer Folks on Facebook. | I like that a faerie can be a Buddhist and a business consultant and a BDSM aficionado all at the same time. It was a heavily bearded thicket. ", Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events, Comprehensive calendar of Portland events, All contents © Index Newspapers LLC A Community for Radical Faeries. After that, "Starfucker" just kind of stuck. Visit these fabulous websites to discover faerie space, join a faerie social network and read faerie musings. I’ve been watching you all night. Takedown Policy, Queer Week Comic: “This is Not Our First Pandemic”, Looking Out for Each Other: Scenes from the Juneteenth "Celebration of Black Lives" March. Sure. Help us reach our goal of 300 new recurring monthly contributors by January 1! Required fields are marked *. Where faeries gather by location. Our staff is working morning, noon, and night to make your contributions count. "When I was in my 20s, the faeries were too scary for me.

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