They love being outside, grazing on grasses and weeds. With one of the most impressive high domed shells in the tortoise world, Radiated Tortoises can reach up to 15 inches, with most breeding starting at 13+ inches. with tail. Read Here, African Pancake Tortoise (Hatchlings and Yearlings), Bolivian Cherry Headed Red Footed Tortoises, Grenada Island Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoises, High Colored Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise, Indian Star Tortoises (Four and Five Year Olds), Platinum Yellow Leucistic Red Footed Tortoise, Possible Hybrid Red Foot Yellow Foot Tortoises, Sri Lankan Star Tortoises (2 to 3 Year Olds), 1: We have just one well Started 3.25" Yearling Radiated Tortoises :*Sorry this tortoise has been ordered*, Do you have a question about this Radiated Tortoise? Often, we have adult redfoot tortoises available and, less often, other species of adult tortoises. 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Don't forget food for your new tortoise. Paradox-Lime Phase Albino Red Eared Slider: World's First Albino Yellow Bellied Sliders, Hatchling Juvenile Hypo Melanistic Common Snapping Turtles. available for $1,500 shipped or pick-up..Tortoise, California » Los Angeles, Hi, I am a licensed breeder of many breeds of tortoise but now available for sale Photo Gallery | He examined the tortoises, performed fecal exams and it was his opinion that they were captive bred and not wild-caught. Spurthighed Tortoise Kimlab15. Their highly protected status, both federally and internationally prohibits them from crossing over state lines without US fish and Wild life special permits. He is a little over a year old. They're very hardy in captivity, requiring UV lighting, temps ranging from approximately 80-100F and medium humidity. Only a very small handful of juvenile Radiated Tortoises are available each year. These officers inspected the hatchlings and assured us that it's perfectly legal to breed, sell and transport them (and their offspring) between provinces. When available, we are only permitted to offer these extraordinary tortoises to Florida residents. Radiated Rain Dance - This could be an adaptation to the monsoon season and flooding in their natural habitat. They're a large tortoise, attaining a length of 16 inches and weighing up to 35 pounds. We immediately took the hatchlings to a vet who specializes in reptiles. Most of the tortoises that we sell are small captive bred hatchlings within six months of birth. Our well started juveniles readily eat tortoise diet, vegetables and greens. To ensure that it's legal to keep these tortoises without documentation, we invited two wildlife officers from Environment Canada into our home. Adult Behavior: Radiated tortoises are active, busy tortoises when the temperatures are in their ideal ranges (60-90 degrees), particularly if humidity is moderate to high. It's often extremely difficult to obtain written documentation supporting the origin of tortoises purchased in Canada. Rads are very charming and enjoy human interaction, especially a head scratch and chin rub! Bookmark Us, • Spotted, Wood, Bog, and Western Pond Turtles, Hypo Pastel Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle (Yearling), Kwang Tung River X Chinese Golden Thread Hybrid Turtles, Siebenrock's Snake Necked Turtle (Yearlings and Two Year Olds), Southern River Cooter/Red Eared Slider Hybrid, Super High Orange Mississippi Map Turtles, Mexican Giant Musk Turtles (2 and 3 Year Olds), White Lipped Mud Turtles - Yearlings and Two Year Olds, White-Lipped Mud Turtles (Hatchlings/Juveniles), Yellow Mud Turtles (2 to 3 Year old Juveniles), Yellow Mud Turtles (Hatchlings and Yearlings), Florida Red Bellied Turtles - Two & Three Year Olds, High Orange Florida Red Bellied Turtle (Yearling), Half Black, Half Green Yellow Bellied Slider, Hypo Pastel Red Eared Sliders - Extra Scutes, Hypo Translucent Red Eared Slider (Golden Phase).

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