If you come back, I shall treat you just as I have always treated you. (The Case of Pygmalion) Equality and Social Class in Pygmalion Besides, during the party, she does not know another type of language, something that is common among the upper-class individuals. He also shows how the social class gap can be broke through the transforming a flower girl, Eliza Dolittle, who assumes the role of a duchess after … That is, in Mrs. Higgin's home. Does the play suggest that true love is possible and good? (The Case of Pygmalion) It very negatively shows human behavior to those who people wish to exploit and those who people wish to impress and be on the good side of. As viewing the show I observed Curtis Payne getting up every day going to work. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. [pic] This can be shown when the author said, “Oh! and his two kids starts feeding their... ...time, or about the science of that life. They even joke about it repeating what appears to be a children’s rhyme, Eliza, Elizabeth, Betsy and Bess (Shaw 14). That is why Pickering and Higgins treatment towards Eliza differed because they viewed the society in varying ways. This can be shown when the author stated, “ I can place any man within six miles. Question: How have the texts you have studied explored social values? Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Hrm Practices. Her grown son Calvin, her nephew C.J. Social Classes in the Play Pygmalion. When Doolittle ‘sells’ Eliza to Higgins for £5, Higgins offers him £10 and Doolittle says, “Ten pounds is a lot of money: it makes a man feel prudent like; and then goodbye to happiness.” This proves that lower class people felt that if they were to have more money than they needed then they would lose who their personality and become a stereotypical upper class person, having to stay without the higher class’s... ...Pygmalion – Themes People generally didn’t interact with other classes other than in shopping centers. ...PYGMALION At that time when he was away from his home, Venus, the goddess of love came unto him, and granted him his wish, and told him to go home where there was something waiting for him. He uses the Eliza character to reflect the middle class because of her uncouthness because she wants to be good and not better. Pride and Prejudice has four chief inflexion points: first feeling, misinterpretation, attractive force, and matrimony. This is an indication that indeed characterization […], Writings will often reflect the cultural assumptions and attitudes of their time period, which includes the general insolences towards women: their status, their roles, their expectations. Therefore, Eliza reflects women who always try to satisfy others to fit in but fails because the change is not within them (Amkpa, 1999). This play was first presented in 1912. Apart from Eliza, Clara is seen to have a poor way of associating with strangers, especially when interacting with Higgins in Act I of the play (Livingston, 2003). The structure of the excerpt in lines 18-31 is created to show how Higgins and Pickering are giving excuses to why they are teaching Eliza. 1,742 words George Bernard Shaw - Pygmalion Stunning, fascinating, brilliantly modernized story of an ancient sculptor who falls in love with his artistic creation and breathes a life into her is all about Pygmalion. Question: In Act 1, how does Priestley use the character of Mr. Birling to introduce the key themes of the play? Shaw was a lifelong socialist, and wrote many essays on the subject. That is of course, without her uttering a word. All rights reserved. Shaw's Pygmalion is which deals with struggles and sufferings of Eliza's accent and mostly the love of Eliza was not acknowledged by Higgins. Shaw depicts members of all social classes, the lowest being Liza, known for her London’s working class cockney accent. The storyline’s major plot, in transforming Eliza into a duchess was a trigger for the realization of the British social class. Setting: The setting of Pygmalion is set in England around the late 1800s and early 1900s. How does the play deal with the issue of social class? Throughout the play, we see male dominance over the females. The author uses this mythology to portray aspects of Victorian England common social class classification.

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