Customize with your name and information in an editing program like MS Word. Easy to install on a window or the body of your vehicle, We currently ship to: We strive to make quality products for our customers, which is reflected in the price. Please submit a form for our customer service here: I'm a very white red-head who mostly burns if out in the sun. At Pure Romance, ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied and providing quality customer service are top priorities. For for 1oz tubes!! I won't be able to use it again unless the smell is gone. Great add-on to your rear window decal or magnetic to let your customer know you have catalogs with you. She was Drunk and probly high doing the party. Whether you order from our website or a Consultant, we always want to ensure that you have a pleasant experience! We're so sorry to hear about your experience with a Consultant. We're sorry to hear you have not had a good experience. Easy install to window or the body of your vehicle. And I found bigger bottles of coochy for the same price in store! We're sorry to hear you're having issues with Hot and Bothered. Use coupon … Thanks for the review. We are eager to assist you and to make this right. This feels shady, but we follow through with sending funds to her personal Venmo account. Thanks so much for giving us this feedback. Thanks for giving us this feedback. What the other reviews are saying about trickery when booking parties is true. We're sorry to hear you have not enjoyed our products. I bought the Get a Grip or Hand Jive, I wanted to surprise my fiance. Quiet annoyed. The repossession industry's premier tool for management and logistics. At Pure Romance, we strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our quality products and customer service. I'd think it wouldn't be much different then O product? She is a fraud. Prbytashia's Pure Romance Spring 2015 Catalog looks good? I put in new batteries, it died it’s thing for maybe 10 minutes then turns offPut new batteries in again and again it shuts off.I contacted the consultant who said it was past the warranty, (purchased as a gift three months before the anniversary)nothing she could do. Totally recommend her and the products. First off, the party lasted about 10 mins and was extremely rushed. You can also submit a request through our Customer Service Inquiry Portal where someone can further assist you. $115 from me personally and "forgot" to order. 1stFlip FlipBook Creator Pro v2.7.0 + Fix full latest version. Pure Romance Rear Window Decal - Ultimate Girls Night White Pure Romance Rear Window Decal TRUCK - Ultimate Girls Night White.

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