Although each side views the situation differently, the common denominator seems to be the values that they hold, with one being the truth. Remembering is powerful. The words "Black Lives Matter" spray painted on a monument to former Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Richmond, Va. June 25, 2015. It still comes down to these statues are property. Is it permissible to single out individuals with harmful actions or words because their beliefs don’t line up with our own? 123 We think of the words Never Forget and we instantly remember 9-11 or the Holocaust. Of Speech. Join the conversation: The Confederate Flag is a symbol of southern heritage. Southern communities such as Virginia and South Carolina are being pressured by citizens into removing the Confederate monuments in the town square, claiming that the monuments are a brutal reminder of America’s history of slavery. And hopefully, with a little faith, self-discovery and humility we grow into better, more loving human beings. The people who hated having black classmates at their school didn’t hate us because there were statues of Robert E. Lee or George Washington (our nation’s first President and a slave owner) on campus. We learn when we face them. Keep them so that we can have a constructive dialogue at places like Montpelier (the home of President James Madison, who is considered the father of the Constitution). Should it be acceptable to destroy symbolic icons on which American history was founded? For the confederacy to work, the confederate states should have an agreement on a particular issue. But here is my point: In America, we pride ourselves on free thought. Is it permissible to single out individuals with harmful actions or words because their beliefs don’t line up with our own? There are three reasons why I would not want them removed. In South Carolina, they had the confederate flag raised at monuments. You have to want it, work at it, and trust that it ultimately works for us all. We discover. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGER “A great nation does not hide its history, it faces its flaws and corrects them.”—President George W. Bush, Opening of the NMAAHC, September 24, 2016. SUCCESSES The removal of the Confederate soldier monuments and memorials, such as the Robert E. Lee statue, and the Confederate Soldiers Monument in Tampa, Florida are sparking massive debates across the nation. The first is that what we should see in the statues, has been some debate in South Carolina about the confederate flag. Is Removing Confederate Monuments Like Erasing History. But our white classmates were as outraged as us, and the Dean reacted swiftly and firmly to handle the perpetrators. We look. We connect because we remember. South Ossetia. On August 12, 2017, a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA turned into a violent and brought renewed attention to dozens of Confederate monuments from around the country. Let me be clear: I felt very differently about the Confederate flag because it was a waving symbol of hate, rebellion and division flying over modern day state capitols throughout the south. Of Heritage. EDITION Just as we cannot tell people not to buy Nazi paraphernalia or collect it in their homes (no matter how abhorrent we may find it), we likewise cannot tell people they are not allowed to honor family members who fought for the confederacy or that their forbears could not raise monuments to southern heroes like Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson—both of whom were decorated and beloved West Point graduates and union officers before the south seceded from the union in rebellion. I don’t fear 150-year-old statues of old dead white men. EXECUTIVE MARKETING MANAGER If we start taking statues down, well, we better go for old Thomas Jefferson (master of a slave who was his mistress and mother of at least four of his children). And we won’t do it by hiding from our racist, slave owning, segregated past. As more events happen, such as the one in Charlottesville where there was a white supremacist rally, the more this debate is becoming relevant. George Hoffman Various blogs such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are primary sources that organizations use to advertise and, TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR NSL READING Freedom to worship as we believe. To live in a, Although the Confederate monuments have been standing for many years now, the conversation on whether they should stay standing is just beginning. Free expression. Let that sink in for a moment. The symbol was used by Dylan Roof to stoke his murderous rage one night after a Bible study where he killed nine God-fearing black church members. Pros And Cons Of The Confederate Statues 773 Words | 4 Pages. They didn’t like having black classmates because they had racist hearts. That’s called “free expression” and in America it is sacrosanct. Workers prepare to take down a Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans early on Thursday. Robert F. Hartley Remembering, forces us to become wiser. CHAPTER 1: National Security Law and the Role of Tipson 1 Matt Winslow Dorothy Sinclair The founding fathers came to, distention among a nation? Pros And Cons Of The Removal Of Confederate Monuments 1996 Words | 8 Pages. Monticello announced earlier this year a new wing about Sally Hemings and of course, the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (which was the victim of yet another hateful racial act yesterday) is the place that every American family should go and take their kids, and their grandkids. America is advanced citizenship. Get my point? I don’t fear 150-year-old statues of old dead white men. This is why I, as a black woman, who is a direct lineal descendant of African slaves in my maternal family tree (my grandmother “Viney” was brought to America in the hull of a slave ship in the early 1800s, around 1803 we believe from Africa and was sold to the Henry plantation in Georgia), am opposed to the removal of Confederate statues in the south whether it be here in Richmond, Virginia or deeper south in Alabama. Should it be acceptable to destroy symbolic icons on which American history was founded? Keep the statues where they are so that people can explain history to their kids. After that incident, the public sentiment shifted and the flag had to come down. Although I agree with the powerful words and sentiments expressed by Mayor Landrieu of New Orleans last week about why he thinks Confederate statutes and symbols should come down, I do not think it reflects the great first amendment freedoms America was founded upon. The debate for the removal of the confederate monuments is currently at a standstill. They honored racial prejudice. Sophia A. Nelson, Esq., is the award-winning author of three non-fiction books and a "Corporate Diversity Champion" (2012) award winner for her work in corporate diversity strategies and training for the Fortune 100. Some think that the monuments stand for a lost cause of racism and white pride while others believe the statues should … The pros and cons of these questions must be examined in order to determine whether or not “Hate Speech” should or should not be considered a crime. Carly DeCandia, Gersh Kentzman in the New York Daily News gave the reasonable and understandable reason of why the federate statues should be removed. My opinion to this debate is that they shouldn’t take the statues down. Freedom to associate with groups and have ideas that may differ from each other, even if they are the “wrong” ideas. DESIGN DIRECTOR There are three reasons why I would not want them removed. The United Nations System 17 30TH We learn. Statues also are to honor people’s service to the country. Photos of Roof holding the Confederate flag alongside a number of guns have surfaced and reopened the controversy over the Confederate flag. The removal of the confederate statues has its pros and cons as to why they should take them down. At the end of the day, I don’t want statutes of Robert E. Lee to come down. SENIOR MEDIA EDITOR I attended Washington & Lee University in Lexington Virginia as a first-year law student. Despite the monuments’ representation of American history, this is, The Removal of the Confederate Statues More powerfully, South Carolinians taught us all a profound lesson of love, compassion and reconciliation as tens of thousands of them marched together on the famed Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge. Is it permissible to single out individuals with harmful actions or words because their beliefs don’t line up with our own? A great Nation does not hide its history. Lise Johnson The Confederate statues can easily remind the victims of civil war or slavery what they went through and how they were treated. Nelson is a frequent guest on NBC News and MSNBC, as well as many other networks, and she has written for various outlets including Essence, Huffington Post, theGrio, Politico, Politico Magazine, and Ebony. JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. Social movements use the media to express concerns and provide evidence to communicate their points of concern and interest. Amy Scholz Like any other type of government, there exist pros and cons of a confederate government too.

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