For me, though it felt too much like a bunch of stuff that I had seen before.

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That said, before I saw it I joked that Galo was an alt-universe Kamina (Gurren Lagann); after watching Promare I can honestly say that’s pretty much all there is to his character. It’s a good film for sure, and for those who haven’t seen at lot of Trigger it’ll be a lot of fun. English Freeze Force then arrives on the scene. Billy Bob Thompson. It channels and enhances his own power. Galo has even passed his aptitude tests before joining Burning Rescue. Is it going too deep to point out that the pizza chef captured in the ICE uh I mean Freeze Force raid is really the first example of a self-actualized burnish we see — he just wants to make pizzas!

The Pizzeria Employee is a fairly thin man of average height with brown skin and dark hair adorned in a bun. And the more I think about Promare the more I feel a burning need to shout from the rooftops about the sheer elegance and power of the visual symbolism of shapes. It’s definitely worth seeing at the theater if distributor Gkids is showing it near you. There, an employee is making pan pizza. The moment I knew I was watching a masterpiece was when I noticed that even the lens flare effects of the sunlight in the rectangular city of Promepolis are rectangular. The octahedron is a view of balance through the eyes of normative society.

Freedom to live authentically — good.

Look, we took our square and built triangles on top of it! Due to a series of plot twists occurring both early and late into the story, all spoilers are unmarked.

The burnish flames sparking pink triangles as Lio talks about pride and the need to allow the fire inside him to burn even as society shuns him for it… I mean, you’re reading AniGay, I’m gonna assume you don’t need me to spell that one out much further for you.

What it’s destroying is the rectangles. His boss attempts to defend him, only for Pops to be arrested as well. Eyes As Pops is not Burnish, he was likely not sent to the same institution as the employee. Each time I thought the drama might resolve, some new and even more absurd drama would be introduced, upping the ante. Pizzaria Employee A triangle trapped inside a rectangle. To achieve the balance of circles the burnish need to burn, burn fully, burn everything, burn it to the fucking ground. The moment the circles first appear is breathtaking. Alongside that, he has a black apron wrapped around his waist, wears blue jeans and tennis shoes.

The first image of Promare is a triangle constrained inside a rectangle, distorted and maimed as the walls close in around it.

Sometime around the present day in Promare, spontaneous combustion becomes a plague known as the Great World Blaze. It is both destructive and healing: What it’s destroying isn’t the planet, isn’t the people it touches. (Warning! That is basically the movie’s opening.

Of course, these techniques involve mechs and scantily-clad heroes. The employee is spun on the device and set ablaze with his energy drained from him.


Yuu Okano

This piece contains major spoilers for Promare.

There’s Margherita pizza, mad scientists, romantic tension, artificial intelligence, aliens, bubbling-up magma, more mecha fights. Promare is the new action drama anime film from Studio Trigger.The film is delightfully colorful and surprisingly queer. They are a rejection of rectangles as an ideal. Promare’s mishmash of tropes, barebones writing and roller coaster plot would not have worked without Studio Trigger’s next-level animation, which sets the movie’s psychedelic tone.

The villain of the movie isn’t (self-hating, closeted) Kray Foresight; it’s the rectangles he overlays onto the world.

Read on at your own risk!). Just Lio and Galo looking out together over the reborn planet, the sunlight that shines down on them flaring in perfect circles, light itself restored to its true shape. The rabbit hole of shapes goes as deep as you’re willing to fall. Having seen it and most of Trigger’s portfolio, I can say it looks amazing and sounds exciting (Hiroyuki Sawano of Attack on Titan and Xenoblade Chronicles X is the composer). Pizzeria Employee You got it: pizza. Rectangles — lawns and buildings and city blocks of Promepolis, blocks of ice, the barrel of a freezing gun, cubical elevators, cubical cells, cubical restraints, tiled rectangles of windows and doors, rectangular barriers. How Thelma Re-Defines the Monstrous Feminine in Horror, World-Changing Perspectives from ‘Inside Bill’s Mind’, How to Draw out Authenticity in a Documentary Edit, Midsommar is the Perfect Recapitulation of Female Rage, ‘The Devil All The Time’ is Gritty and Bleak. When the flames clear, there are no more rectangles, no more triangles, no more burnish, no more society. (Look, I said it goes as deep as you’re willing to fall…). It takes the studio’s deranged and genius animation style into a fresh context: firefighting. Portrayal: Yuu Okano

Unlike the geometrically-tiled fuel cells of Kray’s engine, Deus’s mech — comically round in its design, with a name that seems to make fun of the very concept of Plot — does not hurt Lio. That can be fine and all, but it’s way more difficult and way more impressive to go the other direction — to successfully strip away the muddiness and shine a clear light on something simple. The Pizzeria Employee, nicknamed Pizza Burnish by fans, is a minor character from Promare. He’s good at it!

Galo also bore witness to Kray and Heris' experiment on him, commenting on how heinous the act was. Promare is overstated mayhem, and a successful entry into the world of feature films for Studio Trigger. That in and of itself is enough reason to trek out to a theater during its limited run to see it on the big screen.

Phone: 305-828-0505 Characters from Promare. After the test, his hand is shown fading away. Lio and Galo’s fire encircles the earth, spirals through the circular orbits of the spherical planets. This means both him and other Burnish seen lived. This creates a mini portal the scientists transport themselves with. Like his boss, his brows are thicker. What if there’s no right answer? When defending himself, the Burnish employee is able to convert the oven's flames into Burnish flames.

Released in North America on September 20, Promare is no different, as it’s produced by the team from Kill la Kill and the lauded mecha anime Gurren Lagann. (Jumping one step further down the rabbit hole, technically Deus’s laboratory isn’t the first time circles play a central role on screen.

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