Copyright 2018 Kukui rescued Burnet, but at the cost of missing out on his chance to travel to Ultra Space and help his students save their ally. Ever since, she and her husband have been helping Lillie find out more about Nebby. Kukui, sensing a strange change in the atmosphere, feared that a battle may have started in the hour since the Captains' group arrived at Po Town to talk with Team Skull. When Lillie eventually fainted, Nebby stopped and went down to check on her condition out of concern. Burnet apologized to Kukui for messing up dinnertime, but he reminded she just helped them out. [10], With Burnet living with Professor Kukui, the latter had Ash tell his wife that breakfast was ready. In Rocking Clawmark Hill!, he encouraged Ash to catch it after seeing the bond the two had developed. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. He … [1], Burnet met the heroes at Aether Paradise, as she dived out of a pool of water with her Munchlax. Still, she expected of him to give a great match to the audience, and walked away, leaving Kukui smiling. Soon, in a suit, Kukui sent Braviary, as his partner to accompany him to the altar, while Burnet was accompanied by her Munchlax. The latter came, but behind the mask, it was actually Faba. In Rocking Clawmark Hill!, he and Ash returned home one night, only to notice the absence of Rockruff. Finding out there was a small Ultra Wormhole sucking their energy, Lusamine asked of the Ultra Guardians to come to Poni Island's Altar of the Sunne. After finding a place to dock, Burnet and Kukui met back up with Sun and Moon in Po Town. Burnet supported Ash during his time in Alola, offering him advice like in No Stone Unturned! We're updating our policies! Later, Burnet went off to the Aether House to meet up with Lillie. The two reported that they contacted other branches of Aether Paradise, but they still have not found Mohn yet. Burnet had followed the group to Poni Island and had planned to accompany them on their journey into Ultra Space, but she got cornered by a group of wild Pokemon that had previously plagued Ash's group while traveling through the island. She let the heroes come into a small house, where she was treating several Ditto, and was to vaccinate them. Despite some comically close calls, no one has been able to discern the Masked Royal's true identity. However, Ash certainly seemed thrilled about having a new mother figure in his life (even though he's seen his mom a lot more in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon than in past series.) #anipoke Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures. Despite this, however, the battle ended in the Masked Royal's victory. and Fiery Surprises!, where it was Kukui's fifth Pokémon in his Full Battle with Ash. But since this is [Goh's] first time meeting them all, he's a bit nervous, and during the welcoming party that's held for the two at the Pokemon School, [Ash's] classmate [Kiawe] challenges him to a battle, saying he'll 'make sure this guy is a fitting rival for [Ash!]' Burnet stated how looking at the waves calmed one's soul. As the Ultra Guardians found a new creature at the power plant, Lusamine reported to the Ultra Guardians that it was a new Ultra Beast that drained electricity. At the beach, Kukui was walking with Professor Burnet, who was amazed by Ash's coolness. In the end, the Ultra Guardians, with Kartana's help, destroyed the meteor. Much to their shock, it was the same thing they encountered earlier, named Stakataka, which they believed it to be a vaulting horse. [33] Professor Burnet attended an event, along with the heroes, at the Aether Paradise. Burnet made her core series debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon, where she is revealed to have married Professor Kukui of Alola. After the Pokémon League was over, Burnet was having breakfast with Ash and Kukui. After Wicke managed regain contact with the Ultra Guardians in the next episode, Burnet was able to share her findings with them. Professor Kukui has more known Pokémon on hand than any other Professor in the anime. Burnet eventually uncovered the truth between the Ultra Beast, UB: Black, which was the Blinding One, who lost its light. She found it a shame that Kukui did not shake hands with Masked Royal, whom she was really fond of, which made Kukui blush. As she went to mention how Incineroar replaced that move with Brick Break, Kukui stopped her, reminding they had to focus on Ash's Rowlet, and thought they could start their training all over. Burnet suggested that Lillie may have been trying to keep Nebby away from someone, but she refused to clarify who she was trying to escape from. In League Offenders and Defenders!, Hala revealed that Kukui and Guzma were once his apprentices. Ash noted Rotom started to behave strangely, but Burnet believed that was just a side-effect of Rotom being rebooted. In Revealing the Stuff of Legend!, as she was on her way to the others at the Altar of the Sunne, she got attacked by a group of wild Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o, but was saved by Professor Kukui. Kukui then sent out his Venusaur, who was able to defeat Rowlet before losing to Torracat. Eventually, however, Naganadel was defeated by the guardian deity, leaving Ash with just Pikachu. [Goh] accepts the challenge!". During Ash and Kukui's exhibition match, she sat with Delia and Professor Oak to watch the battle. Ash left the remainder of his Alolan party with Professors Kukui and Burnet in Thank You, Alola! [11] Ash went to announce to his Pokémon that he, Burnet and Kukui would go to do some shopping. Professors Kukui and Burnet get married. The only exceptions are his longtime friend Molayne; Faba, who realized the truth after Kukui blew his cover in front of him; and Ash's Torracat, who was able to recognize him from his scent, and later, Ash himself, along with Pikachu, Rotom, and Naganadel in the aftermath of the battle with the giant Shiny Guzzlord. Kukui came to Ash and Burnet, who noted he was late. The battle commenced in From Z to Shining Z!, where Tapu Koko faced Ash's Naganadel and won, before going up against Pikachu. The Journey Continues!, Ash, following his decision to start traveling around the world, said goodbye to Kukui and Burnet, leaving all of the Pokémon he caught in Alola under their care. At the end of the day, as the Ultra Guardians captured Pheromosa, Burnet and the scientists were at the site to open the Ultra Wormhole, to return Pheromosa to its homeworld. Professor Burnet debuted in A Dream Encounter!. Burnet eventually found some traces of Ultra energy, but showed the location was on Melemele Island. Family: Please read the. As the battle started, Burnet began to blush, seeing how awesome her husband was, and considered herself lucky to be married to him. Wicke and Burnet reprimanded Faba for using Burnet's machine without her approval. The Masked Royal then got challenged by Mad Magmar to a battle for the title of the strongest fighter, which he accepted. Later on, Kukui, along with his friends and colleagues, bid farewell to Lusamine, Lillie, and Gladion, who went to find Mohn by tracking Magearna's beam. Seeing they had to share their own Ultra Aura, too, Lusamine informed the Ultra Guardians, as well as the Island Kahuna, to make the pose to share their energies. Kukui promised to help her pack up, while Ash bid them farewell, as he went to school. Burnet was glad that Ash brought the food to her. Kukui prepared to summon his final Pokémon, but suddenly, Tapu Koko appeared and knocked the Poké Ball from his hand. They got the attention of Team Rocket and surrounded them at the top of the facility, where they unmasked themselves. She is the first female character in the anime to display pregnancy symptoms. That evening, Ash and Rotom had a small trip with Solgaleo, by facing an Ultra Beast beyond an Ultra Wormhole. He took them home, where Ash was reunited with his Alolan team. onward, Burnet became a motherly figure for the household. As the Ultra Guardians were trying to capture Kartana, Lusamine contacted them again, ordering them to abort the mission, for a meteor was heading towards their school. Oak was intrigued, and suddenly, Meltan emitted sound waves to gather the other Meltan. Lusamine refused to have them travel through the portal since it was dangerous, but Gladion reminded they did go to the Ultra Beasts' world to save her previously. Character information As you can see below, the fanbase was understandably crying with joy throughout the episode: I'm not crying. In Alola, Kanto!, Kukui accompanied his students and Samson Oak to Kanto for an extracurricular activity, where they visited Professor Oak's Laboratory. Burnet noted her husband did not arrive home yet, and upon seeing Masked Royal on television, admitted she liked to watch his battles, too. Female Since their marriage, Burnet has moved in with Kukui and Ash. SM127: Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams! Rotom was lying on the floor, and Kukui activated it back. We're updating our policies! Due to Ash's mastery of Z-Moves, he started calling him the "Move Kahuna" (Japanese: ワザキング Move King) and asked to battle with him. As the girl stated that her Ribombee told her that Poipole was feeling love, Kukui noted that the girl and Ribombee must be synchronized, and Burnet believed the flower aura allowed the girl to recognize what Ribombee was telling her. Ash and Masked Royal eventually won the match, which pleased Burnet and others. We're updating our policies! They also noticed Faba, whose Alakazam defeated a Boldore. Accompanied by Ash and Molayne, she attended the meet-and-greet and became incredibly flustered in the Masked Royal's presence, unaware of the fact he was actually her husband in disguise.

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