it makes me feel better that they're happily married and have children of their own. the end. Thanks for your effort. the princess weiyoung was adapted by a book that was far different and involved time travel, reincarnation, and li weiyang ending up with li mingde. She exposes his wrongdoing at a celebration held in her honor. Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin Flash Their "Little Red Books", Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin to Get Married This Weekend. The collapsed Xin'er is saved by the kind-hearted Li Wei Young, who lives her life in obscurity despite being the daughter of the noble Li Xiaoran. Meng Fu Yao, a woman born from a divine lotus petal. During ... See full summary », Provoked by the actions of a seemingly sly human, an ancient snake spirit takes on a human form, in order to prove him a fraud. Very memorable. In Wei Young's investigation of Zhong Zheng's murder she searches his manor and finds a secret room, only to become trapped inside with Tuoba Yu. After living together for 100years he falls in love with that ignorant Jin Mi. She does this as a way to pay her friend back for her kindness. No matter who you are, you have to rise from the mud to become The Great Phoenix. when she was young, northern yan was conquered by northern wei (tuoba clan). the tuoba clan is of xianbei descent. Wei Young suspects foul play behind Tuoba Jun's injury when Tuoba Yu is honored instead of him. however, the drama ended up leaving the book's storyline so much (plagiarism accusations) that it ended up resembling actual history more than the book it is based on. li weiyang is to be executed, then she gets out. Then Changle takes credit for Wei Young's relief plan. tuoba yu is met with tuoba jun's revolution and is killed by li changru who was trying to kill li weiyang. I am looking for different type of stories, most of these shows have the same skeleton cookie cutter plot. A happily married man's life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The upcoming period epic, The Princess Weiyoung <錦繡未央>, officially wrapped up filming on March 27. Was it also poison? She journeys towards the heavens in search of a secret order and to reveal a conspiracy originating from the heavens. 16:59. li changle kills tuoba jun's mother while bearing the identity of li weiyang (feng xin'er). Wei Young vows revenge after Minfeng causes Ziyan to meet her untimely end. When the ... See full summary ». Minde escapes death and returns home. Wei Young, now a servant, is shocked to hear that Jun will take Changle as his bride. however, the drama ended up leaving the book's storyline so much (plagiarism accusations) that it ended up … Barely escaping with her life, Feng Xin’er is determined to avenge her family’s death. her father was a provincial governor. The real life story is really more intriguing than show if I’m being honest. he is still emperor, and he has to continue the bloodline, so he still had concubines, but the only one he truly fell in love with was feng. A young girl searches for the truth about her older sister's death by becoming a seamstress in the Emperor's harem. After removing Tuoba Jun from the succession fight, Tuoba Yu plots against Tuoba Han. The following The Princess Weiyoung Episode 2 English SUB has been released. I want to watch something different, the last drama I liked and was different was Ming Lan. ~~ Adapted from, China's Celebrity Couples That Were Couples in Dramas/Movies, Chinese Drama Women Who Went Through Hell and Back. Written by Now I want to know if her adopted son turned into a good emperor. Use the HTML below. This story is about the princess of liang named xiner who has a lucky escape as her kingdom is suddenly seized. The Emperor strips Tuoba Han of his title and puts him into confinement when his sins are revealed. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Revenge against Wei Young burns in Chiyun Rou's heart as she mourns her son Minfeng. But I was expecting him to do since the show kind of gave it away with the end credits. They evolved into a real power couple, even with many obstacles in their way.I LOVED many of the side cast as well such as the cunning and calculating Tuoba Yu, Prince Nanan (Vanness Wu), the adorable and deadly Li Changru (Mao Xiaotong), the loyal and devoted Li Minde (Liang Zhenlun), the quirky and daring Tuoba Di, Ninth Princess (Chen Yuqi), the adorable and loyal Bai Zhi (Mu Le'en), the loyal bodyguard Jun Tao (Wang Yanzhi) and so many others. Then, A kind new friend named Weiyoung saves the princesses' life but after some unfortunate circumstances cannot attend the event to fulfill her own dearest wish. Fanart and memes are always welcome, so come join us to figure out what drama you should be picking up next! Tuoba Jun comes to the rescue when Wei Young is beset by Chiyun Nan's men and chased to a precipice, but Wei Young does not want to get him involved. any beautiful female from a high ranking family would have been a better pick as an empress, but he still chose feng. After giving Wei Young the only antidote pill, Tuoba Jun coughs up blood and collapses. Season 1. Chiyun Rou feels Changle's position threatened and plots a devious trap for Wei Young by laying blame for all the misfortune at the estate upon her. The acting :The cast is a sprawling one, as befits the scale of the story, and from the principal characters to the secondary characters, to even the small, incidental characters, every single one is well-acted with his/her unique character, character development and plot twists adds a lot to the story and each character 3. The Princess Weiyoung it is stated that for days afterwards, all you could hear was crying and all you could see was crying of the empress feng. Starring mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) and mainland Chinese actor Luo Jin (羅晉), The Princess Weiyoung is expected to begin airing in fall 2016.. Wei Young surprises everyone at a birthday celebration for the grandmother. Sad to hear that the real Tuoba Jun died so young in real life though :( (but also he did ALL that by the time he was 25?? This is a space for all fans of cdramas, TV shows, web series, as well as actors and actresses. With Yan Tang, Jin Luo, Hsin Ai Lee, Vanness Wu. when tuoba jun found out that tuoba yu usurped the throne, he was rightfully pissed. li changle marries tuoba jun, li weiyang is a maid in the imperial palace. The Princess Weiyoung Episode 2 2016-11-14 10:19:02; SUB The Princess Weiyoung Episode 1 2016-11-14 10:15:09; Login to Drama Cool Log in with Google Remember me Forgot password? Their love story transcends time and has become a legend. Gongsun Li is the granddaughter and disciple of military commander Gongsun Yu.

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