Like any team with a core strategy, you should have a goal in mind for your Trick Room team. Be sure to have a -Speed nature and a 0 Speed IV when going this route. When trying to figure out how to support a Trick Room team, remember that Trick Room should support itself. Fighting fire with fire is always kind of a weird strategy. Playing defensively is an easy strategy to fall back on as it can help you against other teams as well, but be careful about Pokémon that can set up Substitutes or boosts, as they can take advantage of your passive moves once they catch on to what you're doing. The second goal of Trick Room should be to take advantage of the reversed turn order. I'll start off this list by admitting that although Chandelure and Gallade are two of my favorite Pokémon, I can be completely serious when I say that they are perhaps the most capable offensive Trick Room users because of their useful STABs and/or access to neat tools like Feint and Imprison. When XY is released (you really can't avoid talking about it this close to launch, can you? I hope this is obvious by now, but in case it isn't, you had better have a plan of what to do once you get Trick Room up. Trick Room reverses the move order within each priority bracket so that Pokémon with a lower Speed stat attack first, while those with a higher Speed stat will attack last. It is suggested, though, that one of the Pokémon is a Ghost-type, because Ghost-types come with an immunity to the popular move ExtremeSpeed. Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina-O are the best wallbreakers to use, each one of them can bash through stall teams rather easily. Again, these Pokémon aren't as generally useful, but have shown potential at the top tables, so it would be best to be aware of their existence in case you should require one of their specific niches. Additionally, Spore can work just as well as Taunt as it prevents the Trick Room setter from attacking too. (It's free!). Kangaskhan is really only used for its Scrappy Fake Out, which isn't particularly useful in my opinion, but Fake Out is still Fake Out. Follow Me is another Normal-type move that redirects single-target moves to the user. You might remember Exeggutor from Wolfe Glick's Worlds '12 team. A common anti-Trick Room duo is Fake Out + Taunt, which will usually shut down the Trick Room's Follow Me and successfully Taunt the Trick Room user, preventing the move from being used in the first place. These two should be used at the start of the match to set up Trick Room and deal massive damage to the opponent while offing themselves early to keep the ball rolling with a fresh Trick Room user or another sweeper. Having a single fast Pokémon can increase your team's consistency, as it can plow through some Pokémon early game to net some quick and easy wins without letting your opponent grab any crippling critical hits or freezes. Having used the two myself, I can honestly say that while they have their moments, other Pokémon are generally better than them, mostly due to their lackluster stats. Which Style of Urshifu Should You Choose? Since Trick Room's duration is relatively short, you can also stall the effects with Protect or through a Dynamax Pokemon using Max Guard. Of course, they can be somewhat slow, which is why I listed Hydreigon and Landorus-T as examples; they both fit under the base 100 Speed mark and are fast enough to outspeed Jolly Breloom, which is an important benchmark simply so you can hit it before it uses Spore. You can also Taunt the Trick Room setter, preventing them from using the move. Mesprit has great coverage with Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Grass Knot, and Ice Beam to compliment its respectable base 105 Special Attack, and has Levitate to help your team's synergy should you be using an Earthquake user, not to mention its great 80 / 105 / 105 defenses and an good typing.

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