If you’re playing Persona 4 […], It would be nice if you could tell us how to get said persona’s moveset. However, one thing you may want to do is take Naoto through the dungeons and then use a Goro-M or Traesto and replace her for the boss fights. It’s hard to ignore the impact that Persona 4 has had on the RPG genre. Loki is your go-to Ice Persona. What makes Yosuke deserve a spot on your team above many other characters is really one thing and one thing only: Dekaja. Each type of combination has its own advantages and disadvantages so I'll just explain to you each character's strength and weakness and let you decide for yourself. He serves as the player’s stand-in, actually unnamed in. Yosuke’s Social Link skills admittedly aren’t that great, but he’s all around the best party member in the game. Here’s the Yoshitsune build I’d recommend: The reason I suggest Auto-Mataru even though I already listed all the auto buff skills for Trumpeter is because with Yoshitsune you’re probably just going to start every fight, cast Hassou Tobi once to OHKO everything and repeat. As the party’s dedicated healer, Yukiko fills an extremely important rule no other character can really fill. has an incredibly tight knight party where every character shines, but some party members are better than others. Other than the main character, that is. The first four Personas on this list are special because they all have the strongest elemental spell in the game for their associated element. Even those pesky magical hands typically get one-shotted by a charged up Megidolaon. They’re single target elemental spells that deal “Severe” damage. If you have Naoto in your party, you will defeat almost every random encounter in the game in one round due to her ability to knock down or instantly kill every monster you encounter with her wide array of spells. If nothing else, Teddie’s buffs are always helpful. ’s main character, Yu can change his Persona at will, giving players quite a bit of gameplay variety. She also can potentially gain access to Marakunda, which lowers all enemies’ defense, which further increases her utility. Beelzebub is very flexible. That about covers it when it comes to the Best Persona 4 Golden Characters Tier List. Her Almighty skills will wipe out most enemies with ease, and her Hama & Mudo skills make endgame dungeon crawling a breeze. Persona 4. Overall, Yosuke is just a great character to have in any team, with his good stats and Masukukaja/Dekaja support. Yukiko could be switched out for Teddie, since they are both good healers, but Yukiko's magic stat makes her great for attacking as well. Alice’s signature skill is Die for Me! Should players fail to max out a single Social Link with their party members, Teddie’s plot mandated S. Link will ultimately result in his Persona evolving. Naoto is the best party member for random battles, but near useless in boss fights. Unfortunately, it may be a while before fans learn about the next main iteration in the franchise. While longtime fans of the franchise may find this bothersome, each title’s gameplay translates surprisingly well from the main series and strikes an excellent balance between normal attacks and Personas. While the game doesn’t take too many risks and its characters aren’t as interesting as those in Persona 3 or 4, there’s no denying that it evokes more style than most other games. Its gameplay is much more fluid than in prior entries and players may find themselves grinding a lot less here than they have in the past. His physical attacks hit hard, his magic hits harder, and his healing makes for an excellent safety net– especially since he gets Diarahan in Golden. ended up such a success in the first place. If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’re going to want to know what the best Persona 4 Golden Personas are so you know which Personas are really worth pursuing. His Bufu spells are admittedly stronger than Chie’s, but her HP based attacks outdo any of Teddie’s magic. Now is a great time for fans to revisit some of the best games in the franchise while they patiently wait to witness the Phantom Thieves of Hearts join forces with the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad and the Investigation Team. As Chie does fall out for a bid during the mid-game, this isn’t a bad idea in practice, but it can have unfortunate consequences once Kanji starts to fall off– and does he ever fall off. This ties perfectly into the gameplay, as there are a ton of interesting combat abilities, and Personas to unlock (killing machine Yoshitsune is definitely a highlight). Out of all the Persona 4 Golden characters, no one holds a candle to the main character. That said, Chie has exceptionally poor magic, with her best magical skill– Bufula– locked behind her Social Link. With smart Persona usage, it’s possible to blast through most encounters with just Yu. Even Kanji’s new skills in, While Kanji is strong, he’s lacking mostly elsewhere. If crossovers aren’t their cup of tea, they also have Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Scramble to look forward to next year. The build you’re going to want for your Odin is this: Once again, Mind Charge is optional. Yosuke is the most well rounded party member in Persona 4 other than the protagonist himself. Click here for the Kanji Skills & Best Build Guide. It’s not hyperbole to state Persona 4 is the exact reason why the series is so popular today. On top of that, Yoshitsune boasts an impressive array of elemental resistances. If you’re playing Persona 4 Golden, now available on Steam, you’ll want to know which of the Persona 4 Golden characters are the best and worst so you know who’s worthy of a spot on your final team. With an account you can customize your profile and write blog posts that are seen by all other users, as well as possibly being showcased on the main site. This Persona 4 Golden Persona Guide will teach you what the top 10 BEST Persona 4 Golden Personas are so you can create the ultimate team. The build I’d recommend for Helel is this: As always, Mind Charge isn’t strictly necessary. Frankly, though, when it comes to support skills, Debilitate and Dekaja are all you really need. When it comes to Persona 4 Golden Personas, the system in Persona 4 Golden is really flexible, allowing you to max the stats of any Persona of your choosing through Shuffle Time. If you’re playing the wonderful new aRPG Hades, you’re […], This article will show you all of the XCOM Chimera Squad Godmother Abilities. When it comes to Persona 4 Golden characters, Kanji is by no means a bad character, but ultimately what makes him fall behind is how little impact he tends to have during random encounters, which comprise the vast majority of combat in the game. Yoshitsune – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas. Everything else can be customized. ★ - denotes a Persona that can only be able to be obtained after maxing out the Social Link corresponding to that Arcana. The build I’d recommend is: Alice is the ultimate Persona for the Death Arcana, so in order to create her, you need to complete the Death social link with Hisano. ’s cast were written as if they were real, nuanced teenagers– not everyone in the cast liked each other & relationships had to naturally build. It’s miles ahead of any other skill in the game in terms of damage. Speaking of immunities, Naoto has the best elemental affinities of the group. With an account you can customize your profile and write blog posts that are seen by all other users, as well as possibly being showcased on the main site. The next two Personas have access to the best Light and Dark skills in the game, which have an exceptionally high success rate. 52 comments. He almost has to be considering he’s the only playable character that can never be removed from the party. The Protagonist gains access to unique spells that are unavailable to your party members. While cycling through dungeons can get monotonous and battles can seem slow, Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment‘s narratives are captivating enough to keep RPG fans invested. Teddie, however, has the party defense AND attack buffs. Once you’re able to get your hands on a Chakra Ring you might want to give it to Chie so she can cast Dragon Hustle multiple times. Compared to other Persona 4 Golden characters, Yosuke tends to be the jack-of-all-trades. Other party members can pick up the slack situationally, but Yukiko is the party’s all-purpose healer. You could give him multiple elemental spells and make him an elemental variety Persona. Where Persona 3 was a dark, moody story about not only the nature of life & death but what it means to be alive and have lived, Persona 4 chose to take a step back and embrace a lighter tone atypical for both the Persona sub-series and the Shin Megami Tensei franchise from which it originally spun off of. It only requires three skill slots to make him fully immune to all damage except Almighty, which gives him a lot of flexibility to be used as a dedicated support Persona. ’s worst party member, but he’s not useless by any means. Top 10 BEST Persona 4 Golden Personas 1. This is the most powerful spell in the game. Hassou Tobi is ridiculously powerful. Once you max her social link and get her ultimate persona you can safely spam Mahamon/Mamudoon because even if the enemy repels them, she's immune to them. Kanji is much better on bosses with his access to Matarukaja and more powerful physical attacks, but eventually Chie pulls ahead there too. The game commits itself to the social link system, unabashedly introducing a certain lightheartedness that other titles in the franchise fail to match. Teddie is far and away Persona 4’s worst party member, but he’s not useless by any means. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We have tons of content on Bright Rock Media. overpowered) skill that he learns at level 83, "Hassou Tobi", which deals 8 hits of physical damage to all enemies. She has a handful of token ice spells that she can use to hit weaknesses, and during the middle part of the game her Revolution skill is your best bet for taking down the magical hands you find throughout each dungeon. The Persona fighting spin-offs, Persona 4 Arena and Arena Ultimax, eschew established lore in favor of telling their own self-contained narratives. Click here for the Chie Skills & Best Build Guide. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. His signature skill is Thunder Reign, which deals severe electric damage to a single target. Which is arguably why Persona 4 ended up such a success in the first place. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Constantly switching Personas back to Trumpeter becomes kind of a hassle. This helps make the series feel grounded and personal, though the teenage awkwardness is a bit unappealing at times. Morning Star is the best Almighty move and exclusive to Helel. Chie and Kanji are very similar, but Chie tends to come out on top because she has target-all … Registered users can also comment on posts and view each other's profiles. Unless you’re soloing through dungeons, Heat Riser is less useful than Matarukaja or Chie’s Dragon Hustle, so I usually find that it’s not worth a spot. NEXT: 10 Of The Weirdest Persona Designs Ever. Rise is your navigator character in Persona 4 Golden and she’s part of your party whether you want her or not. It’s just hard to make an argument that Teddie is better than Yukiko in any meaningful way, and it’s hard to come up with any compelling reason to use both of them in your party. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. As Chie does fall out for a bid during the mid-game, this isn’t a bad idea in practice, but it can have unfortunate consequences once Kanji starts to fall off– and does he ever fall off.

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