Some spells (energy workings) such as the dark eye can needs nothing. Heptameron is a French collection of 72 short stories that mention the pentacle in one place. An act of devotion is one thing; but deliberately trying to make a spectacle of oneself is another. The understanding is that the "upright" pentacle represents matter seeking spirit (seeking one's spirituality), which is generally where a first degree Wiccan will be in their practice early on. It’s traditionally used both point up and point down. I wanted to know what they would mean combined like in my dream so this website was very useful for me to find the exact meaning of a pentacle. Many books and websites have tried (and failed) to make the distinction clear. I think it's so fascinating how this symbol use to be considered a sign of a good faith. Many use this tool to place other objects upon during consecration to dedicate or charge objects to a specific purpose (for example, cleanse and bless a stone to be used in a healing spell). It’s a symbol of our faith, a symbol of the 5 Elements (one for each point), and the circle (the universe) contains and connects them all. I love the pentacle too, it represents to me all the things I love about my religion. Most commonly, the pentacle is drawn starting at the top point with the circle drawn last. ~Sage. This is when Gerald Gardner founded Wicca, and people came crawling out of the woodwork claiming to be ‘hereditary witches’, or claiming their coven was ancient, or claiming some unbroken line to the pagan religions of antiquity. No matter which way it’s facing, there’s nothing ‘bad’ about it. what in the world is tyis symbol suppose to mean. As for whether or not the pentacle is inverted, the meanings generally involve deity (or spirit) and matter. — A. Pope, Essay on Criticism A pentacle could therefore be any magical talisman inscribed with any symbol or character, and a great variety of shapes and images appear in the old magical grimoires, such as “The Key of Solomon”. So glad to have found you and your wonderful and helpful hubs! Jade- the first thing that came to mind for your symbolism is “As above so below” just my insight on it. See Using Content from This Site for more information.). Anything scary, see that golden light filling up the scary energy with Love, all that it's really asking for, and all will be well. lol! Merry Part! Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on February 17, 2014: Thank you so much Mystic. If you believe that, then you should certainly live by it. are all arbitrary-- always changing. To answer questions I saw, a star pointed either way can mean nothing at all as far as evil or curses. I brought a 7 angle pentacle but I never conscreated it, and how do I conscreate the pentacle? In mathematics [ edit ] The term pentacle is used in Tilings and Patterns by Grumbaum and Shepard to indicate a five-pointed star composed of ten line segments , similar to a pentagram but containing no interior lines. Article is still very interesting. It is used as an amulet of warding and power because a large part of Ceremonial Magic is invoking and commanding various entities from Judeo-Christian beliefs. These people follow the path of removing ego and I and following the teachers of the right hand path. It just has a different meaning for me than it did for people a few centuries ago. Wishing you ease in your letting go, and clarity in your self knowledge about what intimacy means to you, and what will truly bring you happiness (including choosing just that, happiness) and the gratitude for the love you shared together in the sacredness of all real love. You are truly talented! Namaste for example states that my inner self bows to your innerself and is often associated with yoga and the kundalini awakening. Thanks VVanNess! Origin: 1585–95; < Italian pentacolo five-cornered object. What a talent you have, Sage! This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. I didn't say Wiccans don't work with spirits. If you look at the definitions provided above, pentagram and pentacle are synonymous, and have nothing to do with which way the points face, or whether or not they have a circle around them. I’ve mentioned that just about everyone used the pentagram back in the day, but I have yet to mention witches, wiccans and satanists. The first is a 5-pointed star symbol, usually in a circle, and yes-- in Wicca that symbol represents the elements. I always assumed that the printed version of the 5-pointed star (with or without the circle) was called a pentagram, "gram" meaning a printed depiction of something. A pentacle is one of those symbols that has picked up a whole lot of baggage over the years. The top point represents the Element of Spirit, the other four points represent the four Spiritual Elements. There's a time & place for everything, I think it's a situational thing. The article says this is incorrect, so I guess I'm wrong. Illuminati is not "a big fat rumour" as you would put it . For years, pop culture, media hysteria and other religions have drilled the idea into our heads that pagan symbols are bad, and the pentagram is evil. Pentacles/pentagrams are representations of all the elements, not just earth. There are other versions of the occult overlooked. However all can be considered practictioners of witchcraft. A pentacle is a kind of amulet or talisman used in traditional magical evocations and in some Neopagan magical traditions such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools. This was partly because the shape represented a human standing with his arms spread wide (the top point being the head, the two outer points the arms, and the bottom two points the legs). When they do incorporate star-shaped figures, these are actually more likely to be hexagrams (six-pointed) than pentagrams (five-pointed). Understanding the Word "Witch" and How it is Used Today, The Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame, Tools in Magick: Combining Personal Energy with Objects, How to Use Common Stones in Magick and Spells, Rethinking the Watchtowers: 13 Reasons Air Should Be in the North, A Code of Ethics for Teachers of the Wicca, Paganism and Magick Do Not Always Go Hand-in-Hand, Understanding Bigotry in Religion and Respecting Individual Beliefs, Examining the All Gods are One God Debate, The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality, False Superstars in Religions: Remember the Real Heroes of Your Faith, New Site Look And the Headaches it Came With, Pseudoscience Be Gone! More misconceptions abound, considering the Pagan community more commonly refers to the symbol as a ‘pentacle’ rather than a ‘pentagram’. Find the right pentacle for you in our selection of over 150 Wiccan pentacle jewelry and pentagram pendants Voodoo dolls as well are symbiotic magic. Now days, some people look at it like it's having to do with a cult, or some type of deranged worship. 2. a similar figure, as a hexagram. Thanks for stopping by. Wow! You're going to like Sabins just as much. The Wiccan pentagram is drawn “upright” (single point on top), not to be confused with the Satanic, or inverted, pentagram (single point down) as adopted by Anton LaVey and his Church of Satanism. On the Tarot (a Christian-origin divination system), the symbol is used for the suit of coins, and it represents the Element of Earth. Messages in the Moonlight and Evylyn Rose Stand with Black Lives Matter and BIPOC! Windsor Designers Wicca Wiccan Pentagram Pentacle Pagan Witchcraft Vinyl Wall Art Sticker DecalMedium 40cm across -White. The pentagram above shows the symbols of the Elements by the points of the pentagram with their respective colors. Meaning of a Pentagram in Wicca (And Which Way It Should Point) As far as Wiccan symbols go, the pentagram isn't a representation of good vs. evil. Some believe that the circle around the pentagram symbolizes the Goddess and God, or deity. And the "upside down" or inverted pentacle represents spirit seeking matter (Spirit in line with the practitioner), which is the next phase of one's practice as progress is made in spiritual and magickal development. If you read the article more carefully, I explain it. Pythagoras went on to use the pentagram as the symbol of man.

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