An Interview with Paul Leary…by Wendy WWAD. The only thing that is important is being compelling. He’s spent many years writing soundtracks for different art-performances and it was the thing I thought about looking at your press-kit! Butthole Surfers were not trying to break stereotypes. At the beginning of your work, you were majorly influenced by psychedelic rock. But of course there are lots of classifications of things you’ve been doing. It does feel liberating. The Melvins: Dale Crover, Buzz Osborne, Paul Leary, Jeff Pinkus. Hopefully the rest of the year will be spent riding my bicycle, having fun in my studio, and watching Judge Judy every afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00. I played some guitar on one song from Zooma. No. No negatives or anything remotely close to a negative. WW: You are most well-known as the enigmatic guitar player for the Butthole Surfers…What’s up with the Buttholes? WW: Did you have any formal training? Hopefully others will collaborate on that project as well. It is not a product at the moment of conception. And I have no musical standards. Was it in a recent jam or something more...? WW: I read that you worked on John Paul Jones’ 1999 solo album Zooma, and the accompanying tour. Leary: Well, I just finished the new Sublime With Rome album, so looking forward to that coming out in June. They hide in plain sight. I woke up at three in the morning with the TV on, and it was showing a concert with mayhem noise and smoke and flames and flashing lights and images and explosions. You made your name with The Cocky Bitches last year, releasing your first single “TV’s OK”. If I like something, there is likely to be many others out there that also like it. Next interviewsTHE HEARTBREAKERS, THE WALDOS • 'Being in a band is a way of life! If I hear a song on the radio that I like, I usually turn it off and continue listen to it in my mind. © Lo Whipple Design. I only leave to go to the store or ride my bicycle. So can you say, with The Cocky Bitches, have you ever thought about taking part in art-performance ? Leary:  This is embarrassing, because I haven’t actually listened to it yet. WW: Are you involved in any other musical projects presently??? And I say this with all seriousness. As a musician and member of this band, have you ever sensed your creativity as a form of expansion of mind ? WW: You recently toured with the Melvins in support of their 20th studio album, Hold It In, where you contributed 3 songs, plus guitar and vocals. I saw girls chasing them down the street and immediately talked my dad into getting me an electric guitar. For example on “Hand In The Fire” there is a kind of contrast between Lisa Gerrard-like vocal chords, at the beginning and rude grunge chorus. WW: You have produced albums for a variety of bands (Meat Puppets, Daniel Johnston, Reverend Horton Heat, Bad Livers, etc.). Peary: Yes. The Cocky Bitches are starting with a blank slate and that can feel liberating. WW: Currently, what are your two favorite albums that you have produced? It makes for a really pleasant experience overall. In the interview for the magazine Paul told us about the recording of “Mercy” and his background with Butthole Surfers, about the future plans with The Cocky Bitches and his approach to the work, about today's music and the place of feelings in his creativity. Leary:  No, Jeff sucks. Posted on July 5, 2015 by RankandRevue. Leary:  In addition to being great musicians, they are also really really nice guys. Leary: I don’t understand the music industry today. One of the things I really like in this record – the balance you have on it. Find Paul Leary's email address, contact information, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media and more. That is when things get real. When you focus on experiments, music always seems to have an ambiguous character. WW: How would you describe Hold It In…in 5 words or less? I mix there, produce there, and fart around there. When it comes to art performance, I’d prefer to be a spectator. Brian Eno has the special “chapter” of his creativity. Leary:  We became good friends during the making of Independent Worm Saloon. More like cutting a tumor out of my brain. I spend most of my time in my home studio. Our first shows were at art galleries, and the music was a part of the performance. What was your first instrument? Music is all about emotion. But it is important. WW: Who / what first inspired you to want to play music? Via Pinkus (Jeff Pinkus)? Leary: When you don’t work a job, don’t starve to death, and live to see your fortieth birthday. I went backstage before the show, and he was taking his shirt off, so I gave him a “Texas Titty Twister”, which was a bad idea. This is a product of nature. Probably no shows any time soon. I’d already been playing acoustic guitar for a couple of years, having been inspired by Chet Atkins. If anything, we were trying to be all of the different kinds of things that we like as fans of music. There is a new Cocky Bitches album to drop. And with it, the recorded material is just a kind of bonus to it. Or a new album (yes please)? (Peek-A-Boo, alternative & underground magazine) I started touring in 1981. Leary:  Some formal training would have been nice. To be honest, there is something about all of that that bugs me. They seem to enjoy it.WW: How did you hook up with the Melvins? You made a lot of effort to break this stereotype about the band. If I was a better guitar player, I probably would have simply stuck with that. So it isn’t that we are trying to elicit some concrete emotions, but rather we are trying to elicit those emotions in ourselves. Music is an outlet through which to express the essence of your soul. Notes from Home: Interview with a professor -- Paul Leary, Notes From Home: Interview with a professor-- Toby Malone, Notes From Home: Interview with a professor-- Jonel Langenfeld-Rial, Notes from Home: Interview with a professor — Cara Thompson, Notes From Home: Interview with a professor-- Allison Rank, Notes From Home: Interview with a professor-- Becky Burch, Notes From Home: Interview with a professor -- Paul Leary. It is all selfish and somehow based on mathematics. When I think of art, I think of Robert Motherwell and Alfred Sisley. Copyright It’s hard to pay attention to albums after they’re done. Sometimes I scare myself! Rock-n-roll history is full of such cases: when Malcolm McLaren met The Sex Pistols, when Morrissey met Johnny Marr. Sometimes the expectations of fans can start to creep into the process, and it can be difficult to ignore. How did you make the transition from the Butthole Surfers to producing? Watch Queue Queue. While at the period of “Independent Worm Saloon” your sound became more hard. Sometimes they are holding hands. These kinds of questions always amuse me! How it was for you to step away from your usual ways of working ? I’m actually in three bands now. Sometimes its people that scare me. WW: Final words of wisdom to your fans out there? I do not make music for others to enjoy, I make it for myself to enjoy. So talking about “Mercy” can you tell us, what is the uniqueness of this record for you ? Still learning. WW: How did the writing process and collaboration on Hold It In transpire? April 24, 2020 . I’m just glad it isn’t me. One of my favourite things to do when co-writing music with my new bandmates is to shout out the word “Free!”, and then everyone starts producing the most irrational and ridiculous sounds. I just learned over the years. Same goes for Pinkus. I only care about creating music. WW:Was it cool jamming with Jeff Pinkus again? What do you like about its transformation? WW: Currently, what are your two favorite albums that you have been on? Or did they approach you? Interview with Marine AFC chairman Paul Leary discussing the departure of Carl Macauley as manager of the club, Sean Hessey's role as caretaker manager and possible incoming transfers. But talking about your further pans with The Cocky Bitches – can you talk about them ? All Rights Reserved. We were just having fun creating the kind of spectacle that we would want to see and hear for ourselves. We were probably trying to achieve too many stereotypes at the same time to successfully fit into any single one. Dislike? For example working with Marina Abramović ? WW: Since the Butthole Surfers, you have spent most of your time as a producer. We’re a band of freaks. There were aspects to Butthole Surfers that, over time, became practically unbearable for me. So we were just doing what we liked. It is the product of emotion. No doubt that trio had chemistry. I immediately perked up and thought: ”Ya, now THAT is rock show!” And then I realized that I was watching a Butthole Surfers show that was taped somewhere! My studio is a lot of fun, and I get to watch Judge Judy and sports on TV. I don’t think the Butthole Surfers could make it starting out today. He’s always been a really fine bass player, but I’ve been blown away that he is even better now, he just kills it. He called me a bastard and swung at me. You said once, that most of your producer's work is connected with Butthole Surfers, where each of the members brought his own element to the whole picture you’ve been working on together. 'STILL PATIENT? I just have memories of working on it. First of all because the main benchmark in the creative process are things you feel. Most people scoff when I mention this. How did the tour go?Leary:  I don’t know, I wasn’t on any tour…lol. I did no drum programming on Mercy but I pretty much worked the same way for both bands. Proud of The Burning of Rome. I told him the project would be pointless unless they could program their computers to feel pain and joy. I am convinced that the moon is an alien spaceship. We spent the next few years recording stuff in a space we had rented in Austin. I like a lot of different kinds of music, so I am influenced by a lot of different music. Sometimes I just wish it would stop. Bass, keyboards, guitar and sometimes vocals. And maybe band members start to wander into areas that other band members find uncomfortable. Watch Queue Queue But I cannot be successful doing that unless I am not trying to do that. I can’t help but ask you about your gigs. WW: You recently toured with the Melvins in support of their 20 th studio album, Hold It In, where you contributed 3 songs, plus guitar and vocals. It almost seems that with 4 such talents in one place that there might be a clash of the egos…but it seems that the creative mixture was a success! So I’d have to go with “what the fuck”. It may eventually become a product but it cannot start out as a product. Or did you just learn over the years with the Buttholes? But I never try to do something when I create music. If we summarise all the years in Butthole Surfers and The Cocky Bitches we could say that you were never afraid of experimentation. But for lots of veterans of music “being a musician” is synonymous to Kerouac’s “being on the road”. Leary:  I played some guitar on Sublime self-titled…  And Daniel Johnston’s “Fun”. They will bend over backwards to deliver what you want out of them, and are most gracious about getting what they want out of you.

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