(verified owner) – March 13, 2019, I ordered a GG laser etched module for my P365 and it arrived super fast!

I highly recommend this grip. (verified owner) – September 9, 2019. It was a little pricey, but it came with the mag release already installed which is about a $15 add on.

It’s give a solid grip without being overly aggressive.

Log in now. (verified owner) – November 13, 2018.

(verified owner) – May 28, 2020.

The half moon stipple design on the grip really allows you to get a great purchase and firm grip on your weapon. (3) Got my new grip module very quickly after ordering, took about 30 seconds to install. Wow, it looked good before but now it’s awesome! The grip is first... FDE or OD Green Sig P365? I had never tried laser stippling before so I was wary of the lack of stippling under the trigger guard cutout and under the beavertail.

Giving it a 5 cause I can’t give it a 6. rbriggs625 Manual Safety Cut – Unless specified modules do not have a manual safety cut.

Although some photos show examples with manual safety – unless specified – modules do not have a manual safety cut.

X-Carry – The P320 X-Carry module fits 9mm, .40 and .357 SIG P320 uppers. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Our laser-sculpted grip modules use an etched “Grayscale” pattern which is 50 percent deeper than standard but still retains enough smoothness in areas to allow the weapon to move against clothing. I order a p320 laser- sculpted grip modular x-Compact in sniper gray.

The performance of the laser stippling is phenomenal and doesn’t irritate your side. If you have questions, contact Grayguns or someone familiar with the P320. I absolutely love it and the texture feels great in my hands!

It looks awesome. Once you get this grip in your hand, you won’t look back. Access to the slide lock lever is difficult without modification.

Two-Tone Burnt Bronze Sig P365 Grip Module The two-tone effect is created by Integral Defense Group's stippling technique. (Looking for our custom Laser-Sculpted Grip Module – P365 Manual Safety System? wolf.eyez It may be costly but it was absolutely worth it imho.

It took less than 5 minutes to swap the modular parts. The look and feel of these are second to none!! Ensure you read the full description and notes below before ordering.

(0) Our grip modules will work with the P365 SAS fire control unit.


The process and coverage of the Grayguns laser-sculpted module increase the stippled grip area by 40 percent, adding more in front of and behind the original factory grip area.

It isnt pointy and doesnt necessitate gloves, but I can see this causing some irritation rubbing against sensitive skin.

It would need to be modified to accommodate a manual safety. Snug fit for the FCG – and that’s hardly a bad thing.
CUSTOM GRIP MODULES Grip Modules P365 (XL, SAS, MS) P320; PARTS & ACCESSORIES Barrels P365; P365XL; P320; Slides P365; P320; Triggers P365 / XL / SAS; P320; Magazine Bases P365 / XL / SAS; Optics/Sights; Performance Upgrades P365 / XL / SAS; P320; Factory Parts P365 / XL / SAS; P320; P365 Custom Grips & Mags. The P365 ran reliably in every way once installed into the ACE 365 grip module. This grip is not cut for a manual safety.

Im able to get more traction on my support hand, and I feel like this module really responds a strong grip exponentially better than the original. (verified owner) – April 2, 2020. shendricks1951 Sig Sauer P365 Grip Module Compact 9mm with Manual Safety Compatibility Cerakote Flat Dark Earth (*LZ) Photos shown may not reflect the exact color or model selected. The craftsmanship on the laser scalloping is amazing, the XL beavertail and extended grip really gives you the option to have a duty sized weapon with a solid custom lower.

I have carried this every day for a week now and it’s comfortable for all day wear IWB @ the 3:00-4:00 position.

Grayguns seems to have found the perfect balance of grip texture. I was shocked at how well the laser stippling performs. This grip module is going to be used on a P365 with manual safety. Missed the fine print at the bottom of the page stating a two-week delay. Consider making some Sig slide options in the future.

(1) If you are looking to upgrade your SIG Sauer® P365, P365XL P320, M17 or M18 while providing a firm grip for carry or competition, this is an affordable way to get a customized module. The gun cycled perfectly, and doing tasks like reloading, locking the slide to the rear, and clearing the gun is in no way compromised or changed due to the ACE 365 grip module. P365XL – SIG has made a special run for us which includes the magazine release! (0) Flag, Sig Sauer P365 Stippled Grip Module Compact 9mm Cerakote FDE, Sig Sauer P365 Stippled Grip Module Compact 9mm Cerakote Tungsten, Sig Sauer P365 Stippled Grip Module Compact 9mm in Cerakote Burnt Bronze, Sig Sauer P365 Stippled Grip Module Compact 9mm with Manual Safety Compatibility Cerakote Tungsten. You can add a manual safety cut to our modules by adding the service to your order. The pics online do not do these justice at all.

In reality, the delay was six weeks.

These are excellent grips. That said, I was very pleased once I got the module.

However, they do not have the same relief cut.

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