A HUGE thank you to Owlet for alerting us to the fact she was having frequent episodes of high heart rate. The other car we just use the hotspot on our phone as WI/FI and plug the phone in too to prevent battery drain. The Smart Sock’s sensor and base station connect wirelessly and will continue to function regardless of the app. Hi. It does not wake me and is actually really morbid that it would play that song while your baby is struggling to breathe. Does turning it off during the day mess with the battery life? The sock was on properly and I could see the reading on my phone. Has anyone had this happen before? I ask because it gets cold at night and I like to have my baby wear socks at night. This may also happen if you place it on a soft surface or if you’ve recently adjusted the yellow notification sensitivity. You can currently buy the new Smart Sock 3rd Generation at Owletcare.com and at BuyBuyBaby. . Everything I try, it tells me the session has timed out. Hi Desiray, the “Hush Little Baby” tune is only for the yellow or blue notifications (indicating the sock fell off or there was a disconnection). To turn the Smart Sock back on just plug it into the Base Station! It’s very scary and my kid is always fine. Hi Shyla, while you will need a baby to get readings, you should be able to set everything up in preparation for the arrival of your little one. I have even tried to delete the app and download it again. Within the last 2 weeks my owlet has been going off saying it’s low on battery (even though it has been charging all day). Hi Tara, thanks for reaching out. We’ll be sure to keep this in mind as we update our user manual. Thank you. I’m buying one that has been used before but they no longer use it due to an allergy. Hi Jess, it sounds like you may want to contact Customer Care at (844) 334-5330 so they can look into this for you. Hi there, I don’t see anything about base station volume. How often does the Owlet monitor take readings of HR and Oxygen Sat? We’re glad you asked! When my baby is napping in her crib and we’re downstairs, or down the road when we move her to her own room, I want to be able to hear her when she wakes up. This worries me that if an alert was needed it wouldn’t pick up on it until 2 minutes after the alert was needed. Hi Theresa, you would need to get a completely new Smart Sock but you can easily add it in the new Owlet app. Fabric socks fit 5 lbs. The Smart Sock communicates with the Base Station even in the event of Wi-Fi disruption, and will notify you with lights and sounds if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen drop below the preset levels. Our owlet sock won’t charge. I was wondering how I see live readings on the app, and also wondering if I remove the sock and place it back on my daughters foot does that start a new session. Hi Alexis, thanks for your question! No, the base station will always send you notifications regardless of the app. Let us know if you have any more questions! Hi Janelle, you can only scroll through the 24 hour period. I just started using my Owlet yesterday and I’m a little confused on where the base station should be placed? There is currently no way to change the tune. My little one is on home oxygen and I was wondering how low the babies oxygen is when the red alarm goes off, Hi Crystal! The app has kicked me off and now won’t allow me to log back in to my account. Hope your little one gets better soon! Will the Smart Sock still work if my Wi-Fi goes out? We purchased the Owlet cam separately from our Owlet sock (it wasn’t available yet). Hi Emily, this sounds like something customer care would definitely like to look into for you. We have stories from more than 1000 Parents who told us how the Smart Sock changed their lives... "The Smart Sock made my nights more peaceful, helped me sleep better and beat my anxiety and the urge of getting up every 30 minutes to check whether my baby was okay.". Hi Brittany! “I love this, it’s kind of a bit of a genius.”, “The ability to nap, eat or simply bathe without having to worry or drag a rocker into the bathroom with her is going to free up so much stress in the life of any mom trying to navigate her new norm.”, “This sock monitor gives parents all the information they need to know whether their baby is sleeping okay.”, "Worth every penny. Base Station and Owlet app notify you when readings leave “safe” zones. If not, try the next size up. no problem. Its always on him. We do not recommend using the Smart Sock in a car as the movement could affect its ability to get a good reading. Not really sure why it is no longer working. Thanks for reaching out to us! If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you can still use the Smart Sock but you won’t be able to use the app to see the live readings. How do I fix this? When I take the owlet to out on our baby it shows low battery and the owlet … Hi there! Hi Megan! I hear the alerts on the sound monitor before I ever hear them on my phone. I am hesitant because she is a very restless sleeper and does not lie still. I have the owlet set up, but wondering if there Is a way to test it out to make sure it’s working before baby is born? Hello! How do you see vitals if you don’t have the app? Get an 8 hour charge in under 20 minutes, and a full 16 hours in 90 minutes. Is there anything else I could do? The sock sensor can only be connected to one base station. The first few times I thought we maybe didn’t have it plugged in all the way, but now I known that is not the case. Get an 8 hour charge … Thanks! My owelet alarms every night at 530 AM. What steps should I take next? Save battery life by turning the Smart Sock off when you’re not using it! It wouldn’t work in the car unless you have a power adapter. Our all-new Smart Sock is the third of its kind and it's smarter than ever. My base station keeps turning off on its own. Mine did this last night too for 40 minutes. This feature isn’t available yet but it’s something we’re looking into! My base station blinked red and I rushed in to babies room and he was smiling and laying there awake I didn’t get a phone notification however. How can I get the live readings back, Hi Alyssa, the base station and the sock sensor can get up to 100 feet apart. Hi Emily, our team can definitely look into this for you. This satisfaction guarantee requires proof of purchase from an authorized seller. Can you change the setting when you get an alert for o2 or heart rate? That’s why the Owlet was designed to be used when the baby is sleeping in his or her own sleep space, like their crib or bassinet. My question is does the phone that the app is on have to be ON ? Hi Cassie, it just sounds like the base station wasn’t connected to WiFi. Hi Hailey! Any suggestions? We have had the smart sock for 2 months and I connected it to the base to yesterday per usual to be charged during the day. Unfortunately, the Owlet isn’t designed to monitor during movement. I really want to know what the red alarm sounds like since I have an android phone. We still receive regular readings on the old app, just not the new Owlet App that supports the Owlet Cam. Is there something I can do to fix this? We will have an Android app coming out on June 6th as well, so stay tuned for that! Yes, the Smart Sock works for multiples and each baby needs their own Smart Sock and Base Station unit. It says to go to alarm preferences in settings, but there I only have the option to adjust sensitivity. The only question I had is whether or not the Owlet picks up sound as well as monitor vitals? Please connect with our team at (844) 334-5330 for any further assistance you may need. to 30 lbs., for both left and right feet. To adjust the volume on the Base Station or adjust the sensitivity of blue or yellow notifications, go to Account tab in the app > Smart Sock and scroll to the Notification Sensitivity Section. This month we ran out of data early and now I’m worried ….does that mean there’s no using the sock? The app allows you to turn down the alert volume, but there is no way to turn off the alerts. If you don’t already have an Owlet visit our Order Now page and join the Owlet family today! Have you tried the largest sock size that came in the box? I have had my owlet for a year or so and had to replace the sensor due to my dog chewing up our first one. I used to get them but now nothing. The first time you walk into any baby store—or even just meander into the baby section at a store like Target—can feel overwhelming. The instruction video appears to show the mom simply touch the base station to turn the alarms off. Hi Carmen, your Owlet comes with three sock sizes. My app keeps stating “ app searching for based stations” it’s connected to wifi and I’m using the latest Owlet Care. We have a smart sock 2 and recently the Owlet app has been taking a long time to load my baby’s readings. We don’t want it alarming for no reason knowing full well that his “normal” may not be the average newborn’s “normal” range. My son has complete heart block. You can see how to turn down the volume here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203983569-How-Do-I-Adjust-The-Alert-Volume-On-My-Phone-. My owlet should still be under warranty, correct? Just touch the Smart Sock to the top of the Base Station and the Sock Electronics will shut down. Hi Miranda! Thru desktop, tablets? Will the app still alert me on my phone if my iPhone is on do not disturb at night? Hi Shai, you’ll want to run a power cycle. It tracks your infant's heart rate and oxygen levels and sends the data to your smartphone via a base station, so you know immediately when levels are outside of preset zones. Please reach out to our team at (844) 334-5330 if you have any questions! My daughter has a congenital heart defect which naturally leaves her oxygen saturations lower than your average baby. Will the owlet work for him? I’ve tried holding it down for longer and still nothing. Do you have to keep the base plugged in every time you use the sock? Hi Karlee, the yellow notification uses movement to detect if the sock has fallen off or is misplaced. Please reach out to our technical support team at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST and they’ll look right into this for you! We offer a 1-year warranty on all verified purchases so make sure to give our team a call at (844) 334-5330, Monday-Sunday from 7 am – 10 pm, MST for assistance. Has anyone else have been having these issues? UU. We didn’t have any trouble due to the movement of the car. We just received the Owlet monitor in the mail today, and are using it for the first time tonight. nothing happens more. The sock will no longer charge. Hi Tiffany, you will need the app open or running in the background with your volume turned on and up to receive notifications. You can dim the light by following the directions here: https://support.owletcare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204627265-Dim-the-Base-Station-Main-Light Let us know if you have any other questions! Without a WiFi connection, you won’t be able to use the app to view the live readings. Hi Rachel! On longer trips I find I am always pulling over to check on the baby to make sure he is breathing. Is there anyway to get the pulsing green dimmer? Yes, if you take Owlet to the babysitter, you just need to connect the Base Station to their WiFi and Owlet is designed to send your baby’s information to your smartphone!

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