With only an instant passing for him, the exile gives up on the project; he has the dial deactivated and hidden so no one can use it again. However, as his experiments and obsessions with the Vex began to occupy him, his friendships with them deteriorated. Luckily, the ghost shell is revived when the Guardian gets close to a certain book. During his time as a Guardian, he apparently knew Eris Morn.At one point, he suffered a near-death experience which also blinded him. Shortly after the defeat of Panoptes, Osiris was separated from Sagira within the Infinite Forest when he returned to the dark future of the ruined Lighthouse. The voice behind Destiny 2's Osiris might sound familiar to fans of other video game franchises. Osiris responded to Petra's plea for aid by analyzing the time loop and reported back to her that only the Vex were capable of the fidelity necessary to reconstruct such events so accurately. Nathan Fillion from Firefly provided voice work for Cayde-6, Lance Riddick of The Wire is the voice of Zavala, and Gina Torres from Suits is the voice of Ikora. The character Osiris is voiced by Oded Fehr, an Israel-born actor who's been featured in headline roles in films like The Mummy and the Resident Evil movie series. Osiris sends the Guardian to prevent these simulations from being completed and destroy the data they desired. Another upcoming new character, Osiris’ ghost, Sagira, will be voiced by Morena Baccarin. He's since been featured in films like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and has lent his voice to the characters of Dr. Oded played Ardeth Bay in The Mummy series, and Carlos Olivera in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Confronting this new threat, Osiris told Sagira that the first step would be resurrecting him once more.[13]. Osiris commented upon his friend's new title of Vanguard Commander and called it ludicrous, but the Titan retorted that the Consensus had wanted new leadership in the aftermath of the near destruction of the Last City. He considered their reverence of him distracting and their words hailing him as a prophet to be nothing but drivel. Osiris is an old Warlock and a former Vanguard Commander who was exiled from The Last City due to his obsession with the Vex. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Slingin' guns, dancin on poles, stalking in the night. As such, Oded is in great company when working on the game, and his nuanced performance gives real weight to Osiris, and the threats he perceives towards the timeline, and reality as the Guardians know it. Shame we never get to see the scrapped story of D1. Three words, nine-word bursts over and over. In my opinion, it is because they want to make Osiris more Egyptian themed, like how Trials gear originally was. New to Shacknews? After solving several mysteries and eliminating several threats within the Infinite Forest, Osiris and the Young Wolf detected an old Vanguard signal being broadcast from within the Forest. Fate in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimted TV series, Ra's al Ghul in the Young Justice series, and the character Equinox in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series. His friend refused to listen, declaring that he did not believe that story and that the Fallen were all the same and had done too much to humanity. Template: [Source] [Talk], Osiris is an old Warlock[3] who was exiled from The City[4], due to his obsession with the Vex and the Infinite Forest, and was said to have "come too close" to understanding the Vex. His experiments and works created a cult around him which ultimately began to divide the Guardians and led to his exile. Was it to keep the game full of diverse characters? During further investigations into the Vex, Osiris and Sagira discover various Simulations on the Fallen and Cabal that would provide valuable information for the Vex to defeat them and gain complete control of the Infinite Forest. In response to the inquiry, the Warmind directed Osiris to an anomaly on the edge of the solar system. Fleshing out the character more has evidently led to him being of some sort of Middle Eastern background, so they found an appropriate voice actor? In the past, Osiris was hailed as a hero to the Last City and was close friends with the Speaker, Saint-14 and Ikora Rey. Coincidences or lack of money/time ? Osiris lamented his role in his old friend's disappearance, and brushed off Sagira's attempt to console him. Ghost had even mentioned him as the "Zavala before Zavala". However this was not the case in fact this was the simulation. In the Last City’s place was a swirling dust storm, tinged purple by the dying light." More recently, he attempted to create a copy of Dendron, Root Mind, thinking he could control it but instead it went rogue and was forced to call in the Guardians to deal with the situation. The attempt to save Saint-14 was successful, changing time that Saint-14 never died in the Infinite Forest. Actor Sagira and Drifter both had reservations: the former over the unknowns of using the machine and the latter over the thing Osiris made a deal with to power the machine. Osiris attempted to argue that the Fallen were not so different from them and had lost much in their past, including the Traveler. Capable of creating Reflections Hero of Six FrontsExiled from the City. Upon finding evidence on Saint-14, he called in the Guardians to aid him but was devastated upon learning his demise. Fehr's portfolio also extends to a number of modern-era television shows, including Covert Affairs, NCIS, Stitchers, and 24: The Legacy. Even though Ikora was finally able to get Osiris to partake in the Vanguard again, he ended up getting into vicious arguments with the Speaker continuously over the Traveler, how the City was being led, the threat of the Vex and on the purpose of the Guardians. Osiris grieved for his old friend, and they decided to leave his body within the Forest, as the Vex had seemed to honor the Guardian, although the Young Wolf recovered the legendary Titan's shotgun, the Perfect Paradox, from which remnants of Saint-14's Light had been emanating. His theories were not only considered borderline blasphemous, but he was also diverting Guardians and resources away from protecting the City and refugees, and towards chasing legends and rumors, such as the Vault of Glass; it's implied that he was the one who inspired Kabr, the Legionless into going into the Vault. Osiris countered that the Vex and the Darkness were the true enemies and that the Fallen were nothing compared to them, angering the Titan, who told him to just look past the wall at the destruction caused by the Fallen. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. His friend informed him that despite their disagreements, he believed Osiris was one of the few who could protect the Last City and that should the Fallen ever come in force again he would need to defend the Last City in Saint-14's stead, a condition which Osiris readily accepted. Having returned after years of exile, Osiris makes contact with his former student, Ikora Rey, informing her that the Vex from both past and future timelines are amassing on Mercury. Osiris, some time after the defeat of Panoptes, attempted to simulate. Sagira questioned what they should do now, and Osiris responded that they would start their efforts anew as a massive shadow of darkness passed over them and began to assault the ruins. Departing Infinity's Crown back to Mercury, Osiris is reunited with his former student, Ikora Rey. As Osiris further immersed himself in his research and neglected his duties as Vanguard Commander, his growing "followers" began to spread his messages and teachings like religious works. Xur and Osiris - Same voice actor (italian version) In the italian version of Destiny, Xur and Osiris share the same voice actor. [4] He has knowledge about the inner working of the Hive, as he knew about the Shrine of Oryx.[3]. Oryx-Dead-King. While Saint-14 failed to find Taniks, the mercenary was found by Cayde-6, a comrade of Nian's seeking revenge, and was believed to have ended the life of the notorious Fallen, although Taniks secretly survived. He ultimately proved his courage and valor when fighting alongside The Guardian against the Infinite Mind. He politely turns down her offer to return to the City as he states there are other Vex plots to prevent but before leaving, Osiris tells the Guardians that in all of his predictions, they were the one thing he did not foresee and because of them, they all now have a future. Before his exile, his student Ikora Rey and his old friend Saint-14 made numerous attempts to bring him back to leading the Vanguard but Osiris refused, growing more obsessed with his research on the Vex.

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