[38] The Augustine nunnery now only survives as a number of 13th century ruins, including a church and cloister. Reputation: Neutral 0 0. [10][fn 1] It is possible that the name is related to the mythological figure, Fer hÍ mac Eogabail, foster-son of Manannan, the forename meaning "man of the yew". The inspiration is romantic, the ruins of the island are conducive to daydreaming. Weeks at the centres often follow a programme related to the concerns of the Iona Community. Check out our selection of baby names with cool nicknames that have become more well-known than the originals. 79) Alexander - (Greek origin) means 'to defend/protect'. The modern English name comes of yet another variant, Ioua,[12][13] which was either just Adomnán's attempt to make the Gaelic name fit Latin grammar or else a genuine derivative from Ivova ("yew place"). Allison could be called “Alliebear.” Name literally from movies or book characters: A name straight of your baby’s favorite cartoon series or characters from a movie or book you love.

Other speculative suggestions have been made for the derivation such as an Old Norse origin from Hiōe meaning "island of the den of the brown bear"[5]. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Saint Baithin and Saint Failbhe may also be buried on the island. The Hebrides have been occupied by the speakers of several languages since the Iron Age, and as a result many of the names of these islands have more than one possible meaning.

Iona is the name of a progressive Celtic rock band (first album released in 1990; not active at present), many of whose songs are inspired by the island of Iona and Columba's life. This community is a leading force in the present Celtic Christian revival. [43] The quarry is the source of 'Iona Marble', a beautiful translucent green and white stone, much used in brooches and other jewellery. Many of the artists are listed and illustrated in the valuable book, Iona Portrayed – The Island through Artists' Eyes 1760–1960,[51] which lists over 170 artists known to have painted on the island. Not to be confused with the local island community, Iona (Abbey) Community are based within Iona Abbey. [34][35] Nonetheless the island was sacked twice by his successors, on Christmas night 986 and again in 987. You'll spend hours leveling up in the fields, on the streets and battling against gym leaders so it's important to make sure you get their name right! [37] At the end of the century, King John Balliol was challenged for the throne by Robert the Bruce. MEANING: St. Colmcille founded his monastery on Iona, the island between Ireland and Scotland in 563 AD and thus the name is associated with “blessed. As travel to north and west Scotland became easier from the mid C18 on, artists' visits to the island steadily increased. [3] During the same period Scottish island populations as a whole grew by 4% to 103,702.[49]. Iona is featured prominently in the first episode ("By the Skin of Our Teeth") of the celebrated arts series Civilisation: A Personal View by Kenneth Clark (1969).

The controversy weakened Iona's ties to Northumbria, which adopted the Roman system at the Synod of Whitby in 664, and to Pictland, which followed suit in the early 8th century.
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[5][25] Port Bàn (white port) beach on the west side of the island is home to the Iona Beach Party. About half of the island's bedrock is Scourian gneiss assigned to the Lewisian complex and dating from the Archaean eon making it some of the oldest rock in Britain and indeed Europe. The Iona Hostel at Lagandorain and the Iona campsite at Cnoc Oran also offer accommodation. [30][32] Around this time the island's exemplary high crosses were sculpted; these may be the first such crosses to contain the ring around the intersection that became characteristic of the "Celtic cross". Shortening a real name: A nickname can be created from your baby’s original name. Closely associated with these gneisses are mylonite and meta-anorthosite and melagabbro. The young heroine, Helena Campbell, argues that Scotland in general and Iona in particular are the scene of the appearance of goblins and other familiar demons. Iona's geographical features include the Bay at the Back of the Ocean and Càrn Cùl ri Éirinn (the Hill/Cairn of [turning the] Back to Ireland), said to be adjacent to the beach where St. Columba first landed.
[7] It is a tourist destination and a place for spiritual retreats. The 1354 quitclaim, which seems to have been an attempt to ensure peace in just such an eventuality, took automatic effect, splitting Mull and Iona from Lorn, and making it subject to the Lordship of the Isles.

[9] The element Ivo-, denoting "yew", occurs in Ogham inscriptions (Iva-cattos [genitive], Iva-geni [genitive]) and in Gaulish names (Ivo-rix, Ivo-magus) and may form the basis of early Gaelic names like Eógan (ogham: Ivo-genos). As the Norse domination of the west coast of Scotland advanced, Iona became part of the Kingdom of the Isles.

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