He says thatwild animals can ________________ at my jeep and _________________ me into the jungle.“What a joke!” I tell him.Activity 2c: Say whether the items below are related to safaris.snake binoculars first aid kittorch passport camera 7, Unit 1 Activity 3: Communication skills: Speaking activity During the safari, Sammy meets other tourists. They do not want to put theirheads out of the water. Georgian A Learner’s Grammar (second edition), American Speakout Intermediate Active Teach, English File Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book+Audio CDs (4th ed. My name is Sammy. It’s an invisible dragon,” says the oldest buffalo.“I’m not staying in this river. Learn about membership options, or view our freely available titles. He wasborn on 18th July 1918 and was named‘Rohlihlahla’. Nelson Comprehension: Year 6/Primary 7: Pupil Book 6. Trace and write patterns and Set 1 letters: c o a d g f s q e. Suitable for: Year 5/Primary 6 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 978-0-19-841984-6 Publication date: 25/01/2018 Paperback: 144 pages Dimensions: 265x195mm. Product . Price: 255.00 INR. a ____________________.mother, father, daughter 15, Unit 1 Activity 7: Reading for pleasure and appreciation Activity 7a: Read the text silently and carry out the activity that follows. Transcripts are provided in the Appendix inthe Teacher’s Book.The speaking activity requires pupils to express themselves on specific topics or in specificsituations. Whilst some schools remain partially closed, we are making a unit from each of our Pupil Books available to print at home so that children can practise their developing skills. Yes, you may. Allclasses are made up of learners having different profiles and needs, and it is necessary to takethese into account while teaching. Read and anaylse two non-fiction texts. My younger brother thinks that it may be dangerous. Sammy: Hello. During those days,South Africa was occupied by the British.It was common for African students tobe given English names.When Nelson Mandela grew up, hebecame a politician. A _________________ of people is waiting at the entrance of the park.A army B teamC crowd D class5. vii, Table of contentsPage 1-34 35 - 72 73 - 104Unit 2: Games and toys 3: Islands 1: Let’s go to Africa Speaking: Chain story Speaking: Survival kit Speaking: Introducing activity oneself Listening: ‘Mr Romi’ Listening: ‘Come and fly toCommunication Skills Speaking: Conversation my island’Reading for Listening: ‘Sammy’s ‘The Physical ‘My beloved island Agalega’Understanding holidays’ Education Class’ Email Informal letterWriting ‘Safari in Kenya’ Fill in the blanks Match words with their definition Postcard Find the meaning of words Match words with Match island with their meaning Find the root words nationality of islandersVocabulary Fill in the blanks with key vocabulary Relate vocabulary to Past Simple Tense Find the synonym the theme Past Simple Tense Nouns in the plural form Collective Nouns Past Continuous Tense Past Continuous TenseGrammar Present Simple Tense Adjectives - Comparative & Adjectives - Comparative & Present Continuous Tense Superlative forms Superlative forms Using ‘and’ & ‘but’ Using ‘and’ & ‘but’ Phrasal verbs Adjectives in the Comparative and Superlative forms Prepositions (during, at, towards, to & on)Reading for Pleasure ‘The Kruger National Park’ ‘My childhood toys’ Determiner ‘the’and AppreciationDid you know? Take a look, Year 2 | Age 6–7. learn core literacy skills: comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. This new mannequin of Nelson English affords an built-in approach to instructing the core literacy abilities at most essential diploma; comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Explore how pronouns can lead to ambiguity. Hesets off in a jeep along with his parents and other tourists. Digital Resources. Activity 10a: Imagine a conversation between Veronica and the animals, and carry out a role play. Take a look, Year 1 | Age 5–6. Take a look, Year 2 | Age 6–7. Find out more amazing facts about animals with the help of your teacher or parents! Take a look, Year 6 | Age 10–11. Noun Types ExampleMost singular nouns One table: Many tables One apple: ______________________ One van: _______________________10, Noun Types Unit 1 ExampleEnd with x, sh, ss, ch and s.End with o One box: Many boxes One dish: _________________End with y One class: ________________ One bench: ________________ One bus: ________________ One volcano: Many volcanoes One potato: ________________ One buffalo: ________________ One rhino: Many rhinos One photo: ________________ One radio: ________________ One family: Many families One city: ________________ One lorry: ________________ One boy: Many boys One monkey: ________________ One day: ________________ 11, Unit 1Activity 5b: Here are other types of nouns.

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